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Sheraton Hotels and Resorts is an international hotel chain owned by Marriott International. As of June 30, 2020, Sheraton operates 446 hotels with 155,617 rooms globally, including locations in North America, Africa, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, in addition to 84 hotels with 23,092 rooms in the pipeline.

Jamie shares her upsetting experience on, "I contacted you guys due to I had no running water in the Sheraton hotel. Ok, first you should’ve notified the guest. I was not notified. Ok, then when I called down to the office about the water that was off for more than four hours and the patio door not opening and the Wi-Fi not working I was not offered a room. Instead, I was very rudely talked to and he just didn’t even help with the Wi-Fi so I had no Wi-Fi, no running water, no back patio door open then instead of calling corporate I figured I will go ahead and you know try to talk to the manager. I called the manager today. He was a nightmare. Hung up the phone on me."


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Former Employee - Executive Chef says

"Dirty Room, Sales team not selling banquets"

Former Employee - Executive Housekeeper says

"The GM who took over"

Current Employee - Night Auditor, Front Desk Agent, Manager On Duty says

"Employee meal is leftover from banquets"

Former Employee - Front Desk Associate says

"Cut hours in off season Incompetent Management Horrible Employee Meals"

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Stress, guest yelling at you, inconsiderate management and upholding the Marriott "legacy" Atlanta Sheraton had legionnaries and did nothing for employees being compensated. Only managers were compensated and opened up to foolishness"

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Too many to name really but the lack of organization, the messiness of the company, the lack of moral compass, the abrupt closing of the hotel without any compensation to their workers."

Current Employee - Food Server/Supervisor says

"Need a union to protect employees from bullying. Managed by unqualified people."

Former Employee - Concierge says

"Everything about the place, but most of all the drama."

Former Employee - Front Desk Associate says

"Too many to list. Bad pay. No balance between work/home life, but The two biggest. Most of the upper Management are a complete joke. They make it very difficult to do your job or feel comfortable in it. And the lack of support. If someone messes something up and apologizes don’t just walk away. That’s rude, immature, and undermines your employees confidence."

Current Employee - Barista - Starbucks says

"This hotel truthfully only cares about their money and could honestly not care any less about the employees. Its quite sad how money hungry this place is and abusive they are to their employees. Upon several suggestions and complaints of how we’re treated like actual animals by the guests their response to that is “Suck it up” “have a better attitude”. Its always a “well what ARE YOU doing wrong for a customer to be so blatantly rude and nasty towards you other than nothing but doing your job” “oh sorry that they basically called you incompetent and laughed in your face but obviously you’re in the wrong”. Its honestly ridiculous how terrible they run this place and their employees. Half of these managers couldnt last a day dealing with our customers but expect us to suck everything up and keep it trolling along. In all my life working retail, food service and customer service I have NEVER been treated more like a dog than by this company. To make matters even better, they do absolutely NOTHING when you file for harassment and tell you again, suck it up. First and only job that has NEVER taken any of my complaints or concerns serious including my file for harassment. I absolutely positively do NOT recommend working here unless you want to be a literal slave. All these people are on salary and look down upon us hourly workers like we’re scum and deserve to be treated like actual animal feces."

Cashier / Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balanceWork-life balance at Sheraton is challenging.Pay & benefitsMy pay and benefits at Sheraton are not goodJob security and advancementIn terms of job security at Sheraton, I think poorlyManagementIn general, managers at Sheraton poorlyCultureCollaboration with my colleagues at Sheraton is understandableOverallMy experience working at Sheraton not so well"

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"unfair place to work, no growth, pay is terrible, unprofessional management, staff ver unprofessional. Staff don't where uniform, watch movies at the desk. Alway on social media."

Banquet Server (Former Employee) says

"I was initially brought on for the restaurant but was not able to work in the restaurant and got put into banquets which paid nothing and was hard work. When I had questions about advancement it was avoided and I quickly noticed all the servers were young and mostly Bethal students.None I had a terrible experience thereNo advancement opportunities. Very little training and my boss cried when I talked of quitting, very unprofessional!"

