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Shift is an online, peer-to-peer, marketplace for buying and selling used cars. Founded in 2014, Shift is an American company based in San Francisco’s Mission District. As of 2019, the company offers its services in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego, California as well as Portland, Oregon.

Yessica shares her disappointing experience on, "Shift sucks! Don't waste your time. I drove more than 150miles to see a car that was not exactly what was advertised. It had damage to the paint and air Bents were falling off. Long story short, they promise to fix things and deliver you the car but when it arrives the car is broken due to the irresponsibility of the driver delivering it to you. If you are a cash buyer or have done the financing your self you Must still Pay the expensive service fee of $900+ dollars. Be smart and stay away from this place!"


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tre cee says

"Gave me a good quote online, bumped the quote down by $700 after the ‘inspection’ than dropped another $300 for ‘registration’ right before signing, scam!!!! Shift is a car dealer, dealers don’t pay registration. Don’t trust them!!!"

Sophia Holman says

"Honestly so disappointed in this place. Was really excited to hear about them. They have great online marketing as I just mentioned buying a new car outloud and I randomly started getting all sorts of emails and social media advertisements about them. They sell used cars that are mostly from lease turn ins or trade ins. Went to one of the lots of theirs in LA twice to look at cars and test drive. The concierge were great. Not pushy at all and definitely not like a typical dealership or used car lot where they try to push a vehicle down your throat. I was however, being CONSTANTLY contacted by the account managers from the offices several times a day about buying a vehicle and it was insistent. Great follow up coming from someone in sales but I don't think there was a need for multiple calls multiple times a day. When I finally decided on the vehicle and decided to put a deposit down, they sent me over to a finance person about my purchase and getting everything set up. I was purchasing the car in cash without any financing and he kept trying to push certain things on me. Falsely told me that the additional warranty had to be bundled (found out it did not and he was just selling me extra) falsely told me the wrong expiration dates (said the additional warranty was good for 4 years and unlimited amount of miles which wasn't true) and then did not send me the paperwork before setting up the delivery date. It was very strange that a place would not give me all the paperwork before and he wouldn't send me the details on the warranty via email but he said the concierge who delivers will send everything (which is strange because that's the finance managers job). The next day the vehicle was delivered. I go to sign off on the documents and find out they are charging me almost $10k MORE than what the final breakdown was when discussed. It was also the first time ever seeing any of the documents - which I am almost sure is a violation of the TILA/Fair Lending Laws. I went through it and saw that the warranty they told me I could put on a payment plan - they were trying to charge me in full upfront. On top of that, found out that there was a mileage requirement to the warranty. End up spending over 2 hours of my time trying to get everything settled because everything was wrong and falsely stated. The concierge contacted the finance manager who contacted me and proceeded to try to blame everyone but himself. The concierge, myself (stating he didn't tell me that and I was wrong even though I had witnesses on speaker listening to what he said and clarified it several times) and wouldn't take accountability for the fact he didn't send me the documentation beforehand to look over and get corrected. He also was raising his voice at me which is completely unacceptable. It was miserable. Finally once everything was semi-sorted, I paid for the vehicle in which they once again didn't inform me I had to have $500 OVER the amount I needed to pay for the vehicle in my account in order for the payment to go through. Once I finally purchased the vehicle I noticed the car had taco meat and cheese in the car, there was a dead bee on the floor - it definitely was not washed. In addition, I found out the navigation and the screen was not working and they had my whole car covered with "Shift" stickers and advertisement I could not remove. Are they planning on paying me for advertising their company? They really need to clean and remove everything BEFORE delivering the vehicle. A manager did call to try to see what happened with the finance manager and offered me a gift card for all the inconvenience (to what amount, when it should be received - who knows if it was even sent). After several days of trying to get ahold of them about the issues with my car, I finally got ahold of them. They picked up the car and said they would fix it yet it has been a week and not one contact from any of them about the status of my car. Basically I paid for a lemon and they haven't given me an update or my money back and now I don't have a vehicle. I have tried to call them over 10 times, sent multiple emails, and no one is responding to my calls, emails, or voicemails. Just completely unprofessional and now I am down $25k and without a vehicle and any contact. I would highly recommend going somewhere else more credible, more professional, and better communication. It is not worth your money, time, and energy to deal with this stress."

