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A smokehouse (North American) or smokery (British) is a building where meat or fish is cured with smoke. The finished product might be stored in the building, sometimes for a year or more. Even when smoke is not used, such a building—typically a subsidiary building—is sometimes referred to as a "smoke house." When smoke is not used, the term "meat house" is common.


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Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"it was nasty and had bugs crawling in the dish pit and it took a lot to keep it clean now the bathroom was clean and the front of house but still took a lot to keep it clean"

waitress (Former Employee) says

"Not the best place ever, the owners were very mean, the pay was awful, overall the worst place I have ever worked in my life. Cons: Everything"

Food Runner/Busser (Former Employee) says

"When I worked at smokehouse they were nice at first but the mangers was a couple and they were very unprofessional because they would argue in front of the customers and they got shut down at the end of the summer."

Consulting Chef (Former Employee) says

"payroll was always late. damaged relationships with providers by not paying for supplies and/or equipment. never supplied benefit package as promised. Cons: lack of profesionalism"

Server/Hostess FAT BOB's (Former Employee) says

"I am obtained to a refined sense of learning abilities, and am well experienced within the high volume and fast paced restaurant atmosphere. The employee's at Fat Bob's Smokehouse are a tight-knitted, family-unit, and are unwelcoming to new and experienced restaurant Servers. The manager is incredibly insecure, and speaks loudly with her passive aggressive envy to those female employees she may feel are a threat to her, her 10-year employed environment, and her husband, the kitchen manager, who is outgoing and friendly, and patient to address inquiries or questions pertaining to the restaurant, kitchen, food, or service industry. I was consistently reprimanded for mistakes made by other long-term employees, though I failed to present myself active in the area of which the situation assumed to take place. Cons: The Democratic and Independent, Liberal Party work-environment"

Catering Production Lead (Former Employee) says

"-Typical day at work: Prepped and cooked food for catering orders. Made sure they were hot, packaged, and ready on time. During slow months not enough work, therefor not enough hours. Busy season was difficult at best. Produced ludicrous sums of food for minuscule compensation."

Cook/cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was a good experience, fast passed job. During the winter months you had time to get a lot of cleaning done. The summer time you done what you could while you were not busy, it could be non stop from the time you walked in until you left. Sometimes you have to stay until night cook got there. Cons: sometimes did not get a break during the busy season, and it is seasonal work"

BARTENDER, 1911 (Former Employee) says

"This place has so much potential, however there is absolutely no standard. Management lacks proper communication skills to successfully run a business."

Ending/kitchen manager (Former Employee) says

"Day to day was fun workers all got along. never any big issues with anyone. Most fails were due to people who had no idea what they were doing trying."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Typical day starts off slow but the kitchen makes it immensely harder. Management is good at working with school hours but if you want leisure time off it might be hard to get."

Waitress, Cashier (Former Employee) says

"worked lunch shift.... busy job and not easy to do while prego"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Smokehouse full-time for less than a year Cons: Awful coworkers, awful bosses and overall miserable work environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Smokehouse part-time Cons: Awful owners with no morals"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Smokehouse full-time Cons: Pay is not great and hours are not available. Mismanagement is evident."


"Item listed back in stock on 12/29 and ordered on 12/29and was sent an email stating it would ship the week of 1/4/21. Received email on week it's to be delivered stating item is out of stock. Web site continues to this day 1/20/21 that the item is in stock. Order still not delivered. Have always had good service before."

Repeat Customer says

"Very disappointing especially as I have been a loyal customer but this will be my last time. The item I ordered was in stock & I expected it would be shipped within a few days. I never received confirmation of my order, it then took almost two weeks for delivery (ten days from shipping). I repeatedly had to contact Burgers' Smokehouse for information on my order. Their response was less than apologetic hence I will take my business elsewhere."


"UPS tracking of my order

Date and Location Activity
In Transit
Jan 10 2021
03:08 AM
Hialeah, FL, US
Arrived at Facility
Jan 09 2021
10:30 PM
Orlando, FL, US
Departed from Facility
Jan 09 2021
04:56 AM
Orlando, FL, US
Arrived at Facility
Jan 08 2021
08:35 PM
Louisville, KY, US
Departed from Facility
Jan 08 2021
12:02 PM
Louisville, KY, US
Arrived at Facility
Jan 08 2021
06:03 AM
Jacksonville, FL, US
Arrived at Facility
Jan 08 2021
02:16 AM
Lenexa, KS, US
Departed from Facility
Jan 08 2021
12:03 AM
Lenexa, KS, US
Arrived at Facility
Jan 07 2021
10:46 PM
Opa-Locka, FL, US
Departed from Facility
Jan 07 2021
08:59 PM
Jefferson City, MO, US
Departed from Facility
Jan 07 2021
07:55 PM
Jefferson City, MO, US
Origin Scan
Label Created
Jan 07 2021
03:29 PM
Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet."

Price says

"The products are good but the spam afterwards is HORRIBLE. I have unsubscribed multiple times and can't get off the list. BEWARE!"

William Post Post says

"This ham was nowhere near the excellence of the previous ones we have purchased. It was fatty, coarse and dry, despite the fact that we followed the heating instructions. Had it been anything other than food, we would have returned it.

I was promptly called by a Burger Smokehouse representative who apologized for our experience and offered to replaced the ham, or reimburse the purchase price. We have received our refund.

It is a pleasure to deal with a company like Burgers, that not only stands behind its product, but also places customer satisfaction first."


"I usually have great food from you but this time I sent my son Steaks like every Christmas. One of them was spoiled
Very disappointed."


"Website ordering was cumbersome and unreliable. Very close attention had to be paid as there were often errors in the final order despite close attention during entry. As a result am seriously considering another vendor for my Christmas orders next year."


"I did not think the Burger's apple wood smoked bacon was any better than a quality apple wood smoked bacon at the supermarket which was also about 1/2 the price."

michael drakulich says

"Too salty, much too salty. Cut down the salt."

Justin Lee says

"I ordered prime rib for our Christmas dinner. The packaging and delivery was fine. However, I followed the cooking instructions and ended up with undercooked meat in the middle and a burnt pan on the bottom. I ended up having to warm the remainder of the meat in the microwave. The taste was ok, but nothing to really rave about. I'm not ordering from this site again."

Jean B says

"Shipping was very slow. Realize these are busy holidays, but other shoppers are doing a whole lot better. Product is fantastic as always."

John says

"Liked very much your smoked country ham. But was disappointed you were out of the Attic Aged."

Charles Wilson says

"I have not eaten any of the bacon, it was completely thawed out when I received. I put it in my freezer. Hopefully it will be okay. I won't know until I try it. I suggest you include more dry ice for shipment. I may up my rating later."

Sledge says

"could not write more than three words in the greetings note."

DH says

"Christmas Experience:

Most beef was back ordered at Christmas. Disappointing."

Robert says

"I did not care for the taste of the country ham, somewhat salty was expected but there was an "off taste" when using the glaze and warming per directions supplied. Just my opinion avoid the glaze packet,eat it cold"

Rodney Galloway says

"Too Expensive."

Debbie Stephens says

"I called customer service to explain that our customers are not seeing the message and try to figure out who the pkg is from. She blew me off and that is what I was disappointed about."

Jim Pinnell says

"Love your products.
Especially the city hams.
Only one reason for the 3-star review. The website is slow and unwieldy and sometimes difficult to work with.
Improve the website, please.
Jim P."

George Riedl says

"Ham was a little tuff on the outer lays but better as we cut through the ham. Brisket tips were great. No rubbings were in box otherwise the ham was good would like to try again since we did like the country ham as we cut through the ham."