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Sky Store is a service operated by Sky Group in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that offers movies and TV shows via video streaming or DVD and Blu-ray Disc by mail. It originally launched in 2012 by Sky UK offering over 1,000 movies pay-per-view to Sky Anytime+ customers, and the "Buy & Keep" model launched in 2014. Sky Store is independent of Sky's satellite TV service, meaning that a Sky TV subscription is not required.

Sky Store has a very poor video quality and the experience is disappointing, Michael Passingham published a review on

"Sky Store's video quality is very poor indeed. The amount of visual noise makes it look like a film grain effect has been added, and colors are squashed with contrast very low indeed. You don't even need to zoom into a frame as we have below, and it's a very disappointing experience overall."


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Daz H says

"I have to say Sky manages to 'churn out' so called 'Hollywood blockbusters' that do not appeal to me one bit, what Sky Store lacks is classic films, when a film was a film and not a 'movie', there are loads of British films that are available on Amazon Prime but Sky have really failed to pick on a particular audience. I've got £20+ credit in my account but when I browse Skys offering its just rubbish."

kharis Hayne says

"Awful system. I had credit yo rent witch's. Which can only be used on my phone. I rent it only to find that I cannot wat h it on the box, not only this, but the sky store blocked my phone from mirroring on the TV. Absolutely fuming and disgusted at this service. Waste on my credit and my kids cant even watch ot now. Cant expect 2 little kids to share a phone ffs. Sort it out."

Simon Worthington says

"I am astonished that BSKYB can charge £15.99 for renting a movie and other such hideous prices for a cinema releases and they expect customers to pay this. I am aware that there are copyright, royalties and profit factors to be considered and these are determined by the major distributors but we are in unprecedented times and BSKYB need to be acutely aware of customers who are most likely experiencing financial hardship at the moment so there needs to be a conscious decision about pricing for the sake of profitability???

Not acceptable!! 😡😡😡"

Steve Rogers says

"£13.99 for a DVD can buy them for £9.99 looked at the price of the film joker sky want £13.99 can buy it for £9.99 anywhere else AVOID sky store they will rip you off price wise"

Darryl Helliwell says

"A couple of weeks ago I won a code for a DVD from Skystore to the value of £9.99. I visited the Skystore website and found a DVD I wanted but it cost £13.99. I continued with the purchase then got a message to say the credit card details skystore held were out of date and I should go onto 'my account' and update it. I got into 'my account' but there was nowhere on this abysmal website to change my card details. Eventually, after going through dozens of pages I found one where I could make a credit card payment, so I paid £4.00 on my card, which it accepted. Then nothing happened. So I wrote in to skystore asking where my DVD was. After several days I got a response asking for loads of security details so I duly responded with the answers. Now, another several days later they want me to go into 'my account'and retrieve the last four numbers of the obsolete credit card. I couldn't find the details last time so there was no hope of finding them again on their abortion of a website. I have told skystore to either send me the DVD or return my £4.00 and forget it. After this appalling treatment to just get a DVD I am seriously considering cancelling my Sky subscription. DO NOT EVER TRY BUYING ANYTHING FROM SKYSTORE - JUST GO TO YOUR NEAREST DVD RETAILER."

Mr Grant Dickins says

"Order of I tunes instead! Very expensive, charged me £7 to rent a movie in 4K . Later discovered all 4K movies to rent on I tunes are £5. Wont be making that same mistake again."

Phi Chong says

"Awful company who takes your money without delivering the goods. Bought some remotes and accessories which they only part fulfilled. No refund, no apology, just passing the buck amongst themselves in an Indian call center.

Will never ever buy a Sky product or service unless I was forced against my will at gun point. Even then I'd rather shoot myself than have to deal with their customer service team."

Mike says

"Awful customer service. I accidently purchased a digital movie and immediately contacted customer service. Despite never watching the movie or downloading it, and contacting them within a minute of the accidental purchase, I was informed there was nothing they could do. It took 5 emails to get to that point, so as well as wasting money I wasted time. As usual, sky are awful for customer service. I had similar poor experience with sky TV and sky broadband."

Dean says

"I rent the movie pack from Sky but they keep all the good movies in the sky store the stuff they show on ( THE SO CALL MOVIE PACK ) are old movies good movies ( BUT OLD ) This is very disappointing.
I pay extra for the movie pack on top of the basic pack and all i get to see is old movies and some B movies if i want to see a new movie i have to pay extra again on top of the basic pack and the movie pack.
Its a complete rip off.How sky can do that to there customers is a disgrace. But don,t worry sky 12 months will past very quick and you and your contract can get the hell out of my house."

Darren says

"I am honestly disgusted with the Sky Store team. Purchased 2 movies, 13.99 each so 27.98, ordered through my Sky Q Box but changed my mind way before they even dispatched the discs even though the digital copies were available to watch, which I never watched at all. I called them on the 30 May 17 and wanted to cancel the two orders, they refused due to their TOS mentioning no refunds, sale is final and because you have access to the digital copy. I argued with them for over 40 minutes, got absolutely nowhere! they just do not give a monkeys what you want as a customer, totally ignoring consumer rights in this country, and if you use their chat service, they're always rude and unhelpful, some are keyboard warriors, and some are ignorant, even if you had to pay them your food money or whatever you have left over, where it actually covers the whole costs, they will not give a damn and would take it in a heart beat. Customer loyalty means nothing to these jokers. I am however going to pay the charges, otherwise Sky will start crying for their lolly, hopefully they choke on it, after that I am going to avoid using their rubbish so called Sky Store until they respect our refund rights in the United Kingdom. Disgusting customer service who will not help anymore than the Sky billing department which also refused to help. It is all about the money and never considering the customers financial situation!. Bunch of cowboys, the lot of them.

I am now going to pay you 1 week late by taking advantage of your direct debit retry process, meaning, I will leave no money in my account until the following week, by then your system would of attempted another processing and taken it. Sorry, Sky, but its just good business and better late than never.

Stressed Regards
Your loyal customer, including millions out there, which you do not care about."

DG says

"Ordered a buy to keep dvd as a gift, received email 5 days later saying it would arrive in 30 days even though it says 3-5 on websites, Refused to cancel or do anything about it avoid them like their TV service..."

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