Gary Rennie says

"Sellers beware: all went smoothly until a day after they drove my car away. They emailed to say they had to return the car because a trailer hitch install required widening an existing frame hole by less than 1/8 inch. That was "frame damage." Seller beware."

CN says

"Bait and Switch! Beware! I was given a quote which was confirmed by e-mail the next day. Prior to arriving for vehicle inspection the associate texted me with a quote that was $300 less because I have different wheels than selected, even though both are 18" alloy wheels. Then he looked at every minor scratch (on a 6 year old car) which are barely noticeable and could easily be rubbed out and said he would have to re quote. He came in $4000 under the original quote which was even less than the dealer quote. The website says, you car will be inspected for major body damage. The care has never been in a accident and doesn't even have a door ding. What a waste of time."

Jon R says

"I received an offer for the sale of my car and accepted. The day before the scheduled pickup, Shift(y) called and lowered their offer by $1200! I feel totally duped. I would recommend that everyone avoid this company."

Bill Klinakis says

"Your wasting your time. They want the build sheet of your vehicle before they will give you a quote. VIN is not enough. Very amateur."

Vanessa Ginman says

"I don't often write reviews, but I want to share my experience so others can make fully informed decisions.

My purchase journey with Shift started off very positively. Everyone was friendly and helpful to begin with (I test drove two cars - one on site and one at home). I decided to buy one of the cars (a Mazda CX-5).

From there, the experience just went south. On the day that I was supposed to have my car delivered, Shift didn't call me within the specified timeframes (one person blamed them being understaffed and a colleague not showing up for work - not very professional), and I had to chase them down a number of times. Then the car arrived later than agreed, and the person delivering it was complaining about his other customers earlier in the day. Again, not a very professional experience.

But the most problematic aspect of the whole experience, was that the car had a bunch of problems (vibration that did not go away after wheel re-alignment, warped brake rotors) - I've had to spend >$1,600 on repairs since I bought the car three months ago. Unfortunately, the inspection/certification that Shift does is a bit of a sham, so there is no guarantee of the quality of the car. As such, I can't recommend using them."

Yi Chuan Chou says

"I would like to express my disappointment from the service. Case: I received a notice of traffic violation of the car I sold to Shift. Apparently there is a transfer problem, the license still under my name."

losangelean says


Bought a car and sold a car with them and was happy with their service. Everything was fine until I noticed that my license plates--you know, the ones you pay a $1,000 service fee to them to deal with--hadn't arrived in over three months.

Come to find out--the original owner of the title--in Florida--hasn't transferred the title and it's still in limbo. Shift tells me, "If you get pulled over, we'll help you with the fees. "

I've learned quite a bit about 'title jumping' in the last 24 hours.

Oh and the worst part? The person I spoke with Friday tells me, "I won't be in the office Monday, so I will touch base with you Tuesday."

So...I'm just supposed to drive around with temp plates and hope for the best? Unbelievable."

Jonny Wesolowski says

"TLDR: Not worth the risk and horrible customer service if anything needs checked up. We bought our car a month ago and have had to swap it out twice and keep getting passed from service rep to service rep with no results.

We purchased a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe on October 10 and loved the car. However we heard a sort of humming/hissing noise coming from behind the dash whenever we turned the A/C on. So we took it to our local Hyundai and paid $165 for a full inspection of the car. They told us that something was definitely up with the A/C but they it would need more diagnostic work. Called SHIFT and they said they "guarantee working A/C in their cars" and asked us to go to Hyundai again (this time SHIFT would reimburse us the A/C diagnostic cost (additional $160).
We found out the A/C could have a small leak and recharged the fluids. Cold air... 2 days later, a loud hiss and A/C stopped working again.

Called SHIFT and this time was connect with a 'service specialist named Stephanie' who said they would take the car in and do the A/C work through the SHIFT mechanics. Car was returned and AGAIN the A/C stopped and we found out that they just refilled the fluids (same as Beaverton Hyundai did!).
Finally on November 5 SHIFT took our car in for a second time to their mechanic and replaced some valve cores. We just had the car returned tonight and 5 minutes after driving and turning on the A/C it's hissing again and NO COLD AIR.

