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Shopping is a 1994 British action crime drama film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson about a group of British teenagers who indulge in joyriding and ramraiding. It was notably the first major leading role for actor Jude Law, who first met his co-star and future wife Sadie Frost on the set of the film.

A member of the audience under the name of ¨vivatexas¨ wrote a review about ¨SHOPPING¨ (1994) published by IMDb in June 2008: “Very bad movie. The problem of making movies directly from recent news that these movies become dated very soon. Shopping is one of these movies, and trying to be "actual" to the nineties makes that the characters now are seen as caricatures. They look like a bunch of whiny kids trying to be bad. Anyway, It was a good try. Not as bad as Trainspotting but in the same line. When some directors try to make "social" cinema the results can be annoying or amusing, and in this case is more amusing than annoying. Watch the movie, but don't take it seriously. I give it a one, just for comedy purposes”


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None yet (Former Employee) says

"Manager so bi polar. You do all the work totally different from the job description which is a document scanner. Getting blamed by manager for everything. Not worth the pay. Unappreciative management. Applicants look somewhere else."

Export Certificate Processor (Former Employee) says

"A company with no benefits and small paychecks. Not very caring of their employees. No paid time off offered when my mother died. This is a company I would like to forget."

In Office Support / Scanner (Former Employee) says

"This job is perfect if you enjoy doing the same thing every day. The hours are the same everyday , weekends off, minimal overtime, and they offer lots of free snacks. The office manager is very rude, possesses a terrible attitude, has favorites, allows certain people to get away with things and others are immediately written up. The amount of work they expect you to complete in a day is unreasonable and inconsistent and no matter how many times the department complains and/or voices their concern, they will not listen. There is a high turnover rate because of the drama, management, and there is no growth at all. You will be stuck in the same position until someone leaves."

Customer Service Costumer Service (Former Employee) says

"The day would go smooth with some days busy others not Cons: no health care"

Current Employee - Software Engineer III says

"I have been working at full-time for more than a year Cons: with the managers attitude it is hard to work in a place like this."

Seat Filler says

"I worked at Cons: there are 2 many to list here, but a few are: - Incompetent management who mostly care about people filling seats and "pretending" they're improving the business through short projects that try to improve NPS. - All of their competitors have a much better business because their sites perform very fast. has set the benchmark for completely irrelevant searches that take forever to load. - Even knowing this, management still can't listen to advice from engineers, only product managers... and in the end, these projects only fall short of a vastly pathetic goal. - They waste their time identifying issues that really are non-issues, and at the same time, don't spend any time with the real issues - improving site architecture and performance. - If you argue with your inexperienced (but promoted) manager, too much, he'll try to put you on a performance plan, all the while making excuses of what you did wrong, except, there's no real evidence... - Management gets off on their own pep talks ... you should give a shout out to the eBay CEO who comes to do the cheer-leading and curse "f$ck" and "sh$t" during his speech!! very classy!! - people who work hard and try to lead end up getting snuffed by insecure, jealous managers who can't even answer the question, "what do you do?" .. except to say "I have no idea"."

Product Management says

"I worked at Cons: when I was there - lack of innovation drive by top management - top leadership's focus on short term revenue and making eBay happy - mediocre engineers save for a few diamonds - too process heavy after Program Management Office was instituted, very eBay - being a jerk is tolerated and even got engineering managers promoted"

SOC Engineer says

"I worked at Cons: severely underpaid people in it's IT Operations department. They were purchased by Ebay, and they have been in the process of bringing new hires in line with Ebay's salary range, which is a good thing. However, the people that were with the company before the acquisition are largely getting screwed. This was the main reason why I left. I was being underpaid by 10s of thousands of dollars."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Company culture doesn't really exists. All employees are expected to buy in to the plan or drink the koolaid. If not, they are basically forced out. There seems to be a different strategy every year on turning the company away from the dying Comparison Shopping space. Employees are asked to do "upward feedback" surveys periodically and it is supposedly anonymous, but I've heard management uses this to identify employees who are not "engaged" and quickly force them out."


"I have been working at Cons: Going through a turnaround, may see projects being re-prioritized often. Has seen lots of employee churn lately, many positions open." says

"I have been working at Cons: Less growth after some time"

Director says

"I worked at Cons: is in that awkward space where it's too big to be truly innovative but too small to have any material impact on eBay's numbers. Everyone's busy but little gets done. The innovation-to-employee ratio was sub-standard. Too much time spent on PowerPoint slides vs. delivering value. Slow to embrace web 2.0 technologies or leveraging the community. Some of this sluggishness may have to do with the eBay mother ship. But if you want to be in a place that fosters and cherishes true innovation and risk taking, this is not the place. Standards are low. Slow or declining growth was too easily accepted. No real sense of urgency. Blatant problems with the site were easily dismissed as "well, that's just how it is." Take a look at the giant home page image that doesn't click to any products. Too much of the business model was reliant on keyword arbitrage. Very little organic traffic. Also, when I was there, the business units were very dis-jointed and even slightly competitive. They might as well operated as different companies. Very little cross-team collaboration or understanding what others were working on. Too much time was spent on post rationalization vs. moving forward created a somewhat defensive culture."

