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SignNow is a cloud-based provider of electronic signature technology, developed in the United States. The company's software-as-a-service platform enables individuals and businesses to sign, and manage documents from any computer. The e-signature product is also available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, which lets you upload documents from your smartphone's e-mail, camera, or Dropbox.

Scott mentioned, "SignNow is not nearly as polished as other products. We've been using it for a little over a year and thought some of the bugs might get worked out, but it performs identically today as it did a year ago. Most of the things are fairly minor, but they add up quick. For example, the tab stops are erratic and cause some headache for those filling out forms. Also the documentation is poor, in my opinion.

The biggest cause for concern though is the reliability and support of the product. The authentication portal is unavailable several times a week and this has been going on for weeks. When this happens, existing forms can still be filled out, but no new forms can be created or modified and form owners can not check on the status of forms. SignNow has phone and email support, but I've called the support line several times and am always instructed to leave a message and it is never returned. Also, emailing their support typically does not yield a response. I've emailed in about 20 times over the past year for different things and have received a response for five of them."


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Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"The management was very rude to its employees, swearing a lot, talking bad about clients, and more which I care not to go into. The owner was the worst. My fellow employees were very nice. But turnover was high.noneVery Bad working atmosphere"

Lead Installer (Former Employee) says

"Pay was on par with the industry. Office and Production completely mismanaged. Product never ready for installation on time. Certain clients favored over other clients. adequate toolsand equipment supplied by company."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at SignNow full-time for more than a year Cons: You get out what you put in"

Nolan says

"Horrible company, with manipulative sales practices. I was interested in the regular Business plan, but there was no trial available for that plan, so I signed up for the Business Premium trial. The product had the features I needed, and based on the company's website, it appeared that these features should actually all be included in the regular Business plan (in fact, their was an older post on the company's online blog that specifically said these features were included in the regular business plan). However, after signing up, the features were not there. I reached out to customer service via chat, and they confirmed with me that these features are not available on the regular business account, but are available on the Business Premium account. So, I upgraded my plan to Business Premium. However, after upgrading, the features were still not there. So I contact support again, and I am informed that the features I want are actually only available under the Enterprise plan. I informed support how I was told that the features would be available under the Business Premium plan, and support went to pull the previous chat log to confirm this. They were able to confirm that this is exacly what their previous employee had told me, yet they said that the employee was incorrect, and the only way I can get the features would be to pay even more for the Enterprise account. I also asked them why the trial plan I was on was called the Business Premium trial, if it includes features that are not available on Business Premium. Why not call it the Business Enterprise trial?? Support had no good explanation for me... Do yourself a favor and don't waste time on this company like I did. Go elsewhere to a company that believes in honesty and transparency."

Ivalynn Gist says

"I am having trouble getting my staff logged into the website with their accounts. Once They can login I would love to rate this at 5 stars."

Valued Customer says

"At times it takes a while to place my saved signature on my document."

Valued Customer says

"When a document is signed, the signed PDF is sent to originator, when the PDF is opened in BluBeam and printed the signatures do not print"

Michele Allgood says

"At times I am unable to get the documents signed"

Valued Customer says

"A lot of time i need two signers that have the same email. i cannot figure out the way to do that. otherwise, its good."

Valued Customer says

"Good App for Doc signing. User Interface could be more intuitive."

Valued Customer says

"Signnow does what I need, though there is room for improvement in document filing, in template management, in link management, multiple-document routing, and incomplete document purging."

Valued Customer says

"Could be more intuitive and user friendly"

Craig Merrill says

"Dropdown options don't save so I have to recreate every time to do a true false or multiple choice test."

Valued Customer says

"It runs really slow. There is too much junk on the page, you dont even know where to ask for help. Takes for ever to lead information i and a lot of people have trouble sending the information back."

Valued Customer says

"could be more organized"

Valued Customer says

"I normally like Signnow but have been having a lot of issues logging in. IF you put in the wrong password and have to look at the pictures, it can go on forever."

Valued Customer says

"I like the software, its user friendly. the only thing i would like is that after i name a merged document that i can change the name of the document. Sometimes if there is a typo you cannot change it without having to download items again."

Valued Customer says


Valued Customer says

"I like the convenience SignNow offers to leverage work. I was greatly disappointed with the additional work that is required to set up automatic reminders to documents."

Valued Customer says

"I wish it were easier to make a signable link for docs that need many people to sign."

Valued Customer says

"Make it easier to input and strikeout information"

Valued Customer says

"Uploading multiple documents takes too long. Creating folders to keep organized isn't user friendly and the interface is difficult."

Daniel Schnitzer says

"you still haven't fixed the admin issue where my name doesn't show up in emails."

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