All of this after every phone call goes through a single phone number and no way to directly contact the service reps. Every call I've made I've been on hold a minimum of 10 minutes.

We are exhausted from this process and awaiting ANOTHER check to see if they can get the A/C working and reps seem to be avoiding helping us return the car at this point and nobody seems to be able to make decisions. It has ruined our car buying experience."

Kathleen Marvin says

"I bought a car two weeks ago from Shift. I'm a nurse and my schedule is hectic so their slogan
"Buying a car made easy" appealed to me. First test drive the concierge brought the car to me and only gave me 15 mins to test drive. Before my next test drive someone from shift called me, when I asked how long the test drive was he said 30 mins. When the concierge showed up with the next car he seemed disinterested and told me 20 mins.

After the test drive I told him I wanted to buy the car. What should of taken 1 hour took 5 hours!! The finance department called me and was pressuring me to buy the extra protection plan. When I resisted he said he would give me $400 off my total price. I agreed and he emailed me a contract with the price breakdown which came out to $297 a month. But when I went to sign the paperwork with the concierge on his tablet the price was $305. I refused to sign until it was fixed. I triple checked the math and it should be $297. The concierge was not communicating with me and finally I just called shift myself. They said they couldn't honor the discount. I said I wanted to speak to someone else. Then after a long hold they said it was fine and I was just doing my mental math wrong. I insisted I was correct.

Finally after hours of back and forth on the phone and the concierge just hanging out in my garage they used a loan calculator online and surprise! I was right about the price. They then said I didn't have to sign the paperwork with the concierge and that my emailed copy was the correct one. So why did it take 5 hours to figure this out???? It was so stressful and I almost just walked away but I really liked the car. It's doesn't end there.

Because of this negative experience I got the car inspected by Mazda. Shift claims to do a 150 point inspection on all their cars and the cars come with a free 30 day drive train warranty. Turns out the tensior belt ( part of the drive train) was broken. A $300 replacement plus the windshield wipers were in bad shape and the cabin filter was filthy. I emailed shift and they said it was normal "wear and tear" and they would only put $250 towards the repairs. I had to argue that the belt is part of the drive train which should be fully covered under their warranty. Also how is this wear and tear my responsibility in a car I just bought from them? And after my experience buying the car I was already extremely disappointed in Shift. After more back and forth they finally agreed to reimburse me for my independent inspection and $350 for the repairs. I was happy with that and took it.

Overall it was not worth it. It took me giving them hell to get this car and get it fixed. If it haven't been the exact car I wanted I would of walked away. It was so much stress and hassle. Their employees don't seem to communicate well with each other. It seems that just want to sell you the car and protection plan but don't care as much about the the client's experience.

I wouldn't recommend using shift. But if you do get your car independently inspected!! You have 7 days to return it!!! And they just went public as a company last week so they'll be held to a higher standard now."

customer says

"Tried to use them to sell my car (2014 Tesla) and disclosed I had previously had an accident (fully repaired). They came to my place, guy said “oh this is my first time in a Tesla” and appeared to have no clue what they were doing. Filled out the paperwork, drive away with my car, thinking it’s done. Later that day they said, oh, you had your car repaired (no kidding) and we need to rescind the sale. Then I don’t hear from them for two days. They come back with my car and I have to start all over. I go online to Carmax, they look my car up, acknowledge the repair from the online auto database (why doesn’t shift check this ?!?). Give me an offer online and buy the car at the agreed price. Don’t bother with Shi*t, they are a scam."

Peter Michailidis says

"Ok, so for starters I have a low miles great shape Toyota Prius which I was looking to sell. I got my estimate from Shift was comfortable with what they offered so decided to move forward with an in person inspection.

Issue 1: I get a call mid day saying they're system is down and they can't buy my car tonight. The offered to keep the appointment then they can come collect another time. I made plans to use the car the following day etc then the agent arrives dings me for a few scratches etc and says in order to get my $300 bonus I need to sell the car tonight. I asked him why they called me and told me otherwise he said it's the way it is and they need the car now (But don't feel pressured.) I said great... so come tomorrow nope we won't give you the bonus sorry. OK so I guess I have to sell it tonight.

