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Slate is an online magazine that covers current affairs, politics, and culture in the United States. It is known, and sometimes criticized, for adopting contrarian views, giving rise to the term "Slate Pitches" It has a generally liberal editorial stance.

A former employee at the publication says, "[Slate has] Insular work environment, hard to communicate with management, long hours, being on call, working nights and weekends, pay and benefits do not reflect amount of work demanded."

Another spoke of "Pretty high editorial churn [at Slate], meaning the person you worked with last time has likely moved on. Editors just ignore pitch emails. The pay is ok-ish, but also seems to be subject to the whims of the editor you deal with."


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Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Always something different to do or not to do..Every week a meeting of things that someone was doing or not doing. Too many people just left because of management.."

Filling Clerk (Former Employee) says

"How to file paper and search for paperwork I'm alphabetical order,learning area code and different areas of st.louis ,and it was not hard learning how to file for the first time and first job."

crew member (Former Employee) says

"I worked at a camp helping children work on a christian play that they had to perform at the end of the summer. I came in to work everyday of the week for about 4 weeks for the summer."

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Although it was a fun place to work, there wasn't any real supervision or acknowledgment for your work. For almost 2 years, I strived to move up in the company by showing them hard work & good ethics but it was never recognized. There were many people there just hanging out on the job & everyone was lumped together, treated expendable... But the money was good for the hours worked so it was hard to leave but I was looking for advancement, not just a dollar"

Youth Mentor (Former Employee) says

"Job activities include creating a positive relationship with a child,helping children to establish plans and goals and create action plans,and been inspiring in her are he’s life."

Student (Former Employee) says

"liked the job. wish I could have stayed longer. the people who I worked with were cool to be around."

Food Service/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the work, it was a mobile food cart to help in bringing produce to areas not within so many feet of fresh fruits and vegetables. The area was considered a desert area. Cons: the limited hours"

News Editor (Former Employee) says

"After being thrown into my new role unbeknownst to me, I quickly learned how important organization is at a newspaper. The Slate didn't seem to have much of it. Run by students, we still put out a paper every week. Cons: Lacks organization"

Capenter (Former Employee) says

"Non. It’s all good. Guive it a try. It’s a good company"

Sarah says

"I agree with all the comments posted about poor quality and non existent customer service. Don’t buy anything from this company!"

Keebs says

"I so wished I’d looked at reviews before I bought from Platters Slate. All I can say is don’t buy from them, there customer service is nonexistent, they don’t reply to emails and their phone number when phoned always says mail box full, which says it all really. How many complaints they receive. I ordered a personalised anniversary clock on 1st August when it came one of the names was spelt wrong so I wasn’t able to give as present. Now 5 weeks later I can’t get in touch to rectify this problem. So I have a clock which is no good for anyone and no replacement or refund!!"

June Stewart says

"I agree with all the bad complaints, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY EVER !!!!!!!! You will be very very sorry you did, a simple problem with my order that could have been put right was ignored over & over, no contact from them at all, they just do not care - which is such a shame as the goods could be great if they acknowledge where they let themselves down & start to care about customer service NEVER AGAIN & I would strongly advice you stay well clear of any thoughts of placing orders, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ?❗️❗️❗️"

Disgruntled Customer says

"Not even worthy of 1 star. Do not order from this company! Ordered a clock that arrived completely broken in half. Have been chasing customer service for 3 weeks - no response to emails and no-one answering calls with the voicemail inbox full so you can't even leave a message. Will not be shopping here again, desperate for a refund or replacement but impossible to achieve this without a response from the company - if anyone from the company reads this please get in touch - this is a last attempt at reaching you!"

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