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Corinne says

"This company has robbed me of my goods and money!! I had purchased a bundle gift of skates amd protection wear pads for my daughter. It was delivered by yodel and left OUTSIDE in the front garden which lead to someone low life stealing my daughter Christmas present. Ive emailed them and they are refusing to refund me my money. That is a disgrace DO NOT ODER FROM THEM! SCAMMING THIEF'S"

Petra says

"I wouldn't even give it 1 star. Absolutely terrible. The stunt scooter purchased for my son is defective as the brake doesn't work and is an accident waiting to happen (apparently you have to use your foot). According to Skatehut that's exactly how the brake should be and no refund or follow up customer service has been offered or extended. I'm now going to trading standards and Watchdog as this is completely unacceptable, dangerous to life and a complete and utter waste of money."