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From Everything.Sucks is an American footwear retailer owned by Walmart. The website was established in Boston during 1999. In 2006, the company was acquired by IAC. In December 2016, completed the acquisition of ShoeBuy from IAC. It was reported that Walmart paid US$70 million for the company.

Ari shared her inconformity with the store, "I am very disappointed from customer service and will never buy shoes from them again. I bought 2 pairs of shoes in mid Aug 2020 but never received my order. After two weeks contacted the customer service and they confirmed that UPS lost my order. They said they will refund my money for this order and if I still interested in the shoes, I need to place a new order. So, I placed a new order and bought the same 2 pairs of shoes again. I received the order confirmation and another email notification that my items are shipped. Few days later, I received an email that they cancelled my order again for the 2nd time and are going to refund my money. Again, I contacted their customer service to find out why my order cancelled. They simply responded that sorry, it was cancelled because of error in processing.

I spent over $400 for nothing and haven't seen any refund in my account yet. The customer service didn't really care about trying to fix their mistake and help the customer. This is really bad service. As a customer how can I trust and buy anything from them again? They lost a customer who loves shoes and spend a lot on shoes."


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