Director says

"I worked at Cons: There are a lot. See the above."

plpread says

"Jan. 2021 Revrazor I ordered two lazer lights. They arrived in a reasonable time frame, however,one did not work. Reaching them by email has been very slow but they did tell me that I must mail it back to them, to China (can't imagine what that might cost) and at my expense. They will not issue me a refund nor send a replacement light. This is no way to treat customers nor build a good reputation in the trade world. The reasonable price I paid for two lights turned into be a terrible price to pay for one."

bop pav says

"I sent back an article which was really bad quality but they keep my money and never answer to my e-mails.I did this transfer of money over paypal but paypal refused my reclamation. How can paypal work with a criminal company?"

Monica Boggan says

"I purchased 4 outfits which were too small because they were cheaply made. I sent the clothes back to the address that they were sent from and asked for a bigger size. I have the return receipt but never heard from the person I sent my clothes to. I'm out of ove $100 and the company has NO PHONE NUMBER???? Sad to say this is why I stick to reputable companies. Monica S. Boggan"

Kristen Tiveron says

"Jacket looked nothing like the photo. Very cheaply made. Waited forever. Spent over $50 usd and I’m from Canada , that was expensive for me. Probably cost them $3 to make. Very unhappy . Save your money"

Camille Klus says

"I ordered a sweater october 8 2020. I had patience waiting for it cause of covid... I was excited I finally bought something for myself. They took my money and no where did it say US FUNDS either it said $38 CAN until i payed then says $45US. I was ok whatever i like it so was ok with it. I am dissapointed that they never messaged back either .Now I have sent email and no reply back. Still waiting. Guess ill leave a review not to waste your money"

Vivi Vou says

"They are absolute scammers. They asked me to become an ambassador with them on Instagram and buy their products. Which I did. They took ages to come and they were rubbish quality nothing to do with what they advertise. Please don’t buy anything from them. And also I sent them a message on Instagram that telegram products were terrible and I want my money back and they didn’t even reply ! 100 % SCAMMERS!"

Quinstella Penick says

"This company dont deserve no stars. I did not get an return label they send me a coat that was not finished and the wrong size and the wrong coat. I just want my money back. Trying to get a return label but haven't gotten one yet."

Merrell says

"SCAM! Took my money. They have no phone number. Just an email they never answer. It's been over a month and no shoes.. SCAM ALERT!"

Emma gildersleeves says

"I ordered a trousers suit from Nikki cloth about 6 weeks ago I tried emailing them several time had no reply I paid for my goods but never received them. Order number is ( xshopclbf201111012228202 I would be very grateful if they could send my suit ASAP or refund me my money back. Their lack of customer care is a disgrace. Regards Emma"

Oliver Nicholas says

"I think i was SCAMMED on UJAGON & im really & truly HONEST GUTTED that the fact you got on these sites that are meant to be trusted.. ( You buy something. They then give you an incorrect tracking information, They then issue you with another, that then tracks, But when you receive it, it's a cheap item that you didn't even ordered that is worth £2 when you've spent £55.. You work hard for your money, you see something that you really would love to have, you weigh up if you can afford it or not, decided that yes it's a must, pay for it and you get KNOCKED.... 😡😢 I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN TRUST ANY ONLINE SHOP NOW.. IT'S BAD ENOUGH GETTING SCAMMED BY PEOPLE TRYING HARD TO GET YOUR INFORMATION IN ORDER TO USE IT FOR THERE OWN BEING. BUT TO GO ON A SITE THAT MENT TO BE SAFE AND GETTING SCAMMED, IS HEART BREAKING... SO PLEASE DUBBLE CHECK BEFORE GIVING AWAY YOUR HARD WORKING MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO ARE OUT THERE TO JUST SIMPLY JUST TAKE IT.."

Alex T says

"I live in Kent (Tier 4) and I had previously complained to the Margate store security about allowing customers to enter the store without a mask... Jobsworth reply: "I am not authorised to make customers wear a mask" Today I reluctantly went to Morrisons again and (the day after the biggest increase in infections since Coronaviruas started) even the staff are not wearing masks. It's always been a real dump of a shop (they do not understand replenishment) and it's more like a street market stall - when it's gone, it's gone. You can wait weeks and even months for products to appear again but sadly, it's the only supermarket in Margate town - hence they can afford to treat their customers like dirt as they have nowhere else to go."

