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Simon & Schuster (), a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, is an American publishing company founded in New York City in 1924 by Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster. As of 2016, Simon & Schuster was publishing 2,000 titles annually under 35 different imprints.


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"Working in book publishing is a risk in and of itself due to the constant downsizing in the whole industry. S&S particular is not adapting well to the changes in technology. The older executives in positions of power who make the decisions don’t understand how to adapt to the changes in the book market, and lower level employees often do not have a voice, even though sometimes they know better. The salaries are way below average for NYC standards, so the majority of employees are getting financial support from their parents, resulting in a poor work ethic all around. There are also way too many white people at this company and most executives could care less about genuine diversity initiatives - it’s all talk. If you’re good at your job, older employees will see you as a threat and will want to keep you down. There is no trajectory for moving up. Despite what everyone says, the overall culture is disturbingly similar to CBS, the parent company."

Former Employee - Publicity Assistant says

"If you are a person of color, book publishing is not a holistic environment for you. I've had to deal with multiple racist incidents; management is top-heavy and doesn't reflect the diversity they claim to support. Additionally, S&S is not up-to-date with technology, and with that comes the mindset of top-heavy management who still abide by 1990s corporate mindset (if it worked well in the past, why change anything?) Almost no room for growth unless you are a favorite, meaning you'd have to grovel to get noticed."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management tends to treat the assistants very poorly. Often very rude because you're at entry level. And If you are a person of color, good luck. Implicit racism is very real here."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"In my dept, VP's and higher have no idea what is going on in their departments. Inadequate and weak middle management with very little experience. Total lack of communication. So frustrating."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Too much work - Not enough pay - Not enough vacation/personal days - Too many meetings"

Former Freelancer - Editor says

"Employees seem to operate from fear, making decisions based on what kept managers happy in the past, and then repeating those decisions. Trying new things gets lip service, but seems to be the exception rather than the rule."


"low pay, midtown location, some departments have great leadership who are enthusiastic, other departments have more negative leadership so it really depends on where you land"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- low salary - top heavy organizational structure - no room for growth, mentoring is not emphasized - little transparency - feel like you're constantly avoiding the blame game leads to a stressful unhappy work environment"

Former Employee - Editorial says

"lowest pay in the industry, limited promotions, top-heavy environment"


"Interns were used as cheap labour, paid only expenses, and low ones at that. Menial jobs — photocopying, etc."

Voice Picker (Former Employee) says

"A bunch of addicts working there and I see why because this place will have you killing yourself just to meet a quota. You never know if it'll be the last day you clock in because people are fired everyday. The pay is good but you work 5 hours straight with nothing but a 30minute break. Everything is broken all of the time, management rides around on scooters making you feel even more rushed watching your lines. People are amped up on REDBULL and monster drinks just to keep themselves going. This places turn over rate is absolutely ridiculous. All they all care about is getting the product out and stressing you out to make your numbers. Alot of the staff is unfriendly and don't want you to work with them. Make a couple months of good checks and move on is your best bet, you'll be lucky if you last an entire rateManagement, environment, short break, workload, quota"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"Simon Schuster, A CBS Owned company, surprisingly unorganized in their Pick Department, there was too many tech issues with their equipment, and the pay was way too low"

Production Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Gotta be in the club to really survive at this job. IF your not of brand your screwed and will only make it so far. Its cool to put on your resume though."

Voice picker (Current Employee) says

"You have to fight your coworkers to even have work most days. Everything constantly breaks down. The location is stressful and your job is always on the line."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Simon & Schuster was a leap ahead career wise for me. I took on a new role as Executive Assistant to the VP of Sales as well as a new role in training sales reps on a contact software program where I was able to travel. The day was always filled with new tasks at a busy pace and my manager had a dynamic personality and taught me so much about leadership."

Voice picker (Former Employee) says

"They don’t train you properly. Very clicky and petty employers. Lots of the employers smoke weed in their casa on their lunch breaks which was unbelievable to see. They don’t train you properly at all which is why their turn over rate is so high. The managers don’t do anything but ride around on scooters because they are overweight and cannot walk the distance in the warehouse . I would say a lot more but my lawyer has told me to not speak .NoneToo many to list"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"The job itself is easy enough, but the management and treatment of staff is appalling. Not only is there severe differences in how they treat third shift compared to first or second, they do not treat their employees as people at all. The managers all pick favorites, and if they do not like you, regardless of reasoning, they will cut corners and gloss over facts to ensure you are fired. I myself was fired for being too sick to work, with a doctor's note and everything. Like I said before, the job is easy, the pay is fair, but definitely not worth it if you respect yourself as a human being.Fair pay, easy work, friendly coworkersPoor work conditions, monotony, unfair treatment by supervisors, dehumanization"

Shipping Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Firstly, the work environment is abysmal. Very hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. Warehouse was extremely dirty. Benefits were ok but pay was on the poor side for the job being donebenefitsdirty work environement, over worked"

material handeler (Former Employee) says

"This job pays well but very drama filled and a lot of unprofessionalism here within management I didn't stay long very uncomfortable"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't give people the opportunity to grow. They choose favorites with who they promote and give bogus increases. Morale in the warehouse is pretty low and it's something that corporate nor management seems to really care about."

Work Flow Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Decent place to work with reasonable magnement and work environment.good benifitshot warehouse"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Standard warehouse duties performed, operation and maintenance of pallet jacks and MHE equipment/Order Pickers. Little room for advancement of any kind, however."

Various (Former Employee) says

"Who manages the managers? In three vastly different roles, S&S demonstrated to me that there is limited culpability at the managerial level, and the little people are rarely protected from working long hours for little pay. But perhaps the most egregious fault is S&S's insistence upon pushing their employees and authors to meet unrealistic production schedules. S&S has a reputation for doing books faster and cheaper than the competition—but so much is lost with that mentality, from the quality of the finished book, to the trust the authors have in the publishing house, to the mental stamina of the overworked employees, constantly pushed to 115%. S&S does have fantastic people, who make you excited about the job and proud of your work. And you will get to see some exciting projects come to life. But there's a reason why the other Top Four are more desirable places to work.friendly coworkers, ability to move departmentsincomplete/confusing chain of command, unrealistic expectations"

Associate Level (Former Employee) says

"It is a tough place to work. It is fast paced and, at times, all consuming. However, it is a very bright, motivated, and friendly staff. The people are great to be around.Free books"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"I really didn't have time to talk to any of the workers due to the fact that everybody was always busy. I learned how to work with other people and communicate with others on a job. Manager wasn't the best but I did my best to work with the manger. The hardest part was being on your feet all day. The most enjoyable part was being out of the house for a few hours and pay day.short breaks or sometimes no breaks if the company was behind in orders"

Manager of Operations (Former Employee) says

"I worked there 20 years ago. The Division I worked for was sold just after I left but while I was there it was a good friendly company with good benefits and room to growGood Working environmentNo good career path"

Forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"Hard working and energetic worker with more than 10 years general laborer experience. Skilled in warehouse duties, pricing and packaging of merchandise to fill orders. Ready to stocking shelves and capable of working in seasonally warm and cool environments. Focused on shipping and receiving with an excellent safety record in stocking, inventory control, and all major warehousing operations."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"answered reception desk phone, assist general manager, distributed mail to floors. I learned how to use the mailing machine and postal code for different countries, Basic administrative duties"

Warehouse Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work starts at 8 in the morning. Jobscope is running through large shelfs of books for collect. And place into boxes of orders from around the world. Although this job requires to work individually, colleagues are all helpful and cooperative.Nice environmentMonotonous at times"

Picker/Packer/Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Summer time was very hot. Winter time was very cold. No air, no heat. Pay was good at the time. Hope they increased by now. Bosses... well they have their days."

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