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Shimano, Inc. (株式会社シマノ, Kabushiki-gaisha Shimano) is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment. It produced golf supplies until 2005 and snowboarding gear until 2008. Headquartered in Sakai, Japan, the company has 32 consolidated subsidiaries and 11 unconsolidated subsidiaries. Shimano's primary manufacturing plants are in Kunshan, China; Malaysia; and Singapore. In 2017, Shimano had net sales of US $3.2 billion, 38% in Europe, 35% in Asia, and 11% in North America. Bicycle components represented 80%, fishing tackle 19%, and other products 0.1%. The company is publicly traded, with 93 million shares of common stock outstanding.

An employee mentioned in anguish, " Shimano has inhumane management; - strong obsession of hierarchy (manager refuse to talk to new comer. New comer only allowed to seek advise from their mentor. New comer not allowed to direct consult their direct manager) - inhumane treatment to staff. Manager scold people everyday - no discussion but to listen and follow - work direction not clear (manager speaks poor english and causing misunderstanding ALL THE TIMES) - During circuit breaker, insist their staff back to work even they are not essential service. - only certain grade and above only given laptop. (Also the reason staff being forced to back office work during circuit breaker. Many staffs don't have a laptop to wfh) - disrespect to lower grade staff"


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Massive degree of mistrust from leadership to the rest of the company, to a point where lack of information hobbles marketing and sales. Even in Japan employees call the place “Shimano prison.” Hours and workload are relentless with no regard at all for personal time, reason or logic. Zero training and no standard structure means the longer they’ve been there the less your colleague knows. Truly a horrible experience with no redeeming qualities beyond the employee discount."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management has no idea what they are doing and so fearful of the competition. They treat their employees terribly and should look at change"

Former Employee - Cycle Counter says

"Company is a revolving door... lots of hours for little pay. A lot of temp. workers who never get hired on even thought they have worked there for years."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- strong obsession of hierarchy (manager refuse to talk to new comer. New comer only allowed to seek advise from their mentor. New comer not allowed to direct consult their direct manager) - inhamane treatment to staff. Manager scold people everyday - no discussion but to listen and follow - work direction not clear (manager speaks poor english and causing misunderstanding ALL THE TIMES) - During circuit breaker, insist their staff back to work even they are not essential service. - only certain grade and above only given laptop. (Also the reason staff being forced to back office work during circuit breaker. Many staffs dont have a laptop to wfh) - disrespect to lower grade staff"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Misleading, false promises, promote victimization and humiliation, unprofessional staff, poor management conduct and no working acumen, swearing is a norm, not follow GDRP"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"No good for experienced employees. No adequate training and skills improvement. Seniors can’t help much due to lack of knowledge and skills themselves. Deeply set culture and management oppressed juniors ideas even though their ideas are wrong but cannot be challenged or corrected. Department depends heavily on external suppliers for solutions due to lack of capability. Much cost cutting comes at the cost of placing juniors in difficult and potentially dangerous situation. Senior managers are arrogant and rude despite lacking the very knowledge for the scope they are in charge of. Senior managers treats employee with rude verbal assault and use unnecessarily harsh words. Incompetent leadership in the Singapore management. Managers claim credits and leave nothing to the people under them. Full of politics and backstabbing. People pushes blames to an extent not doing anything is the best approach as you won’t do anything wrong. Not open to ideas. Not a place for innovation and development."

Former Employee - Senior Officer says

"TOP down No alignment and direction TOP heavy, upside down triangle Management has no leadership quality Avoid handling Singapore market Micromanagers Not open to new ideas"

Current Employee - Staff says

"Employee purchase program is totally a joke this subsidiary office. Low salary and arrogant management without true leadership. This subsidiary did not offer other career avenues/placement. Senior managements tend to ignore the factors that can distort performance appraisal and didn't avoid conflict of their own interest. The local senior managers are downright terrible, they’re completely disrespectful and don’t have any leadership/communication skills being a grown adults. One last thing is that they shove credit down your throat. If you're aware of the above facts, you’re an outcast in their eyes."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Department has unspoken rules, different from HR guidelines -Not allowed to take annual leave -Tons of meetings. Unorganised working environment. -Management do not have idea what they are doing. Pass the ambiguity to juniors. -Unequal distribution of work"


"Lack of guidance and direction from management. Lack of pay and proper amount of staffing make for a hectic place to work."

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"When they hire you they don't show you everything they show you the good stuff then once you start working there they let someone else train you and they threw you in the mix you have to work it out it's always a Time factor with them but it's lots of work for one person /6 people then you don't have a set time when you're getting off when the work gets done but then they want you back there early 5 o clock 6 o clock or whatever time they choose for you to come inOther employeesPay, shift, management"

Rod Packing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Prepare and package fishing rods by certain time frames, very fast pace environment, paying close attention to details on rods, trained others, and organization is a must when packaging in bulk, up to 8 or more pallets on 12 hours days.Benefits are goodpay is horrible"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"The regular employees are fun and are great people to work with. Management is shady. Pay is subpar. Benefits are great, but getting hired on is difficult. There is no appreciation for the ones who work to make things happen. Just a thank you is rare. The hours are long. The warehouse is hot. There is minimal support for those with certain health issues. Great start to get experience, but a bad long-term thing.peoplemanagement and pay"

Shipping and forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"Low pay. Long hours. Alot will be expected. Good job for experience afterwards move on. Plenty of company that will pay more for the experience obtained at Shimano. Good environment. Break system ain't worth shytOvertimePay"

Worker (Current Employee) says

"Pay is ok for some of the work you do. Needs more compensation for other jobs we are told to do. If people are to be cross trained it would be nice to have extra incentives."

