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Skidmore College is a private liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs, New York. Approximately 2,650 students are enrolled at Skidmore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in one of more than 60 areas of study.


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Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are already rich, thin, beautiful or handsome, have a Doctorate, they don't want you here. They need to come down to earth. They think highly of themselves, and look down on people. You could be the dumbest person on earth, but if you have money and are attractive you can work here. Cons: Judgemental"

Summer Reunion Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Your duties for this job are menial and resemble what most people would consider "grunt work." Although being able to help run Alumni Weekend is fun and meeting new people is exciting, the people running the show are rude to employees and don't give direction appropriately. Cons: Dead end job, not allowed to accept tips, rude superiors"

Short Order Cook (Current Employee) says

"This job would be a great beginning job for high school graduates. Hard to work as a team player when there is no team. The benefits are fantastic. Cons: Poor upper management"

E-Tech (Current Employee) says

"One bad manager can make a good crew a bad one. Their management is horrible. They employess were good to work with and i enjoyed working there."

Short Order Cook (Former Employee) says

"Ehh it’s okay. The managers are awful they act as if they’re above you but the benefits are good and the pay isn’t bad. Could only deal with it a short period of time"

Hebrew teacher (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Skidmore for nearly ten years. There was no room for advancement or any benefits. There was no appreciation for my advance degrees. It was a job."

Assistant Director Benefits and Labor Relations (Current Employee) says

"Extremely resistant to change Cons: resistant to change"

Library Circulation Desk Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I'm a student here and this is a semester job. This really isn't to say. Working on campus in this capacity is for students of the college and should not be looked at as a long term job"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The staff at Skidmore are extremely underpaid. The staff is what keeps Skidmore running but yet no one cares about the staff. If you don't have the word director in your title or are a faculty member you pretty much don't matter."

Leadership Gift Officer (Current Employee) says

"Distracted management is one of the greater difficulties at Skidmore and a culture based on tasks not goals adds to this difficulty. On a positive note, staff are collegial and pleasant to one another, and teamwork is emphasized within divisions on shared projects. Cons: Lack of management and planning"

Food Service Worker (Former Employee) says

"I had a great time working at Skidmore College. My coworkers there were very nice and helped me develop as a person. I learned many valuable skills. The owners are great."

Resident Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It's good when you're a college student. However, they do have quite a heavy workload, which may take away from your academic life. It's a great place to meet lots of different people, though."