Server/Bartender (Current Employee) says

"The managers sit in their office and talk to other managers. They're never prepared for the day's events. They put duties on employees that those employees haven't been trained to perform. They expect the hourly employees to work a day while the salaried managers go home at 5 o'clock on the dot. If you speak your mind, plan on being terminated. The women are treated extremely unfairly. They don't listen to women's opinions or ideas at all. They make rules that only the women are expected to follow, the men can do whatever they want. Terrible! Terrible! Terrible work environment. Utter chaos and disrespect at all times. There's always an excuse from a mangaer who dropped the ball as to why an hourly employee was to blame."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worse one to work for in my opinion I would never even consider working for them again there human resources department is a joke.NothingThey treat you badly"

Mesera (Former Employee) says

"habían cucarachas en la barra del notificó y nadie hizo nada hasta q los clientes dejaron de ir a consumir allí.Plan médicono hay direccion"

Lead Guard (Former Employee) says

"I definitely do not recommend life guarding at this establishme too. Management does not care about the well being of their employees. 1/10 rating, i would NOT recommend to anyone."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Ownership is very difficult to work for, no budget. You will have to get on your knees to get $ 500. For parts/ material to make your dept. Function for a month. Not even a thank you from them for Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday 😠."

Guest Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would recommend never working for any Hotel managed by Waterford. It's one of the most discriminating management companies I've unfortunately had to work for."

Servis elemani (Former Employee) says

"Otel içerisinde yapılan ortak çalışmadan dolayı arkadaşlık ilişkileri"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I won't go into detail but I couldn't have been happier to leave there. Horrible from the management company who manages the hotel for the owner to the hotel managent to co-workers. They don't care about you as an employee and certainly don't care about guests."

Houseperson/Housekeeping (Current Employee) says

"We don’t feel treated like the same! Because same of them stay away from the job for long time like every day the managers don’t said anything about that. (hiding,smoking, on the phone, etc)"

Club Lounge Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Extremely toxic work environment, GM often uses fear and intimidation with upper management, but nobody can say anything in fear of retaliation. If you aren’t one of the GM’s favorite you are treated very poorly. Some people are nice but it seems most are very unhappy. Things need to change big time or that hotel will continue to have an extremely high turn over rate."

Housekeeping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This is a horrible work environment mostly housekeeping the new director of housekeeping is horrible she's selfish she's childish she's arrogant and she's ignorant and she thinks she can speak to anyone any kind of way if you love your health and love yourself stay away from this Rat Hole mold mold and more mold oh yeah and carbon monoxide poisoning hard working good people stay away from this place"

Shuttle service Driver (Former Employee) says

"You do not get opportunities to grow, lazy coworkers supported by supervisors and G.M. also A.M., poor management, they cut your hours, change your schedule constantly, work for departments for absent people, they will squish you as much as they can doing all kind of duties. Sheraton doe snot want to hear your opinion on how to improve their numbers, no advancement if you are not close to the A.M. or even G.M if you are a woman and A.M. have an interest on you they will get a nice promotion and benefits. No respect for human been. Do not recommend this place at all"

Sautee Cook (Former Employee) says

"If you like not getting paid overtime and receiving no holiday pay apply here. If you're lucky they'll give you a slight pay increase when the minimum wage in your are goes up."

Front Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place was horrible! The management staff had no direction and the hospitality company was shady! They like to make up positions and then fire you without warning!"

GUEST SERVICES AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Sheraton was a nightmare to work at. Every single day getting interrogated by management. Ownership is very cheap and careless about their guests well being. A lot of theft happens in that hotel by management and no one is there to care or put a stop to it. Customer service is horrible, hotel charges too much for what they offer."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional managers that drank on the job always gossiping and start alot of trouble amongst employees and the GM listen to all the lies they tell and very unfair no matter how much the employees tell him what really goes on he won't listen. They fire every good employee or force them to quit for unjust reasons."

Dishwasher Steward (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work turn over rate is non sense. Management is horrible, They are unfair in their firing of employees instead of looking at supervisors and maybe even manangement they choose go after the dependable individuals one mistake and you are out unless you are their favorite. Which I was not !!"

James Bright Sayne says

"Booked for a stay at the 4 points by Sharaton, lagos. Paid for 10 days on got to property and was asked to pay extra £750 for hidden fees. After several international calls which cost about £100 still didn't resolve issue. leaving one stranded. One of the worst experiences of the trip."