Issue 2: Then I get to their contract which includes the DMV Bill of Sale. They want me to sign something that says “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct" and its a blank bill of price, no odometer, just my name and left for them to fill out the price...hmm why is this...oh because the company is literally set up to do a bait and switch on you.

Issue 3: So they take my car, then the next day they claim to have found front end damage to the car and can no longer take it. It's BS so I said no worries give me my car back ASAP...oh but maybe we can come up with an agreeable price...Umm you just told me you can't buy it oh wait...that's why you didn't want a bill of sale and price because you're just scamming and pressuring people into selling their car.

Issue 4: My car comes back filthy and with 2 scratches on the bumper..."uh we don't know how that happened must have been there when you gave it to us..."

100% waste of time...these guys are used car salesman to the max!"

Emily A. Cox says

"Sunday September 20th, 2020:

I found a car I wanted and called shift to let them know I’d like to put down a deposit!

Buying Experience 
+ Trevor (Sales person) was very nice and friendly
-Inconsistency: I was told it would cost $250 to put a 48-hour deposit on the car, however, Shift’s legal paperwork, states $100 (Why was I charged 3x +++ the amount?!) (See photographic evidence / documentation)
-Inconsistency: Trevor stated to deliver the vehicle it would cost $752-$350 (‘Discount’) = $402 (which is steep), yet Ben, finance claims the cost is $621-350 (‘Discount’) = $271
-RED FLAG: Ben said if I drive to Portland to “test drive” the car, customers are NOT ALLOWED to take it to ANY mechanic & that’s why they do such a “throughout ‘150-pt’ inspection & have a “200-mile 7-day return policy.”

Finance Experience #1
w/Female Finance Member
-Inconsistency: Was told My Approved APR % by West Bank was “7.2%”

Ben, finance, is trying to tell me that West Lake Bank (The ONLY one I got approved for) does NOT do remote signing??? and so I would physically have to go to Portland (where the car is) and sign, and then drive the car home (8 hours drive) with me (therefore voiding the 200 miles warranty)

I EXPECT the car to be delivered for the $271 ($621-350 discount) that BEN told me would be the cost to deliver it, but / yet Shift expects me to now suddenly “drive” to PORTLAND (8 hours away) ??? to sign the paperwork??

And then Ben (Finance) is claiming that the $271 “Delivery” cost isn’t guaranteed!!!!!!!!!

Why, KNOWING that I am going to have My Car DELIVERED, would you run my credit to 8 banks, if you KNEW that one of the banks does not do “Remote” signing???

I now have to physically DRIVE 16-hours (Roundtrip) to PORTLAND, OREGON to simply SIGN A PAPER, taking time off work, miles, rental costs, etc. to sign a paper to a bank who doesn’t do remote signing, FULL WELL *KNOWING* that I was going to have the car DELIVERED for $271!

(And even *then* you are now claiming that the $271 may not be guaranteed since I will technically “own” the car after having to physically DRIVE 16-hour roundtrip to PORTLAND just to sign the paperwork, for a car you KNEW AHEAD OF TIME was going to be PHYSICALLY DELIVERED TO MY DOOR!)

I should NOT have to DRIVE 16-HOUR ROUND-TRIP to PORTLAND, OREGON to sign the PAPERWORK for this car, when you knew FULLY IN ADVANCE that I was going to have the car delivered! And then to say, “Oh, and when / after you sign the paperwork, you we may not still be able to honor the $271 delivery fee?!” That / this is RIDICULOUS AND NOT OK

You also told me that to “hold” the car for 48 hours, it would be “$250,” but I have an article published from you guys directly stating it’s only “$100.” (See documented photograph).

For the next 2 days, I must have spent at least 1.5 hours a day trying to get in touch with Shift through multiple calls and emails. All I wanted was to finish the financing for My Car! The phone calls never went through and the voicemails/emails I left were never returned. I called the original sales # and had “sales” transfer me to finance.

