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Shop Your Way is a free social shopping destination and rewards program offering millions of products, personalized services, and advice. Through a network of retail partners and service providers, members can shop, compare, purchase items and earn points to use on future purchases.

Janna angrily said, "I had 94.00 worth of Shop Your Way reward points and they disappeared when I tried to use them at a Sears online store. I spent 4 and a half hours on the phone trying to work this out and fix it with absolutely no success. Total scam."


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Member Service Lead (Former Employee) says

"They didn’t give proper training. It was unrealistic goals. There was favoritism and it’s overwhelming the job can make you depressed when you’re not meeting the goals."

Partner Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everyone works really hard and is dedicated. It is a challenging work environment and many strategy changes make it hard to feel you are able to make progress."

Business Development Finance & Strategy Lead (Current Employee) says

"I loved my role at SYW and the people I worked with. However, leadership changes their minds everyday on the direction and strategy that they would like to take. If SYW was truly separated from Sears and Kmart and could make their own strategy rather than being weighed down by the holding company's massive debt, they might have a chance. There is a lot of potential there, but until they can decide what it is they want to be, make a plan and stick to it, they will chase their tails. Cons: Leadership changes directions on key strategies on a weekly basis."

Dianne says

"I was trying to purchase a dishwasher on line. Before I could advance in the payment field I basically had to join "Shop Your Way" to be able to view my cart. Then when it came time to pay for my purchase I had to sign out of Shop Your Way so I could put in my card information AND so they did not have to give me the points I was to get from this purchase. What a frustrating experience. This SYW also wanted more personal information from me than I had to give to get a job. It is not an honest site and it is giving Sears and K-Mart a very bad name."

Cary Giles says

"Unbelievable, what a scam. I get the card and call the number on the sticker to activate it. All I hear on the other end of the phone is 6 telemarketing scam attempts and then it hangs up. I go to the website on the sticker to activate and it won't let me in unless I download and install a new browser and extension. Only at the bottom of their website page under sitemap did I find a way to actually contact them. The "Customer Service" number on the card was also useless, just telemarketing BS. Was finally able to cancel the damn thing."

Derek Schneider says

"Shop your way redeeming points is a total not get shop your way credit cards!!! they are a waste of time waste of points you cannot use. I cannot believe a company like this is not being closed down by the feds.
They would receive -5 Stars."

SHARI says

"I would give less than 0 stars if I could. I couldn't redeem my $70 in rewards points. EVERY ITEM I chose was either NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR ZIPCODE, OUT OF STOCK, OR AN ITEM EXCLUDED FROM USING REWARDS POINTS. The only item I would have been able to buy was a suitcase with really bad reviews that cost more than my rewards points. Also promised free shipping but when you go to checkout it charged a high shipping rate. SOUNDS LIKE BAIT AND SWITCH AMONG OTHER THINGS. WHAT A RIP OFF. THEY CAN SHOVE MY SHOP YOUR WAY POINTS YOU KNOW WHERE. I intend to contact my state attorney general about this & the better business bureau."

FelixBuzzard says

"ShopYourWay, the Citi credit card is fine. ShopYourWay the program to use points is a total scam. You earn points from purchases at Sears and Kmart, or from using your ShopYourWay Mastercard. Technically, you are supposed to be able to use the points you earn to purchase anything at Sears and Kmart. In reality, only what is sold by these companies, not third party vendors, is elligible. But each time I try to make a purchase, the web site tells me I can't buy the item because it is not available for shipping or pickup. This leaves me with a tiny choice of things I can buy, usually stuff no one wants. Total scam!"

Keith Sheriff says

"I wrote to them the following -
I would you request you refund this money as Royal Mail have said I have been scammed. I received a useless small gold ring worth nothing from China.
Royal Mail said "your item was delivered on 28-07-2020. Tracking no. LA992370450CN"
I did not receive the 3 X HI/ LO ASD LED OUTSIDE LIGHT SMILE LED SML/BL4LED600HILO/FC just a usekess fake gold ring on 28-07-2020 (see attached photo).
Please Resolve this matter ASAP or I will have to report you to the UK Action Fraud UK Police."

Tracy Wu says

"Run a away! as far as possible! The most horrible financial service you could receive ever. Tons of advertisements booming your emails which made key information invisible. Always have technique difficulties to download your statement so you do not know what was going on.
Most importantly, they provide very confusing terms, tricky traps, and very unprofessional communication so it is so easy for you to violate something and get charged a huge amount of fees (I was charged about 2,000 for 4000 purchase!).
It all started with a visit in a Sears store where you were told you just need to register for an account, set an Autopay, and pay every month until the balance is cleaned. Then the nightmare began. You went to Sears again for something else and were told you could still have a 2-year payment without interests. You allowed them to set up everything for you. And then someday you noticed you got charged 2,000 interests! You called them and were told it is because the second purchase were not qualified for the no-interest service so anything you paid went to the interests first and thus the amount you paid could not cover the full amount. This was not consistent with what you were told in their store at all! You asked them to tell you what was the second purchase and why it was not qualified, and were told they could not give you anything unless your statements. They could not even email your statements but only mail to you that takes weeks. I closed my account immediate after this. If you still want to do business with them, good luck."

