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Smith and Noble has been in business over 30 years and have covered over 8 million windows. Our headquarters is in Corona, CA and we have over 220 employees across the country. Whether you call us or have us visit your home, you’re working with US-based window treatment design experts. Our shades, curtains, shutters and blinds are of the highest quality available and designed to go together in harmony with each other and with your space. They are the best value for your money – ask our customers, some of them have been with us for over 30 years.

An angry customer shared this in a review "I contracted with Smith and Noble in August 2019 to cover 27 windows in my home. Due to the inexperienced and unknowledgeable designer (who left the company 2 months later), and her incorrect measurements, the warehouses numerous incorrect or flawed product shipments (most recently, a hole in the sheer of the sheer shades), lack of any quality control, and poor installation by their contractor, RST, my job is still incomplete. While a couple of customer service folks attempted to correct the numerous mistakes of its manufacturer, I regret using this co and wish I would have used a different vendor. S&N may be good if you have a few windows to cover, but anything more than that seems beyond their capacity. I have another level of windows to cover, but will not use S&N. If you value your time and money, go elsewhere."


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Symone Cope says

"I have never experienced such poor quality workmanship and customer service. I truly believe Smith & Noble should discontinue selling plantation shutters. We first ordered our shutters in June 2019 and PAID in full. The order was supposed to take up to 10 weeks. They finally arrived and were ready for installation late September 2019. EVERY single shutter was the wrong size. Not one shutter could be installed to completion. We had ordered shutters for 7 windows, in 6 rooms at a total cost of ~$16280. They were measured and Check measured BEFORE ordering by a representative of the company. They were then ordered for a second time, after been check measured another 2 times by professionals. Fast forward 12 weeks, the second set of shutters arrived and were ready for installation in Jan/Feb 2020. They were all wrong, and had been effectively made to the same size. They were not installed. We then had an issue because of COVID 19 and lockdown. However it turns out that the 3rd time they were to be ordered the Customer Service representative Jennifer took an extremely long time and we were contacted in April 2020 with lots of apologies, then on follow up again in AUGUST 2020 it turns out she had forgotten to order them. The shutters finally were installed in September 2020. A full 15 months after we ordered and paid for them. Then it took another 3 weeks to agree on compensation, although I am still not happy as we only received $5500 back, from $16,280, which equates to a 33% discount. I am appalled with their service and their attention to our needs. I think because we had paid in full there was no rush for them to fix their mistakes."

Ruby H says

"DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEIR PRODUCTS ARE SO OVERPRICED AND THE QUALITY IS MEDIOCRE AT MOST. SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. WORST DECISION EVER. Everything started from the December of 2019 when I contacted the company and made an appointment for the design consultant to come and measure my windows. Got rescheduled because the consultant is on vacation but somehow her calendar was shown as available. Order was placed after the visit and she asked me to pay 100% in advance. I needed to see the sample of the fabric vertical shade which was part of the order. Waited 2 weeks for the sample to be mailed. Order was shipped out around 6 weeks later and was packaged so poorly that when I saw the box it was all damaged. Had to refuse the receipt. Replacement was shipped about a month later and the fabric vanes turned out to be too long. The installer had to cut them short and place a replacement order again. The installation was also not smooth considering he installed the blinds in the wrong direction and had to fix them. Also he put the parts on my bed until I asked him to move them to the floor. Replacement order arrived a couple of weeks later. I didn't want the unprofessional installer to come back again so I installed the vanes myself. 6 months later, the vertical fabric shades I purchased have been shrinking/curling up in the middle, which created huge gaps between the vanes. I contacted the customer service 2 months ago, called and emailed. A lady named Angela called me back asking for pictures showing the issue. I then emailed them to her only found out that the email never wen through since their email has a limit on attachment size. I had to email low resolution pictures in separate emails. She then reviewed the issue and placed a warranty replacement order for me. A few days later, she called me again telling me her manager and the factory think "there is no way that the fabric would shrink unless you washed the vanes. They won't send him a replacement for the vanes instead, a new head rail so you can have more overlap between vanes to reduce the gaps". I asked her then the vanes will not be able to cover my entire window so I'll end up with a huge gap on one side. She said she didn't know how to resolve this issue and offered to pass pictures to her manager and factory if I can send her more. Here are the pictures I took from inside of my bedroom and from the street. My bedroom is facing a busy street and if you walk by at night, you can see through those gaps and see what I'm doing. So literally no privacy. I have to change clothes with light off so people don't peek in. I don't think that's what I expected when paying $800 just for this defective vertical shades. These vanes have only been installed for 6 months. I haven't washed or even wiped them... It's ridiculous when they try to make this issue sound like I have been handling the shades incorrectly. Angela has been helpful and fair but unfortunately her manager and the factory don't share her professionalism. They will for sure find a way to blame me again for the issue which will probably never be resolved. I'd rather spend half of what I paid with the Home Depot if I have to deal with unreasonable quality control anyways."

Deno Milo says

"I purchased a 4 year old home in 2017 that has 10 windows with S&N motorized shades on them. In March a motor stopped working for some reason so I replaced the batteries and still nothing. I called the 800 number and customer service told me the 5 year warranty has expired and doesn’t pass onto a new owner of the home if it was still within warranty. So I asked her if I could purchase a new motor and have it installed. She told me no because the entire shade with fabric needs to be made and my fabric has been discontinued. I asked if I could send the roll of fabric to the manufacturer to use the same roll? She said no. So now I have 3 blinds not working and no options with S&N. I just went to The Shade Store and they guaranteed me that the motor will get replaced, even out of warranty if I pay for it, and I can use my existing fabric. And a future home owner can get a motor replaced if it’s paid for. For this reason, I do not recommend S&N if your looking for motorized shades. They are expensive motors and should be able to be replaced."

Brent T says

"We started our relatively simple project to install shades in our living room and our office in early July of 2019. They never finished. That’s all I need to say about the experience for you to know how awful they are. But I’ll elaborate a bit more because I’ve already spent this much time with them. - Our first appointment, our designer (we’ll call her “The Space Cadet”) gave us a design recommendation that the installer couldn’t implement and mis-measured the shades for the office. - Weeks later, S&N then shipped unevenly cut shades and extra stuff we didn’t order.  - The installer drilled unnecessary holes in the wall and improperly hung the unevenly cut shades. We later learned they likely would’ve fallen down. - “The Space Cadet" was over an hour late for the second appointment to review the first botched install and re-measure the other shade. - She “said” that she would handle the first botched design recommendation at no costs, then tried to walk it back. That failed. - We haven't heard from her since October 2019. - We told them the best way to contact us was via email (because we don’t answer random numbers). They never emailed us. - Every time they shipped out new materials, there was something missing or incorrect. Every. Single. Time. - We haven't heard from anyone since May of 2020 so we gave up on getting it finished. We've reached out for a refund. - The one bright spot, a third party contractor named Jason Rodriguez—the one competent person we encountered over the 446 days—went above and beyond to help us out. He was extremely friendly and actually cleaned up some of the mess left behind the other folks. In summary, they are extremely slow, inefficient, and incompetent. Their internal and external communication is terrible (I get the sense they’ve never actually spoken to one another). And the “designer” aka The Space Cadet we worked with was mostly useless.  However, the portion of the project that was complete is great. Works as expected. Looks nice.  If you read this review and still decide you’re going with Smith and Noble, Godspeed. But more importantly, if you’re in the Chicagoland area, avoid them at all costs. They have extremely poor judgment and customer service. **Update** After this review was posted, a representative from Smith & Noble reached out. After we declined to continue working with them, they were able to refund the installation fee (about $100) for the incomplete part of the project."

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