Finance Experience #2
-Inconsistency: Was told My Approved APR % was 7.2% by Shift financing Team (Yet sales member, Trevor, and Financial Manager, Ben, told me 8.2%)
-Red Flag: The bank (West Bank) I got approved for doesn’t do “electronic / remote signing?!” 
-Dodging: I requested to speak to a “supervisor” ASAP, and Ben told me that “No supervisor” is / would be available??
-Inconsistency: Trevor stated to deliver the vehicle it would cost $752-$350 (‘Discount’) = $402 (which is steep), yet Ben, finance claims the cost is $621-350 (‘Discount’) = $271
-Red Flag: When I asked Ben for West Bank’s contact information (The bank that’s going to be financing me), he initially gave me a PO BOX?!
-Was left on hold (likely sent to a “dead line” for 40 minutes and NO RESPONSE

Inconsistency / Price-Gouge: They also charged me a $250 Non-Refundable deposit, and then *after* the fact, on their website, it lists it being $100!!!!

I am not going to be purchasing this car. I asked SHIFT if I drive to Portland if they’d let me take it to a Toyota Dealership to look at, and they said they do NOT allow anyone to take their cars to ANY mechanic. I thought this was very strange, and so I started researching their company, and wow................

After reading the reviews, I asked for a picture of the car’s engine, and there are LEAKS everywhere, OIL, & even RUST -- There’s NO way the car can be from the west coast."

Ryan Ohm says

"I would stay clear of this place at all costs. They give the illusion of a great car buying experience by bringing it to you, letting you test drive it, and buying it right on the spot. What they don't tell you is the numerous problems this vehicle had before you bought it and because of their "cheap prices" which are hardly any different than typical market values, you're screwed once you buy the vehicle and they do not offer warranties.

After my first week, the car was already in the shop for transmission issues. It was in and out of the shop a few times within the first month and the engine is basically trashed. Biggest scam of a purchase I've ever made."

Jessica Rangel says

"Sold a car to Shift. The salesperson was great, but promised that if we did not get immediately paid, the payment would for sure go through the next business day. That was a week and a half ago and my bank still has not received payment!"

Eric Stevens says

"They only get 2 starts because of the convenience and they're willingness to come to you and appraise the car. That being said their wording was misleading. They gave me an estimate for my trade in and then said that if I had an extra set of keys they would add $300 to the value. But in reality, they took off $300 from their original estimate because I didn't have a second set. It essentially was a difference of $600 because there was only one set of keys, which seems a bit absurd"

Frances says

"Found a car on shift. Great experience scheduling first test drive ... the "concierge" arrived within the the first 30 minutes of the 2 hour window. Car was great, but radio wouldn't work. We wanted to buy car, but asked them to fix radio. They took the car and scheduled us for later that same day. They couldn't fix the radio, and the next day, I had to make a $250 deposit in order to be sure we could buy the car. Normally, the deposit is non-refundable, but I got confirmation that if they didn't fix the radio, I could get $250 back. Eventually we scheduled another meeting. The second "concierge' arrived about 1 hour and 55 minutes into the 2 hour window. She was super nice and professional, but one of the key fobs was now missing. Shift quickly offered us $200 off for the missing key fob. We took the $200 and bought the car, but now have to spend about $475 for a new key fob AND worry that some rogue shift employee will come take the car with the missing key fob. While we are happy with the car so far, the experience of buying it and the missing fob was STRESSFUL!

In addition, Shift charges a $595 fee, plus an $85 "documentation" fee, - so car actually $680 more than list price! Beware!

After doing this review, shift offered us a $250 VISA gift card to compensate for replacing the missing key! This was great ... we are very happy to be fully compensated for the missing key. Thank you Shift!"

Paul M says

"They're ok. They claim to be faster than a dealership and save you time, but this wasn't the case for me. Shift doesn't let you negotiate, instead their pricing lowers over time. I've looked at several cars that differ from the online posting - in terms of cosmetic and mechanical descriptions.
They were great when I sold my car through them, although again, a couple discrepancies. One was saying my (nearly new) Honda Accord needed an oil change - it had one from the dealership two weeks before Shift looked at it. They also mis-listed the CARFAX report.
As a buyer, less stellar. Mixed up the car I wanted and had some delays in getting it to me. The car was missing the front license plate (illegal to sell a used car without one) and needed new rear brakes (they said 5mm left but it was 2mm at my independent mechanic). Cosmetic damage to car wasn't taken care of and I had to wait for a lot of back and forth when buying."

tips4u says

"Trade in, purchase, return, full process experience... Tips to know before going.. I would have given higher but... read below as to why.. Overall, they have a good selection of cars and will improve their service base on how they handled my case.