Mrs White says

"Where do I start.....seriously, I will need to just put in bullet form all the things they messed up for us and all the safety despite some attempt to help with issues initially....the issues kept on coming getting every more serious and Sheraton just ignored them/ went back on their word. Marriott Bonvoy who own the chain, were contacted also and provided with photos...just ignored us also and would not address anything. I have a spinal condition, had contacted the hotel before we booked to make sure they could make some small modifications to support me which they confirmed was no trouble ( spoke in person to Guest Service Manager..... I was a Platinum guest also...but that means nothing as you will see below)
1. Booked for a taxi to collect us at airport as travelling means my spinal conditions hurts to a greater extent and I just need a bit of a rest once I arrive then good to go- cancelled taxi whilst we were in the air....left us to find our own transport walking round with back was agony...
2. On arrival room not ready with mattress topper and extra pillows I specifically discussed with Guest Service Manager would be needed to support my spine - as need to be propped up and lying in a certain was advised by consultant, to alleviate my spine. Furious about that.
3. They went to get a mattress topper was put on the bed and as it flopped open from its ties..huge green / black mould spores and stains visible! Maids turned it over and it was the same...I wonder if that is what we would have been sleeping on non the wiser if we had not witnessed the state of it ourselves!? In this day and age with cleanliness being even more paramount...unbelievable.
4. It was hours later before room was apologise manager comped the Luau we booked...but I could only last 15mins and had to return to room as fiasco on arrival meant my spinal condition was worse. It was our special 30th Wedding Anniversary and the Manager instead gave $200 on the room to say have room service and a nice bottle on him to apologise as I could not stay at the Luau....that was nice and accepted .
5. Spinal condition was not better by next night so did not really eat..reception said any unused room credit would be refunded on was not and in fact they charged us an extra $65. After leaving we saw the debit on our card and no credit...Manager was emailed he said not getting remainder of $200credit but mistaken $65 would be refunded.....going back on his word...but there was more in between this.....
6. On the night after we arrived when we were supposed to use the credit on room service but I could not as in so much pain could not eat......I slipped on water meaning from aircon.
7. My husband called for help to fix..they said it was fixed but it never was whilst we were there..deathtrap. On reporting it nothing put in an accident book or anything.
8. On the balcony we saw the cement coming away....worried the big lump would fall on people we reported it....nothing done. E did not go on balcony again for fear of the issue, so curtailed our holiday further.
9. The sink was blocked when found once we turned tap could it use sink to wash hands ( during Covid!!!??) I had to bend over whilst my husband held me up under my arms to take strain off spine, as best he could to wash hands over a low bath!!!! Disgraceful!
Left extremely unhappy, but actually happy to get away from there and the significant issues.
Contacted them after and emailed the photos of the dangers response.

Contacted Marriott Bonvoy....who own the chain, they could not care less and said nothing, but I can contact hotel if I needed to. Furious that no one cares, no one takes ownership and any gesture is just retracted. I was in a terrible condition because they could not do a few simple things I had pre-arranged with them before arriving. 😡😡😡 Our 30th Wedding Anniversary we had planned fir 5 years in tatters in day one thanks to Sheraton/ Marriott Bonvoy."

Brian says

"Sheraton Metaire - New Orleans.

General Manager Does not Honor Reservations! Said price I was given in reservation was in Error. I will never stay at one of their locations again. Bon Voy is a joke too!"

Raymond Dukes says

"Poor customer service
Poor House Keeping
Bloodstains on comfort & robe
Leaking Toilet
Foot order in rooms"

Alex says

"Tysons Corner Sheraton Nightmare

Marriott bought a LOSER!

I used to focus on Sheraton and other Starwood brands, but about 10 years ago I got sick of the repeated bad experiences and switched to Marriott, with Hilton as primary backup, and I've been generally happy ever since.

Post merger, I just stayed at the TYSONS CORNER SHERATON near Washington, DC, and it was a simply HORRIBLE experience. The litany of problems is too long to describe here, but delays, frustrations, and safety issues were all plentiful, and it took repeated complaint simply to secure basic services like housekeeping, replacement of dirty towels, replacement of used coffee supplies.

