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Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, also known as Shoppers Food Warehouse, is a chain of 25 supermarkets located in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., metropolitan areas. Shoppers has fresh produce, Swift Angus beef, Smithfield natural pork, all-natural chicken, Dietz & Watson delis, fresh seafood, steamed shrimp, as well as hot foods, and full-service pharmacies.

Keeyhla shares her disappointing experience on Yelp, "MEAT PURCHASES WERE OLD! I purchased family size packs of pork chops, chuck beef roast, and hamburgers at Shoppers that were all halfway spoiled. My mother usually comes here to purchase meats in bulk for affordable prices from Fredericksburg so I did the same. The only meat I purchased that was fresh were 3 small packs of PERDUE chicken wings. The hamburger appeared and SMELLED like it was half fresh and old ground up 80/20 beef. The pork chops smelled okay but were discolored (darker maroon/ slightly green colored) in the parts you couldn't see from the outside of the package. I tried cooking the "good ones" but I could smell the "rotten" meat stench once baked so I ended up throwing them in the trash. The chuck beef roast was slightly darkish brown, but not bad yet so I cooked it in a crockpot before it had the chance to go completely bad. I will no longer make purchases from Shoppers, besides chicken."


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Current Contractor - Full Service Shopper says

"This company is not the least bit interested in you as a person. They misappropriate tips, pay such low rates (often less than minimum wage) that it's hard to make money for some of the long distances they want you to travel. You pay for your gas and vehicle maintenance and Instacart takes maximum advantage of that. CEO and shopper support regularly lie to shoppers."

Current Freelancer - Full Service Shopper says

"ZERO Transparency - there is no rhyme or reason to batch payments offered or how they’re calculated. Orders containing heavy items are supposed to contain additional pay but most don’t and they will not add it retroactively. You will be told the order somehow doesn’t qualify. Slave Wages - the batch minimums in my area are $7 for a full service shop and $5 for delivery only. Quantity of order doesn’t seem to matter. You can and will be offered shops with 50+ items for the low balled price of $7. This $7 price will also include your .60 mileage pay. The mileage isn’t paid in addition to the batch minimum. It’s part of the minimum. Slave Labor - there is no limit to what a customer may request nor how much. Customers are free to order industrial sized quantities of heavy items like cases of water, dog food, kitty litter, etc and you will be expected to transport these absurdly heavy orders in your personal vehicle. IC cares nothing about the extreme wear and tear this may cause on your car. Useless Shopper Assistance - prior to implementing a chat feature to Shopper Happiness (the help call center) a shopper may or may not be able to contact SH. The blocking of numbers was a routine practice and shoppers had to resort to blocking their numbers prior to calling or calling from an entirely different number. They’d also stop taking calls on mass levels - usually when a large portion of the shopper force needed support the most. Also, don’t expect a comprehensive answer to any questions you may have. You could speak with 6 people about one issue and get 6 completely different answers. SH agents have also urged shoppers to do risky and sometimes downright illegal things all in the name of completing a delivery - traspassing, illegal parking, and hoping gates have all been advised by SH agents. Lastly, if you have an issue and manage to get someone to say they’ve issued a support ticket, there’s no guarantee it’s actually been done. You will be given no information regarding your claim and follow may or may not happen - and that’s if it’s actually submitted at all. It’s not uncommon to call back in an effort to follow up and be told there’s no record of your previous call. God Awful App - the app is extremely buggy and a killer on your battery. Have several charging sources on hand and the patience of a monk. Crashes happen often. No Support - as an independent contractor, you are alone. You will be held to the standards and expectations of an employee but you will not receive the managerial support of one. IC will end your hours in an effort to bully you into taking grossly underpaid shops but they will do very little to protect your safety and welfare. Shoppers have to fend for themselves. Delivered to a customer who made you uncomfortable and you’d like assurance they’ll never be assigned to you again? Good luck! IC will continue to send you that same customer AFTER you call them and make them aware. Drivers have to keep account of customers they no longer wish to interact with independently via a list. NO Training - you will be thrown to the wolves. The app will sparesly walk you through your first shop but that’s about it. If there is a concept that isn’t covered in your first shop, you may recieve a pop up when it finally arrises but that’s about it."