Renee Fredrickson says

"FRAUD! I bought a water filter for my fridge at Sears appliance in January. I didn’t have my Sears card With me so manager called it in. It took a really long time to charge the $58 filter to my Sears card, tons of questions to answer. Then I didn’t get a bill from Sears so I stopped in to pay my bill in February. They said I could pay right there. Got a receipt and a cancelled check.
I had been getting what I thought we’re credit card offers from Shop Your Way, which I just tossed. Then I opened one and saw that it was a bill fir $58 and $60. I called immediately, spoke with Karen. She looked and said their records showed I had indeed paid Sears in full. Shop Your Way had taken over Sears card. No one told me in my contacts when I bought and paid for my filter. Her records showed I owed $0.00. Great bit them she asked me to pay $5! I asked why should I give you $5? For what? Her response was to ask me for $3!!! I said no.
Then I got another bill for $3 I think. I called, spoke to Jennifer. She looked up my record and said I didn’t owe anything it would I send $5. No I said, I don’t owe you any $. Then she asked for $2. I got upset. She told me she would take care of it, that she changed the record. Great I said.
Then I got another bill for $3 and a late charge. I called again and told the call employee to stop this scam. This is fraud. She wanted to drag me through another 30 minutes of looking up my bill, eventually telling me the records showed I owed nothing, etc. I said no, here is my name, this is fraud, you are trying to make me give you $ so you don’t wreck my credit rating. FRAUD AND SCAM. She kept insisting she had to look it up to help me. No, I have my name and said to stop contacting me.
Still the bills come. I think the next one was for $3 PLUS late fees! Unbelievable. More bills, then a letter saying my bill was reported to TransUnion Credit.
I will never give this CRIMINAL organization a dime. It’s like they hold your credit fir ransom. I wonder how much they’ve racked in getting innocent people to pay them $5, $3, $2???. Each time you call to straighten it out, you get dragged through a bunch of questions you’ve answered and then some they ask so you will be scared about them collecting information on you. Trying to use up your time, drag you through their process, make you wait, listen to them give their speech, ask for money even though you owe nothing and then unless you give them money, they will keep billing, make you callI again, send more bills.
I sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission. I am sending a copy of this to each of the credit companies. Credit Karma already has an email. This is one of the sickest scams where they harass you for $ in every way possible. Thank God I kept my receipt and my cancelled check. One credit esker said it was like Medicare Fraud where a fraud ring bills a huge number of people # of people for a small amount and Medicare pays because it’s so small. The fraudulent company makes millions if the do it enough. Truly evil. Check review sites, you’ll see the words scam, scamming, scammer over and over. One can write the company and start having to do it l over and over by mail instead of telephone.
No way to email them because they want the process to be as time consuming as possible unti you give in and give them $5 or maybe settle your “late fees” for even more$. What makes people do things like this? I read also that their rewards were impossible to collect on, same kind of scam. I hope they get shut down. Citibank should divest from this crooked operation. Or else Citibank should be reported for fraud to Federal Banking oversight. DO NOT USE SHOP YOUR WAY FOR ANY REASON! RUN!"

Jodye Moore says

"I wish I could give this company no stars right now. In the middle of a National pandemic I am being called about $65 - that is NOT even passed the grace date of being past due. I explained, nicely the first time they called me that the payment had been mailed, I told them what date I mailed it and everything. Then today, at 8:25am , a different person calls me to let me know they still have not received my payment and they need that payment now.
ok - 1st of all - it's been a whopping 2/3 days since I talked to the first person.
2nd - I'm sure the Postal service, like every other legit business is on a short staff and a little behind.
3rd - why are you calling me at all in National Pandemic about $65
4th - Look at my account - NEVER been late before - have EXCEPTIONAL credit. I reiterate, why are you calling me in a National pandemic about $65
5th - I'm worried about my family's health and safety - so even if my whole $65 payment is actually late, passed the grace date, which it is not, WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME IN A NATIONAL PANDEMIC ABOUT $65
I have now provided the Check #, confirmed the amount was all $65 and the date I mailed it.
If you still don't have my $65 in a week or so, please call USPS and ask them for an ETA.
Otherwise I will call my bank and see if it cleared AFTER and only after the National pandemic crises is over.
I don't want your workers out of work.. but there a million things your employees could be doing to HELP our crises.... keeping them employed and making them useful.
People are dying, kids out of school are not eating. I would hope that when you get my $65 - that your CEO donates it!"

Lisa says

"These people are scammers. I've been a customer for years and finally had to dispute a charge. These people have lied saying I didn't send them information that I had to send 3 times, every time I call them every representative tells me something different about the same situation, the have a new policy everyday, and they will lie, cheat, and do everything in their power to not give you your money back. I've never dealt with a credit card company that we can't speak with the person handling our claim, or that works against me instead of help me. Its really shady how the investigators hide behind the scenes and scam and lie to not approve our disputes. They ask for one thing and when u send it, they lie and deny your claim saying they didn't receive the information. Whoever is handling the claims needs to be fired because they are crooked and obviously don't know how to do the job. They act like it's going to kill them and cost them to return your money from a dispute. Do not get this card or do any business with this shady company. The shop your way rewards department is also illiterate. I have a lot of points that are not showing on my account, I called shop your way, they said I have the points but they don’t know why their not in my account to shop, they transferred me to sears, (when they are supposed to be the ones handling the shop your way points), then sears transferred me back to them, and they transferred me back to sears. This went on all day and no one knows why my points aren’t in my account to shop online or in store, and they told me if I want to use my points I have to call and place an order over the phone to use my points. This whole company is illiterate and now I understand why sears has been shutting down. They don’t know how to handle ANY business."

Luis says

"F-ing garbage everything!!!! Only reason I even dealt with them is because I has $300 accumulated from a Sears card. The selection of things that are redeemable is limited half the stuff I would settle for was out of stock. The website’s layout is very confusing & misleading. Tried to call them up just to get the “run around” and having me call Sears just to waste 30 minutes on hold. I still had to come out of pocket in the end because they charged me for shipping because it’s under $100 dollars since I’m technically they are “free”. I will never waste my time with them again. I’ll use the card only if it’s an emergency."

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