NEVER AGAIN! I will continue to patronize Marriott Brands, but I will go back to avoiding Starwood Legacy Brands (Sheraton, Four Points, Westin, et al.) like the plague."

sven thiemann says

"I am a SPG member for 10 months now and collected 76 lifetime nights during this time.
Last week it came to my mind to make a present for my mother&Brother and surprise her with a night in Moana Surf Resort in Hawaii (she made some vacation but couldnt afford fancy hotels)
So I made the reservation for a nice 500$ room with ocean view and before I hit the "Confirm Reservation" button I called because I wanted to make clear its not for me, its for my mother. I explained the situation and was told to book it for myself, than call again and change the name of the person. So far so good. After I confirmed my booking, I called again and it seemed to be fine (I already did not like that I need to call twice but anyways...) The operator told me that I can not book the breakfast online but he would be so kind and send an email asking if we can find a solution. But now everything is clear, I do not need to worry and my mom should enjoy her holiday.
Also I did sent my credit card details to the Hotel.
One day later I received an email from the Hotel in Hawaii telling me that my mom can not stay in this room because they do not hace her SPG nr so now the reservation changed to my name. Also the breakfast would cost 45$ per person (so 90 in total).
When I tried to cancel the rate they told me its not possible because its a prepaid rate (Yes, it is a prepaid rate for my mother, but due to the fact that she can not use this rate (even when SPG recommended me to book this rate for my mother)..

I think this is very dissatisfying that I was not attended properly. I would have expected to get a room including breakfast which is eligible for my mother & brother as well.

Luckily you can transfer all your points to the Marriott hotels....."

Ken Bull says

"when we arrived we were given a voucher for a free breakfast and $100 as sold to us as a way of recommending the sheraton vista chain. low and behold we got to the breakfast and was told we had to sit through a 90 minute time share presentation. upon complaining to the management who did not even get in touch with us until the end of the holiday and charged us for the $100 stating we should have been told.
we complained again stating that the staff needed training but still have got nowhere and it does not matter how many times you complain.
our friends who were on holiday with us also had clothes stolen from there room and they have got nowhere with complaints."

CanadianAbroad says

"We reserved with a request for a quiet room. I called a couple days before our arrival to ensure the staff knew of the quiet request. We checked in making sure we were getting a quiet room. When we saw the activity and noise on our floor, we asked to be moved - hotel was supposedly full. At no point did anyone mention the 400 students staying on all 16 floors, getting "ready" for their formal (until 2am). I finally was told what was going on by 2 cops walking the hallways at 1:30am.

I think that if "filling rooms at all cost" is the priority of Sheraton, instead of indicating they wouldn't be able to fulfill my request, I don't need to be a guest at Sheraton anymore."

Kelly Acevedo says

"Checked in at the Sheraton Suites Galleria Atlanta at 5:30 am on December 29, 2013 after driving 18 hours. My nightmare began when the clerk asked me when I would be checking out and when I asked her why my reservation didn't state the date she responded with "it doesn't show because you didn't check in when you were supposed to". Next she continued to argue with me that I had to pay for the pet fee in cash and that there was an AMERICAN around the corner. After several minutes she made a phone call and told me that I could charge it. After more than a half hour we finally made it to our room a little after 6:00 am. Around 10 am I went to my vehicle only to find that it was broken into and all the Christmas gifts for my 6 grandchildren had been stolen. After meeting with the police I returned to the room to find a message waiting for me. When I called the front desk they told me my charge card didn't go through and I had to come down to pay for the insendentials and when I asked what they were he said "for parking". After I freaked out he said he would waive the parking fees but had to pay for the pet fee. Then that night we had 3 of our grandkids stay with us and when I went to order an in room movie it wouldn't allow me to because a message on to TV said we hadn't checked in. While I was on hold with the front desk my husband went to them to fix the problem. I was still on hold when he returned! Then my husband went to take a shower only to find that there was no water. We were told that a pipe burst. Not only didn't they show any hospitality such as a free drink or ice cream for the kids, they took almost 3 weeks to tell us they are not responsible for our loss. We travel frequently and own 4 timeshares and we have never experienced such a lack of hospitality in our lives!!!"

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