1. Fast and easy way to test drive car w/o being haggled from car salesman (from autonation, carmax, or traditional dealers)
2. Website easy to navigate, no popups and crawlers like the other dealership sites, and carfax history is free (don't need to sign up for it)
3. Payment via finance, cash ACH transfer, or debit card
4. If you have your $ ready, it can be done within 1hr or less.
5. Competitive price - most are priced KBB good pricing (note: All cars have service fee of 700-100 base on the car value). IF you think vehicle should be graded FAIR, you might want to wait for the price to drop or ask driver to request lower pricing (ONLY if the flaw is visible and not posted)
6. Trade in offer is competitive to (also, you get additional $300 if you trade when they come out to inspect car)
7. Referral $100 credit can be added to new purchase (please use my referral - find me on reddit search imhotips for link)
8. Customer service response is slower via email but they do respond. OR just call them
9. Shift is CA base company so most of the carfax history is local own. Better than out of state cars shown on (I prefer CA owners - since FL, TX, MI and other states have floods or snow).

1. Carfax history - transparency is not always reported if previous owner did not do a claim therefore, don't rely on it and inspect the car in daylight.
2. USED vehicles -- Uber/Lyft drivers is not classified so look at the miles/year and registration.
3. Website Photos (can't zoom in and photograph is bad with angle & if they indicate scratch) - need to improve on these technology and better photo lighting.
4. Shift driver is "JUST" the driver to show the car and will do the final transaction at the end. The issue here is the details of the bill of sale, return policy, and terms and condition. They don't really go over thoroughly & you will have to read on that small tablet to sign. I prefer a "blanket / generic" paper copy to read terms and condition vs on that tablet as I have missed some terms... (see con #5 and tip)
5. 7 day return / exchange applies 1 time only. So make sure you ask questions before doing the exchange. It's all sales final on the exchange. Which is not mentioned by advisor, finance, or driver about final offer.
6. Certified inspection -- 50/50 transparent: they may have missed it during inspection. Both cars I have driven had body work done (which was not shown online). So make sure you look at the alignment and paint job (original, orange peel, alignment on bumper).
7. Covid 19 cleanliness: They do permasafe for all cars, the driver did not wipe the steering wheel or areas he had touch. I would wear mask and gloves just in case. 1st test drive (was by myself), 2nd test drive (was with the driver) -- NEEDS improvement on training process: update website with what to expect from driver (email out with the appoint schedule), temperature check would be ideal and gloves and sanitizer wipes in car so I can wipe it myself.

Overall: My rating is Neutral 3 star due to the 2 cars that was not transparent enough on listing (visible body work which should have been caught from certified technician inspection process). Original rating was a 1 star, but after the last process (discussing with customer service), they are willing to work with me to make it a better experience. I TRULY think this very important for continue future business & they are not your typical Autonation/Carmax sharks after you buy a car there. Search all the complaints for both on BBB and you'll understand.

My return of 1st car was more body damage that was unreported on carfax and shift certified 130point inspection failed to indicate body repair on the vehicle. My 2nd purchase had the same issue with the body/paint job that was not indicated on the posting. The customer support has been very professional throughout my concerns & provided a FAIR assessment. I am happy that they personalized the experience with picking up the phone and calling me versus email only. It's nice to have a live support that will work with you.

1. Ask the driver to run through carwash if you see specs of dust (since you really need the car exceptionally clean to see all the flaws).
2. Read contract terms carefully (it's on tablet so you may want to ask them to carry a blanket paper copy)
3. Referral $100 (i can't post link but you can use my referral link that I have place on reddit -- search IMHOTIPS or
4. Don't rely on Yelp, check BBB (better business bureau) for recent complaints
5. Inspect car w/o distraction from driver. Talking and interruptions."

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