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Simply Be offers on-trend styles for women of all shapes and sizes. Styles range from casual maxi dresses to special occasion evening gowns in sizes 12–32.

A customer they lost named Sarah talks about her last experience purchasing at Simply Be in a review she wrote for REVIEWS.IO, "I have always loved Simply Be and the clothes. But my recent experience has been totally eclipsed and shall never use them again. I ordered a large haul and needed to return some items. I also ordered 2 of the same item by mistake. When I checked my refund status an item was missing so I decided to call the first mistake. My phone bill was £16 for 1 calls... But after several emails, they refunded this. I have now had an item sent back to me stating they cannot give a refund as it has been worn. A very short terse note added inside. I feel quite embarrassed that they think I would send soiled clothes back. I have checked it and can see it has soil marks on it. But I have never worn this as the garment was too big. All I can assume is I was sent a soiled item initially and now I'm being stuck with it. If I challenge it only makes me look guilty!! Really made me think about who has worn my clothes before me. A phone call would have been appreciated so I could have given my side. I should have been more thorough in my checks when they arrived. I am really miffed. Lesson learned can't be bothered to chase this up as they don't reply to emails and it will probably cost £500 to call them 😂🤣"


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Alexandria Rose says

"I was having website issues when I tried to order a pair of shoes. Emailed customer service. Put my order in. Received an error message but still got charged. Was given an apology and a discount code by customer service. Tried to order again and got charged and an error code again. Now customer service isn't replying. I came here looking for reviews to see if this was even a real company because I feel like I'm getting scammed."

Linda Martin says

"I like the selection of clothing that Simply Be has. However, if you can't get the clothing you order the selection doesn't mean much. Still waiting on an order from last month. Placed an order with Kohl's the same day and it arrived over 2 weeks ago. Not very happy."

Ari Martin says

"They have nice shoes but the price of the item is ALWAYS different once it’s added to your cart! Also their promo codes never work, the emailed me one after placing my first order and I immediately went to place another order with the promo code and got a message saying it wasn’t valid!"