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Sine Wave Entertainment is a Film/Video Production & Services company based at 22A St. James's Sq, London, Greater London SW1Y 4JH, GB founded in 2006. Sinespace is a multi-user simulation engine available free on a public grid and on a paid license basis for private grids. The platform can be accessed through PC, Mac, Linux, VR headsets, WebGL, and Mobile. It is used by consumers, developers, and enterprise customers who use it to build, publish, and participate in rich, complex, immersive, multi-user spaces.

A user shares his thoughts on, "The other virtual realities that seem to be doing ok (Sinespace, the Hypergrid, TAG and VRChat are the most obvious I can think of right now) are all targetting user groups that don't find the current SL appealing anyway. There is some overlap of course but for the most part, they are picking up the slack rather than competing directly with SL or each other."


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