Current Freelancer - Full Service Shopper says

"Instacart fools Shoppers into thinking they're getting paid a reasonable amount by including payments for mileage ($.60 per mile) in the batch payment amount. In a recent batch which took 1 hour from the moment I accepted it until the moment I delivered to the customer, I was paid a batch fee of $7.00 which included payment for driving 6 miles to the customer from the store where i shopped. So subtracting $3.60 in mileage from the $7.00 batch payment equals $3.40 for 1 hour's work. This doesn't even cover mileage from where you accepted the batch to the store where you shopped. Mileage payments should be separated out from batch fees because that money goes directly back into vehicle maintenance: gas, oil changes, tires, batteries, and depreciation. I started refusing batches where the tip was less than $5 - because I needed to feel that I was being paid enough for my work. On a recent shift, after refusing 3 batches in a row ( the first 2 being the same batch), my hours were terminated and i was given a "Reliabity Incident" which stays on your record for 30 days. To restart my hours for that day i had to accept the last batch offered to me( $7 with no tip) . The remainder of that shift I was forced to accept low paying batches with little or no tip. I'm looking for other work. If you're a Shopper, you should too - if you value your right to earn at least minimum wage."

Current Freelancer - Shopper says

"-sign up hours are posted at 9 am Sundays when I am at church -hours available are unavailable because they’ve already been snapped up by others - too many shoppers for too few jobs -I upgraded my phone and since then cannot access the Dashboard -I’ve tried to contact the company but I get no response -the single job I did manage to get averaged out to about $5 an hour"

Current Employee - Full Service Shopper says

"I have requested the 4 RIs on my account be removed. These RI's were the result of IC kicking me off shift for not accepting batches that were not profitable which resulted in ending my hours for the day and receiving the RI's. RI's are a performance measure and fall under the IRS definition of employee classification language. I am not an employee of IC and as an CONTRACTOR am able to perform the duties of my contract as I see fit, per IC's own contractual language. I would like this issue escalated to T3 and the RI's removed immediately. I am willing accept batches that do not COST me money to work. When the store is 20 miles away, across San Diego County and I'm not being payed for mileage to the store, that COSTS me money. Double batches with for $18, 16 miles and 30+ items, costs me money. It is unacceptable to expect that your contractors will work for free. Your agents response was that rejecting orders is disruptive to the batching system and causes orders to be late and unhappy customers. Your customers are unhappy because your shoppers are unhappy. Orders are rejected over and over because people realize they are working for free and most likely in the hole for taking orders. You charge your customers a ridiculous fee and markup the products in some cases over 300%, yet you don't pay your shoppers even a third of the profit from the order. It's all over the internet, your shoppers know this, your customers are being exposed to the bad press and you are destroying the brand image of the long established grocery giants you are servicing. IC is a $7 billion dollar company who's CEO makes six figures and your lowest paid "admin" makes ~$35K, yet you cannot pay the backbone of your contract workforce a LIVING wage? Your deceptive business practices, abuse of the labor force and complete disregard for fiscal wellbeing the communities you serve is repulsive and embarrassing. Shame on you IC."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"The call center that is Instacart is nothing what they perceive. They have over a dozen in management and they're just as clueless about the company as the agents they train. They push unrealistic numbers to appear to be supportive to shoppers and customers but it's a numbers game all in all. If a customer has a horrible experience first thing we're told is to suffice them with a coupon instead of resolving anything. The company is constantly shredded in the media about unfair pay everything they're saying is true. Agents are overworked and there is no real room to grow like they advertise. Unprofessional, poorly managed and no support for workers. Everyone from the top (CEO) to the very bottom (Shoppers) has to answer to someone so they do whatever they legally can to save themselves and their position. Anything outside of this is irrelevant to them. Lastly they have a contract to hire agreement they try to push on people with Aerotek. You're promised a evaluation of your work at the end of the contract to be considered for a full time position, this is false. If the goals are unrealistic they expect you to meet what are your chances of having a " good enough" evaluation to become permanent? Slim to none. You have a better chance of receiving an extension to your contract or being released all together and that's cheaper for the company because that means no benefits that they have to pay out. My advice don't do it."

