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The Philadelphia 76ers colloquially known as the Sixers are an American professional basketball team based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The 76ers compete in the National Basketball Association NBA as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division and play at the Wells Fargo Center. Founded in 1946 and originally known as the Syracuse Nationals, they are one of the oldest franchises in the NBA and one of only eight out of 23 to survive the league's first decade.

Back in August 2020, Steve Lipman wrote about the worst possible moment of the Philadelphia 76ers in a piece published by the SBNation website: “As the sports world continues to adapt to account for the complications of COVID-19, the Sixers need to undergo massive, structural changes right away. In life, sometimes things line up perfectly. You’re running late so you miss your train, you buy a ticket for the next train, sit down in the car and the girl next to you becomes your wife. Alchemy. Serendipity. All sorts of stars-aligning happenstances are all around us, all the time. This is not one of those. The series against the Celtics was an embarrassment for the Philadelphia 76ers franchise. Sure, Ben Simmons did not play, but basically every Sixer outside of Joel Embiid either underperformed or completely didn’t show up. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker made a mockery of a Sixers team that once promised “Smashmouth offense and bully-ball defense.” By the end of the series, the only lineup the Sixers may have been able to bully on defense was the band, Smash Mouth. And even they might beat this team, at this point. The series was dispiriting and alarming on every possible level. It was a damning indictment on the Sixer's leadership and decision-makers over the last five years. It was, to quote Sporty Lewis in Cinderella Man, “A sad and somber funeral, with the body still breathing.”Change is coming. It must be. First, Brett Brown will be fired. Or he’ll resign. Or he’ll be granted some Doug Collins-like golden parachute under the guise of being ‘reassigned’ within the organization. But that cannot be the extent of the structural changes to this organization. Managing Partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer are kidding themselves if they believe that Brett Brown was the culprit for all that ails this team and that his ousting will provide a panacea for the team’s top-to-bottom institutional disappointments and failings. The front office needs to be completely redone. Why would the team entrust the decision of who to hire as the next coach of this team to the same group that made the Markelle Fultz trade, the Tobias Harris trade, or signed the Tobias Harris contract and the Al Horford contract”


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