Order Selector (Former Employee) says

"If management with tighten up with the workers and make it a less stressful place a better off place it would B plus competitive wages to keep employeesFun job good worker people environmentMangerment made the environment stressful pay was low"

Pick orders (Former Employee) says

"A lot of times you would have nothing to do. Would clean or make boxes most of the time. Very unorganized. Do not pay enough for position. there is no AC throughout the warehouse gets very hot especially where I was working, temps would read up to 93 and that's with fans and portable AC units.Free massageShort breaks"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Verwacht niet dat je goed gaat verdienen bij Shimano. Ze gebruiken de bedrijfsnaam tegen je, want je werkt wel voor Shimano he! Dat mag gerust 1000-1500 in de maand minder dus.. Doorgroeimogelijkheden worden als compensatie regelamtig voorgehouden, maar die afspraken komen ze niet na. Het bedrijf loopt verder continue achter de feiten aan.Als fietsen je passie isSalaris, geen leiderschap, rotte cultuur"

Packing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The work in the warehouse is easy, but long hours constantly. The pay is minimum wage, so even with a bunch of overtime you still don't benefit. Management is clueless on how to operate the daily functions, and as a result a lot of overtime is incurred that could be easily avoided. They have temp workers that have been there over two years.Good Co-workers, job securitySticklers, on, breaks, and, lunches, more, concerned, with, being, a"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"management was a little lacking. Knew most of what I was doing. Hardest part was dealing with the pay. My teammates was the most enjoyable part of my on products we soldshort breaks"

Research and Development Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Majority of the co-workers are friendly and fun. There are peak periods where things can get really hectic. It is important to be able to generate ideas and when new ideas are created successfully, there is a big sense of achievement."


"Shimano is a global corporation with it's headquarters in Japan. It can be difficult to navigate the business because of this. The American subsidiary has little control of what happens in the US. It's difficult to get things done. There are many people in management with far too much tenure and an overall lack of motivation and forward momentum. That being said, working for a place like this is important. It's a place to learn to persevere and to stay cool under immense pressure. The bike culture is great and there are a lot of really great people here. Just know that it's not going to be easy all the time and sometimes you're going to want to bang your head against the wall repetitively.Discount, Bike Culture, Resume JobPoor management, Very little female employment"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Ever since the last Shimano family member has left the building the soul of the company has changed. It used to be a great company. Employees are not treated with respect and as a result the turnover was high. Leaders do not inspire! They began a monthly rally--- we all thought is was a great idea but the majority of the time its used to tell us where we came up short or to tell us we are not doing what we should.Great products keep the company going.Great products to sell and company benefits.Poor leadership."

operator (Former Employee) says

"1. Assembly part 2. Learning for line process and helps each others. 3. Good teaching at on-job training 4. Friendly 5. Meet cycles times for new workers. 6. Can working withe the friendly Co-workers."

operator logistiky (Former Employee) says

"Práce se mi tam líbí,ale mohla by být o něco lépe ohodnocená."

Shimano Quality Assurance Lead (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors could be better at communicating with their leads and associates. The people that work there are great and great to work with. Choose your poison wisely, one wrong word could turn everything around very quickly."

operátor (Current Employee) says

"Vadila mi neustála změna pracovní doby. naučila jsem se tam spoustu nových věcídotované obědy, stravenky za noční směnu, tem bulding"

Packer (Current Employee) says

"typical day at work usually its very busy everyone at the work place is really friendly every so offten you get free lunches everyone is very helpfulfree lunches sometimes"

Matthew says

"Poor show on shimano got a speciziled bike only to find out all the gears are knackered and not working company say that the gearing is ceased and needs new ones. No way get my money back go eles where never use shimano parts again same with the fishing rods bought brand new went fishing caught a fish and the tips snapped on both rods poor workmanship stay clear if shimano engineering get something decent."

# says

"AVIOD AVOID AVOID - This company has terrible customer service stear clear from this company at all costs. Absolutely awful customer services"

SteveM says

"On inspection after delivery i was shocked at the lack of quality control on these Dura ace C40 wheels. The carbon lay up on the rear wheel had an unacceptable step on one of the joins, and the weld on the alloy rim joint had been left rough and lumpy, would have punctured a tyre. They had a manufacture date of 2017, i was expecting new wheels. Have returned them to Chain Reaction."

Sam says

"Been an avid and long time user of shimano cycling parts and accessories. Affordable but we can consider them disposable? ... For example... shimano chains don't perform and not as durable compared to other brands. Prone to rust. Also seen issues with the ceramic pistons on their brakes... Cracking or disintegrating....has the quality of their products gone down tru the years? It seems the well known shimano quality isn't it used to be ? Customer service, warranty claims sucks as claimed by other shimano users. Thankfully I haven't had any bad experience with them. Heads up guys from shimano.... Lots of new brands and players in the cycling business... Hopefully I won't be forced to change to their competitive brand S____."

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