Current Freelancer - SAN Diego Full Service Shopper says

"Where do I start? 1. Unstable application for both customer and shopper, crashes regularly and impacts shopper ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner and ensure customer happiness. 2. Inconsistent and unavailable customer support. If you have an issue as a customer or a shopper, getting a hold of someone for support can be very difficult and you get different answers depending on whom you speak with. 3. Unfair compensation. The compensation structure has changed at least 3 times since I started working for them 18 months ago. The market is also saturated with shoppers. When I first started, there were only about 300 shoppers in San Diego and I was able to make a full time living getting consistent orders, now there are over 800 and the average shopper is making 60% less. Granted a modest income, but it was a living wage. I was making $6oo-$1000 a week hustling, now I'm lucky if I bring home $100 a week working twice as hard on the same orders and I am scheduled 12 hours per day every day of the week. Zero pay transparency. There is no way you can back into your pay and here's the reason ... tips are used to subsidize pay. The larger the tip, the less instacart pays you for the batch. We used to be paid about $4 for delivery + 40 cents per item and mileage from the store to the customer and tips were on top of this. $5 extra for a "club" order. Now, we get between 30 and 40 cents per item period. The larger the tip, the less you get for each item if the tip is added at the beginning of the order. This is all going on while instacart is heavily marking up customer prices. Actual Example: Customer orders $500 worth of groceries from IC (85 items, 128 units). Shopper checks out and receipt is $430, $70 in revenue to Instacart. Instacart paid me $16.23 for the items and $2.52 cents for mileage (4.2 miles). $18.75 for 2 hours of work and that's not backing out expenses. They get the $50 in the bank. Less than minimum wage folks and that example was a big batch! Also keep in mind you only get paid per ITEM not UNIT, so if someone orders 25 cases of water ... guess what? You get your 40 cents for that one item. Also, instacart only pays you mileage from the store to the customers house so you are losing money driving back to the store to get your next order ... IF you get an order. If you have to refund an item you get less pay, but if you the customer messages you to add items, IC doesn't pay you for those. Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and it was busy, but not for me. Spent 3 hours sitting in the parking lot of a "hot zone" and didn't get ONE order. Moved to another hot zone and sat for another 2 hours. Ended my day 8 hours into a 12 hours shift with ZERO orders. 4 hours into my shift today ZERO ORDERS."

Current Freelancer - Full Service Shopper says

"Inconsistancy: re rules, pay , procedures. MISLEADING job titles: Since when is Support anyone's boss and not a means of gaining assistance? There is no shopper support. I could go on. Arbitrary deactivation and or write ups for reasons in many cases that are simply immature and can be proven. I ruin in to many x shoppers who have found new employment at the very stores we are sent to shopp. Many by the way are managing or in leadership roles but were deactivated without warning explanation and the dispute process is ba I use to think whatever clearly they did something but I've met too many with the same story And I personally k know a girl deactivated for failing to make delivery. She was in the middle of shopping a double batch App just stopped working. All the trouble shooting didn't work she tried et d to call recording. I advised her to download one of those 2nd phone apps and call. Then selection customer support not shopper support often customer support is helpful though they cannot actually provide the shopper with shift talk distance if that makes sense... But I digress she called and after dinner time agent discovered she read deactivated and would receive written communication. Lot of good that did she already paid for parking tolls etc and when she tried to dispute bc ic never provided any specifics to their action she could give no evidence during dispute process. What read she going to do provide 1000 of google maps screen shots for every order and or every call recording. Oh yes she records her calls now and st that point bc of instacart lack of transparency and beligerant"support" agents. Their unfulfilled assurances , and past mia customers to prove mia's were mia and not delinquent shopper. Made no difference. And it's not 25 an hour that number is based on a) comp and tips but tips ca. Be taken away days after job id complete soo.... and based on hours on a job but what about the 5 other hours you had to put in to be sent worki and expenses sideways more like $4-5 hourly when you do the math"

Current Employee - In Store Shopper says

"Shift leaders micromanage and choose when they want to help in-store shoppers They are also EXTREMELY unprofessional (ie threatening and bullying shoppers, threatening to terminate them for a small unknown infraction, and sexism and bigotry by shift leaders) Job is also unsafe for women seeing as they are often targeted for sexual harassment and verbal abuse/threats by store staff and store customers (if you take this job you’ve been warned) Higher-ups neither take these instances seriously or report it to store management or even law enforcement when they should"

Current Freelancer - Shopper says

"Should you decide to work for this company make sure you have other app jobs like DoorDash, Grub Hub or Uber. You need to work them together and don't worry to much about instacart. Show them absolutely no preference as they have no consideration for they shoppers. They actually have cut pay as well. Instacart is absolutely are not worth it. Stay away."

Shopper/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Working for Instacart is hard work for what works out to be about $10 an hour on a good day. People don't tip for the most part. Communication is really hard and customers are mostly picky and difficult. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME! Cons: low pay"

Full Service Shopper (Current Employee) says

"This company has gone down the drain they double and triple the batches for less pay then minimum wage. During the beginning of the pandemic things were good now its like people are not tipping. They give to 0 dollar tippers they put it with good tippers top fool us. They do not appreciate what we do. They let customers lie about missing orders that are just a lie. Cons: None"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Not robust enough to keep me going. Cons: Poor pay"

Shipper/Receiver (Former Employee) says

"no matter how good you are, you are paid under minimum wedge, no benifits of doing work, they have hired so many people - you do not get even sufficient shift, management is greedy"

Shopper (Former Employee) says

"Instacart is not a long-term employment opportunity as the name “gig” implies. Many of the workers...full time and part time shoppers or shopper support reps hate their jobs. Communication with Instacart is sketchy at best. Then when support reps do communicate they are clueless or don’t want to be bothered with your issue so they passing it to another support rep. Some support reps don’t even answer! Shopper Support is know to disconnect on you multiple times. Batches are offered at one pay when you click on it and then after you shop the pay changes to something lower. Batches that you select or come into your dashboard are constantly altered and manipulated. Instacart created different community groups for shopper and employees to join however why would you do that if the company is short changing you every chance they get. You don’t really make any money. It just circulates back into the cost of gas. I do not recommend Instacart. Cons: You don’t really make any money!!!"