Silvia Guijarro says

"The shopping company HERAMIAS is a completely joke. HORRIBLE QUALITY and they never answer me back in order to Return my purchase. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR NOT EVEN ANSWER BACK TO 5 EMAILS I WROTE THEM IN ORDER TO HAVE A RETURN / REFUND"

Kellie Price says

"I would give them a zero if possible!!! NEVER ORDER FROM RHIS COMPANY. I wish I would have taken the time to read this prior to ordering and I would have saved myself the trouble. I have had a bit of a different experience. I ordered 2 sweatshirts from this company in early September I believe (I cannot pull up my original email because after 3 months my emails delete). We are now almost to January, and I have been in contact with this company at least 7-8 times. One of my sweatshirts arrived, and it was damaged. Some of the letters had peeled. I sent them an email and they responded, but their solution was to give me back $5 and 20% off towards another purchase. Ummmm?!?! What makes them think I would ever order from them again? I said sure, whatever. The shirt is still wearable and the mistake made it look sort of “rustic.” Never saw the $5 and like I mentioned above I will never order from them again. THEN I have questioned about my 2nd sweatshirt which is MIA. I must say they have always responded back to my emails, which doesn’t seem to be the same experience as others. But they keep telling me ridiculous things, like “it is slow because of the holidays, or you need to wait it is in transit per the invoice.” Hello, a-holes...this was ordered in early September. I’m pretty sure the holiday deliveries did not cause the issue. So, they just keep telling me to “wait” and then if I don’t like it I can send it back. Which seems like it will be on my dollar based on some of these other reviews. I will be slandering their name as many ways as possible to try to let others know. This company is BS. The positive in this...I have now learned to read reviews before ordering anything online."

Mackowiak says

"I never got my order"

Connie Brown says

"Would give them a Big fat zero if I could...scam site & they can suck it as karma will get them!!"

Claire Ruda says

"AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS Size 41 boots ordered .. eventually arrived via China, can barely get my feet in - normal size 39. Initial contact with customer service for refund and sent pics as requested but ignoring us now. Really crap quality and will be amazed if we ever get a response ... Facebook ads everywhere but a COMPLETE AND UTTER CON - JUST AVOID THEM."

Jim smith says

"I bought two pairs of men's shoes online from this company The images on the line were deceptive It took 30 days for my order to arrive only to be the wrong size shoe or at least a shoe that wasn't sized eleven Quality of the shoe seemed to be much less than I was expecting I did not like the shoes I did they we very poorly packaged in a plastic bag and they were at least 2 sizes to big and the materials were very cheap.I contacted them for a refund through email got no reply I immediately went to Facebook and found this company CONTACT INFO-Nine one nine 8 four two Three eight eight seven when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that I can return nasty back and initiated my money to me, at first I thought whether they will really help me or it’s a scam but after I confirmed with my bank I was relaxed, I would not order anything"

Susan Ramsey says

"Excellent customer service!!! I did receive the shoes.l They were not well made and quite uncomfortable. The images on the line were deceptive It took 30 days for my order to arrive only to be the wrong size shoe or at least a shoe that wasn't sized eleven Quality of the shoe seemed to be much less than I was expecting I did not like the shoes I did they we very poorly packaged in a plastic bag and they were at least 2 sizes to big and the materials were very cheap. They came in a cheap plastic bag and were about 2 sizes too large have ever seen such cheap boots in my life. the materials don't even look the same, featherweight and track managed to get a refund when I contacted them for a refund through email got no reply I immediately went online I did my research and I finally able to find customer service number which was Plus one -𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘵𝘸𝘰 𝘧𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘦𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘦𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘻𝘦𝘳𝘰 𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘴𝘪𝘹 --- I do call that number when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that I can return nasty back and initiated my money to me, at first I thought whether they will really help me or it’s a scam but after I confirmed with my bank I was relaxed I was not sure if it was legit... I had a good experience"

Linda says

"the perfect communication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!finally received them squashed in plastic bag very cheap looking shoes all out of shape reduced aited a month and two weeks for this i hated was they made out of cheap plastic nd not use able at all. no one should wear these. The goods were rubbish: the shoes that looked stylish in the picture was of bad quality and cheap-looking, the two pair of shoes smelt of rubber which indicate poor quality.I ordered two pair of size seven shoes they sent me size eight and it took three months for me to get them.Got My Refund i was tring to return this shoes for refund i I tried to contact customer service. I was searching for the number and I found this number +1 3one2 four eight eight one zero nine six-i called that number someone from the company customer service answer my call and they help to return this item for refund and after waited half hours finally i got the return label and refund I am delighted with customer service Looking forward to services"

Sheila bunting says

"Absolutely Ridiculous RETURN I purchased a pair of shoes from on Jan 7, 2021. After a month of patiently waiting paid almost $80 for a pair of shoes that looked very cool on the web. When I received them they were at least 1.5 times too large My shoes took forever to come from China. They are the wrong size. I ordered a size 7 us, and they sent a 40 china. They said they are a seven us, but they are at least an 81/3 or 9, they will not pay for return postage. The "leather" feels like plastic. I rarely wear the shoes, but the soles are already starting to separate. I e=sent an email to the company with no reply and iw went online and I foundthid= HELPLINE NUMBER Eight Four Five 5 two one Seven two four 5. When I reached out to customer service they help me how to return this shoe back to the company I AM NOT GONNA BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY."