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La Maison Simons, commonly known as Simons, is a fashion retailer in Canada, based in the province of Quebec. It is a family business currently operated by Richard and Peter Simons. The business was established in 1840 by the son of a Scottish immigrant to Quebec as a dry goods store. In the 1960s, the focus of the business changed to a department store, incorporating youth-oriented brands. Beginn


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Former Employee - Marketing Administrator says

"Corporate doesn’t care about field employees. Corporate makes all the decisions and rules and field employees simply execute their ideas. No creative freedom as a field employee. Unless you work at corporate, you are absolutely dispensable and I was even told while working there that no one knows how long they’ll have their job. It’s “normal” for corporate to make rounds of position eliminations every other year or so. I was told to always walk in not knowing whether I still have my job or not and be grateful if I did. Claims to be diverse and inclusive and have a welcoming work culture but it is in fact incredibly toxic."


"David Simon is the ultimate example of greed. He just made us lay-off over 1000 employees and 4 weeks later he pounds his chest about paying a CASH dividend. His greed and ego are just amazing. I’m honestly embarrassed to work with this company. I hope they can bury him with all of his money. Lastly, his strategy is to screw all of his tenants and his employees. I’m going to enjoy watching his fortress balance sheet collapse over the next 10 years. His father would be so disappointed in him and honestly I used to respect him but I have lost all respect. David - I hope you read this. We feel sorry for you. What a great example for your 5 children."

Former Employee - Director of Marketing says

"This is outright one of the worst companies to work for. Here's why: - Learning & Development: non-existent, no onboarding, no formal training for your job role (which isn't always an issue, but when you're working for a company that is highly process oriented and you're handling sensitive data/monetary items it is absolutely necessary) - Morale: very negative sentiments among staff overall, many cliques , disingenuous management (because they're making sure their heads aren't being cut off also) - Working Conditions: mall offices are inhabitable, no windows, dingy, dark; required to work weekends/holidays (and if you're short staffed, you're expected work additional weekends/holidays) - Compensation: positions are severely underpaid; yes, you will receive a Direct title that might work to your benefit on your resume, but it is not worth it"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"abusive managers and directors, HR does nothing about it"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything. This company is so stingy. The pay is horrible. Their processes are horrible and not thought out ahead of time. They will cut your position and reformat your entire office dynamic without notice. They don’t care about their employees at all. You are just a number here. I have never left a company review, but this is bad enough that I need to. If you have other career opportunities, do not even consider this place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you enjoy your family, holidays, or not being on your work phone morning to night on your days off then this isn’t the job for you. It is another example of corporate employees having no concept of what actually goes on within the field teams and their day to day work. Most positions do not have the ability to work remotely and you can kiss having time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday goodbye with your family. Definitely a better fitting job for those without a family. Expect the pay to be incomparable to what it actually costs to live."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper Management and HR does not believe in supporting regular employees. The "Bullies" get advanced and office politics are out of control."

Marketing says

"You won’t just have one boss, you’ll have 3 or 4 or 5. Expect micro managing to happen from every level of the business. You will have calls set up with each person so they know what you’re working on. There’s zero trust for you to do your job. And when you are doing a great job, they will never tell you. You only get scolded when you can be doing something differently or better in their eyes. Also expect pay way below market. The amount of responsibilities will keep you busy, but it’s not worth the stress and the pay is definitely too low for everything they throw at you. It’s a terrible company to work for unless you’re using it to boost your career."

Former Employee - Guest Service Associate says

"Management has been there too long and they are awful."

Current Employee - Management says

"Very little to no training, upper management is corrupt, lots of nepotism and favoritism, little care for employees at the field level. The company overworks their employees by cutting positions and making them absorb roles without proper compensation. LOTS of shady happenings within the company. Terrible culture."

Picker (Former Employee) says

"Completely fine the first week the 2 meter rule isn’t very good people still stand together in groups and some people are very rude and arrogant would not go there."

mecanico de mantenimiento (Former Employee) says

"Mi marido wra mecanico de mantenimiento.. Y plego porque cobraba poco sueldo para lo que hacia"


"This job was extremely overwhelming and frustrating. Management did not show proper support as needed. This company in my opinion appears to be extremely shady.IRA fundShort breaks, no management support"

Maintenance/Operations Technician (Former Employee) says

"St.Louis Mills is more than a third empty,The lack of teamwork combined with poor upper level management,Poor contract deals,and crocked tactics to lure people in are examples of this.I will never work for a company like this again. Very Stressful enviroment.flex shed.poor management, very weak pay raises, corrupt managers and directors."

poseur de charpentes (Former Employee) says

"neutre. je n'ai aucun avis sur cette entreprise ."

Hot Plant Operator I (Former Employee) says

"Simon preaches safety in the confines of an office or during a safety meeting, but when it comes to production or the job at had, all they care about is getting finished so to move on to another project because there usually in penalty for not finishing a previous job"

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Typical day included meeting with the boss. After that you go about your given tasks. Once you get into a rhythm of things work is easy. However, dealing with the boss could be tricky. You are initially told there is a 3-4 month learning curve. (which you can get within a month). the learning curve is figuring out how he operates and how he likes things done. When you think you know he throws a curve ball and if you are not prepared you are called names or the office (which is shared with others) is told someone needs to be publicly humiliated. He makes inappropriate jokes and he likes to call you belittling degrading names. When you are in a new work environment you are trying to figure out how things are done so you don't quite know how to adjust within your first few weeks, it takes a little time. He doesn't really give you that time to get acquainted.Your lunch time is your lunch time, and you can leave on time.When you see interviews going on like crazy be warned."

Housekeeping- I (Former Employee) says

"Clean mall every day of the week. The most I hated about the job was when there was gum on the floor and it was so hard to get up. I love most about the job was that it was a very laid back place to work."

Laborer/Helper (Current Employee) says

"Frequent deceptive hiring practices. Hire you for one job, but then stick you into another position that is not as desirable for lower pay than people hired into that position through normal means. Some managers are great, but they are all overwhelmed with too much work and don't have time to train. Other managers couldn't care less about you. Other crew members treat you poorly and make you feel unwelcome. They stick you with the grunt work and they take the easier road. Get angry if you don't know how to do something(even though you have never done this type of work before and you were hired for something else). Very very poor communication between departments and supervisors. A lot of surprise changes to schedules. Keep an eye on your timecards as well, since they regularly "forget" to pay you for a day.Lots of work in the summerNo breaks, moved into labor positions, bad communication, no training"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"This job pays well and has okay benefits. The issue is that this companys management does not play fair and good work does not pay off. There is barely room for advancement here and it is a hostile environment. This job will show you the meaning of "Corporate" world where the only thing that matters is who likes you....Your work is irrelevant... This job has not been very loyal to their employees over the last couple of years."

Manager, Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Bullied by boss and co-workers (mob-bullied). Manager drinks and is a liar and doesn't do much, RVP (seems robotic). Not friendly environment. Don't recommend it.noneManager not ethical."

Painter and Decorator (Former Employee) says

"a typical days work was painting ceilings the mangement was not very good at paying my coworks were ok to work with the hardest part was working on ladders"

McClosky and Scovell- Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day will start by me calling clients regarding their accounts sometimes those calls were not very pleasant to do, They would either hangup or ignore the calls. Their organizing skills were not the best I think it had a lot to do because they were more old fashioned They were not open to new ideas they thought that their way was the right way. Many of the employees would not last that long working for this company"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"wheni worked there the management was poor. small office and lots of nagging. not much to do day to day. given work that wasnt in my job description on a regular basis"

General Clerk (Former Employee) says

"answering phone calls was typical how to input information on the computer management was ok co-workers where so so the hardest part of the job was inputing data into the computer lunches where most enjoyablelong lunchesshort hours"

Legal Assistant and Assistant office manager (Former Employee) says

"Partners need to enforce polices to everyone. Fast pace and if you are willing to work they will work you."

Guest Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"There is really no structure, I wasnt trained well, co-workers were good just a lot of struggle for management. The hardest part was the scheduele, they schedueled me during school hours.good co-workersno breaks, rude management"

Conducteur de travaux (Former Employee) says

"Chaque jour Visites de chantiers et RDV, approvisionnements et rapports. Aucune opportunités Le management des chantiers est difficile est complexe. La culture du travail est compliquer sur les chantiers avec une demande toujours croissante de la rentabilité. L'aspect difficile de ce poste est une responsabilité de tous les instants pour n'importe quelles difficultés est on doit toujours être disponible est diplomate. L'aspect agréable de ce travail est une indépendance a organisé son planning de la journée dans la mesure du possible."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"assistance to customers, coordination with mall management and store management in daily operations. Patrolled 912,000 sq. ft. facility. Daily duties included report writing, securing doors, apprehension of thieves and interfacing with law enforcement on behalf of management."

General Maintenance Worker (Current Employee) says

"Daily maintenance, Fire sprinkler systems, HVAC, set ups and breakdowns of special events and maintaining property. Management is poor. Dealing with narrow minded people. Learning from contractors."

Happy Shopper says

"I made an order online on the 2 September order number is 08114315. As of today's date 14th September I have still not had the order. I have contacted online which you suggested, no response. So NO I would not recommend."

Veronica says

"Rubbish- I still havent had the item i ordered. Still waiting for it as Hermes said they could not deliver technical fault. I cannot get hold of them because they dont have a customer services where you can speak to someone - so I am hin the Rubbish !!. I wont use you again because i actually want to receive the item that I have paid for. It is your fault for using a cheap company to deliver it. NEVER AGAIN"

Ald says

"Poor customer service After two weeks requested an update and I was told that item is out of stock. Still waiting for refund"

Sandra Silkaityte-Sutcliffe says

"I haven’t received my delivery so not happy"

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