Sub-Contractor (Former Employee) says

"this company has become to large to care about individuals that do great work. I did delivery only batches for them that means I do not shop only deliver the orders. There employees put wrong items into my deliveries. Then gave me a low rating. I informed them this was fraud as I did no shopping. So I called there care support promised me several times that I was right and they would remove them and restore my rating. Lies they do nothing. Tell me ill be contacted by the team within 24hrs lies again 4 months 60 calls later they do nothing except read from a script trust me. Money is all they want your not a customer your just a driver/shopper you are there last concern. Never trust anything they text you they will lie to get you to keep working while they demote you because of what there own employees mistakes and you will take them calling you the theif as they slander you your disposable they care more for there own dog than you. My words are completely honest I have there texts to back it up. His company runs backwards those who do his jobs for him mean nothing and does not believe a word they say those whom he has seen and knows , customers can tell him that someone stole their groceries and even if the delivery driver has proof of the delivery he will deactivate you. Remember were he came from and why read about him and what he did to get where he is now. He knows nor cares for the people who make him wealthy shoppers and drivers only his customers he sees Cons: All cons the company cons you"

Instatcart (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about a people who work for this company no good communication and they didn’t do a investigation about some of the clients that lied about to non received their groceries they are preferred to get that for free and instatcart can deactivated your account easily don’t even try to do a good communication with you. Cons: Longue hour"

Shopper (Former Employee) says

"Even a 4star rating hurts us a lot. now i only see bad orders. Its not that we we do a bad job, its that customers are never happy or want items free and then they give us a bad rating Cons: Rating"

Personal Shopper/Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"They are the worst. The pay is terrible and they aren't transparent about it. Most often we have to message support to fight for what we should get... Cons: Everything"

Instacart Shopper (Current Employee) says

"Horrible company. All they care about is profit. Deactivation happens often. Cannot depend on company to back the driver/ shopper when they're is a dispute with customers. Run. Cons: Cut rates every 6 months. Oversaturate every market."

Shopper/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"In the beginning pay was great but it got worst and tips would be taken from you once job was done. You wait in your car sometimes for hours for a decent batch. Cons: Low pay"

Shopper/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"They are very unfair with the shoppers. They don’t care about how hard or good you are one 4 star review could stop you from making money completely"

Shopper (Former Employee) says

"I was an in store shopper and they were never satisfied with how fast we were and metrics were a mess they expect you to message every time you change something even if it was preapproved by the customer which wastes a lot of time. Also you only get a maximum of 29 hours “if you get that many” but they take your lunch out of that time so you either work or you don’t eat. Also if your forced to do an order that goes over your shift time the app will cut your shift off and not pay you for it. The people were great the company not so much."

Shopper (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed being able to work this job when not at my other job. However, anytime an issue arose there was no one to get a hold of. The help line was always too busy. They had unclear expectations and their times frames are usually not accurate. Your timer has no way to pause if waiting on a customer to respond. Your money is not what it says it will be. Cons: Poor management, pay is rarely correct. Often difficult to get work due to too many people hired."

In-Store Shopper (Former Employee) says

"Just don’t, it’s not worth it, unforgiving metrics and no job security, the pay is low and they only give up to 29 hrs so they don’t have to actually take care of their employees."

Instashopper (Former Employee) says

"Instacart was way too difficult to work with/for. Very trying times and they had absolutely NO SUPPORT for us in the fields trying to do a good job for them and their customers Cons: No support"

Shopper (Former Employee) says

"A couple four star ratings end shoppers' ability to get paid more than $7/hr. You will lose money on gas and car maintenance. No support for shoppers from chat feature. Cons: Terrible pay"

You are not employed by them (Former Employee) says

"Bad for customers, bad for shoppers, bad for stores. Cons: Less than minimum wage compensation"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Took them a month to decide. Worst company to work for. Would never recommend to anyone. Cons: Lots"

Shopper/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"As a intacart shopper they have no support for the shopper, unless is thru chat and 100% percent of the time chat will have a massage that states that they are having high chat volumes, making impossible for shoppers to get any support. Worst app to work for. I wish i can give no star. Not worth the stress for the little bit of money payed nor any support from management. Cons: Low pay, no health benefits and no support from manangement."