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Madeleine Hamilton Smith (29 March 1835 – 12 April 1928) was a 19th-century Glasgow socialite who was the accused in a sensational murder trial in Scotland in 1857.

Several theories surround this case, this is what explains about the trial, "At trial, Madeleine Smith was defended by noted advocate John Inglis, Lord Glencorse. Although the circumstantial evidence pointed towards her guilt (Smith had made purchases of arsenic in the weeks leading up to L'Angelier's death, and had a clear motive), the jury returned a verdict "not proven", ie the jury was unconvinced that the Smith was innocent, but the prosecution had produced insufficient evidence to the contrary. Crucial to the case was the chronology of certain letters from Smith to l'Angellier, and as the letters themselves were undated, the case hinged to some extent on the envelopes. One letter, in particular, depended on the correct interpretation of the date of the postmark which was, unfortunately, illegible, and attracted some caustic comments from the judge; but the vast majority of these postmarks were quite clearly struck. It transpired that when the police searched L'Angelier's room, many of Smith's letters were found without their envelopes and were then hurriedly collected and stuck into whichever envelopes came to hand."


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