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Shred Optics is a manufacturer of sunglasses, helmets, and goggles designed for skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and other forms of outdoor recreation. The company is based in Park City, Utah and Venice, Italy.

Bella mentioned, "Disappointing. For this price I expect high quality especially from Shred. It fogged up and scratched easily. Returned."


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Chris O says

"An absolutely useless tool that doesn’t do what is described and does not take no for an answer. So my estate agent has a deal with this service so as part of my tenancy agreement my personal details was provided to OVO Energy/Tipi/Spark Energy, it’s all the same brand and it’s a scam. The electricity and broadband deals aren’t great and I found better deals on other comparison websites. This tool is essentially a marketing ploy to get you to choose Spark Energy and their rubbish broadband deal. It does not set up council tax or water, it literally sent me the link to register myself which defeats the point of the service. I specified on the registration that I would prefer to choose my own energy supplier and broadband deals and yet they keep sending me emails and text messages telling me that I’ve not completed my registration. More like I’ve not fallen for the trap so they’ll bother me until I do. It’s the most annoying thing ever and an absolute nuisance, there seems to be no way to unsubscribe or remove my details to stop getting these nuisance messages. Save yourself the trouble and don’t bother using this service."

Rubbish says

"Moved in 3/7 and still sorting out spark problems. They would not take meter reading and estimates way out"

Libby Williams says

"Had originally rated the service highly but then I found out that they had completely ignored the information I gave them and set an account up with Spark Energy that I was completely unaware of. Which has resulted in a horrendous battle over the last 6 months with Spark Energy, the worst decision I ever made was getting involved with this service."

Jack Jones says

"Tili are owned by OVO Energy. Which means they try to push you to their inferior offerings like "Spark Energy". Whether internet or energy, they act like your helpful friend but they have a hidden agenda. They will quote anything that helps their case. My advice: use your own comparison site research and bypass their scammy operation."

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