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Guthy-Renker ( GUTH-ee RENG-kər) is an El Segundo-based direct-response marketing company that sells products directly to consumers through infomercials, television ads, direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, and the Internet. As of 2014, it has 8 different product groups, with an emphasis on celebrity-endorsed beauty products.


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Former Employee - Csr1 says

"this is the place for you if you crave micro micro management and have poor self esteem and enjoy being bullied. supervisors are over the top aggressive and management is not approachable. an AWFUL work experience. they value quantity over quality, just so you know"

Former Employee - General says

"Lack of vision and values at Management level, leadership completely lacking."

sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for. They do not care about their employees as long as they're making sales.Good HoursNever paid my commision"

KPI Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This company has a lot to work on. They are misogynist (even with a female CEO), racist, size-ist, and have issues with transgendered people. HR preaches religious values. No work-family life balance. Have seen them fire people who have relocated for them after 2 weeks, single mothers, people with life-threatening illnesses, and a woman in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. They then work hard to ensure that they don't receive any unemployment benefits."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Was told when I got hired that the kiosk inside my local mall was closing by mall management. Asked if that rumor was true and was told no by American Kiosk. Long story short the kiosk close with less than 24 hour notice and everyone got laid off. Worst company ever, all they care about is money. They do not care about their employees."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to be independent in a workplace. Problems that I was faced with had to be dealt with by myself, however, the problems were frequent. Computer crashed numerous times. I was trusted with many responsibilities outright, but duties were never clearly outlined, and no one was held accountable for tasks that needed to be complete."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very good job for high school student still living at home. Low pay, can get very boring waiting for customers to show up. Interesting to work at malls. you get to people watchno supervisionlow pay, hard to stay motivated"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Consulting & helping with guest's skincare is great!. I was top in sales. But the pay scale never increased. Hiring is a nightmare. Impossible now to staff with anyone reliable. They either leave, or worse, never show up. Work doubles to cover. Upper Mgmt is no help. Don't care & don't know how to run a company.Great product and 50% discount. Great job to help people.Starting pay scale is Extremely Low for being a trained, skin expert. For all you're expected to know. You're not just selling."

Store Leader (Current Employee) says

"Staffing locations can be difficult. Pay is not at par with market. No real support from upper management. People dont want to stay because they feel there is no advancement. It is a very easy job pay is on timeno work/life balance, high turnover"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was an okay place to work if you like being the center of attention, because you'll be right in the middle of the mall. Over wasn't a bad experience, but will never work at a kiosk again."

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"you either hate it or love it.. its either busy or you have down time management depends on what location you work at"

Proactiv (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Proactiv is opening up the cart, counting the cash drawer, checking emails, cleaning and restocking the shelves. Since working at Proactiv I've learned the different kinds of skin types to educate customers about our products and how it can help them. Management wasn't really effective. I basically play the role of manager of sending emails, being on phone calls, depositing night cash deposits, and making up work schedules. I didn't have direct interactions with my co-workers because it was one person worked shift at the kiosk. The hardest part of the job would be taking up the slack of my Cart Manager and doing her job. The most enjoyable part of the job would be educating first time customers about the product and giving a demonstration of how it can help their skin.educating customers, making them feel good about our product, and how it can help their skindoing the job of my cart manager"

Store Leader (Former Employee) says

"Employees made a small commission on products sold. Full-time hours were usually available. Management closed the kiosk I was running and put in a vending machine.CommissionLack of business"

Sales Associate/Consultant (Current Employee) says

"While I was working here I got to meet and talk to a lot of diverse people. I was working at a kiosk so traffic wasn't always busy, but when I would get a customer I would spend my time getting to know them and understanding their personal needs so I was able to recommend them the right things. Keeping a customer happy was always my number 1 goal.comissionshort shifts"

corporate (Former Employee) says

"executives at corporate are over paid and they do not do enough most of them have no idea what they are doing and all the work ends up being done by the people that are paid the least you know things are bad when the VP doesn't know how to scan a document"

Retail Manager (Current Employee) says

"Classic retail store opening procedures, except, this isn't a store, its a small kiosk- and you are responsible for everything that incurs during a given shift. Complete opening procedures/paperwork(sales information, goals, yesterdays paperwork, schedule, time clock reports, etc) Check emails/reply. Clean and stock the kiosk. Customer service, customer service, customer service! Selling a skincare product requires great judgement and use of words to use with guests since skin is a sensitive subject for most. Consult with customer to figure out their skin care needs, suggest and educate customers on the product. Demonstrate products, up sell, up sell, up sell. This is a very "goal" oriented environment. My direct supervisor is there when I need them, mostly through email correspondence, by telephone if necassary. Lot's of freedom since I work alone. I see another coworker for approximately 15 minutes of the work day, maximum 30 minutes if I need to update/discipline or role play different customer scenarios with them. I recruit, interview and hire all qualified employees. The hardest part of the job is finding reliable and responsible people who can handle working at a kiosk, and working alone without a manager breathing down their neck. The most enjoyable part of my job is the freedom I have of working alone and not being too stressed by an upper supervisor.all the tools are there, just use them. if you are self determined and can manage your time well, this job is dont have much communication with upper management."

STAFF ACCOUNTANT (Current Employee) says

"When the sales are up, everybody have a high moral. It is fun to work for the company, But it does have a strict dress code. I learned that retail sales is not an easy business.Relax environmentNo 401K"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"try to increase sells, check new emails to see how my store was going, give train to other coworker if something is not going perfect,work hard to have a great day selling, do inventory and check product are up to dategreat enviroment"

Cart Leader (Former Employee) says

"As a new High School Graduate this job pays the minimum to help pay for bills. It is competitive business. You can definitely grow from this retail job,"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"lovely, great team to work with, have inventory at time, do training and help any coworker with any problem, try to keep the store as the best for selling, and worry about customer inquires"

Proactiv (Former Employee) says

"I learned about skin breakouts and how to properly take care of it for all different skin types. I met so many nice people by education them on proper skin care. I maintained a relationship with customers and experienced watching their confidence grow. My co-workers were very hilarious and completely different from one another, but what was the same was the attention each gave to a customer."

ProActiv Cart Manager (Former Employee) says

"This job was a little more difficult. They had a lot of unreasonable expectations that were needed to maintain on a daily basis. I did appreciate my customers and loved helping them with their acne problems. Management was the difficult part to deal with.CommisionManagement"

Christina Steele says

"I bought two foundations and two concealers from their website but the inner cap was loose causing it to fall out and powder to be wasted. I contacted NCInc on their website to ask if they would be changing the pots to something more secure. I didn't hear back so I messaged them on Amazon and they still haven't bothered to respond. Ok product seriously let down by poorly constructed pots and non existent customer service! Would not buy from them again!"

Chloe McMullan says

"Do not trust reviews here with only 1 review posted! NCInc sent me an email offering me free makeup if I wrote a good review, which you can tell most of the people here took advantage of looking at how they've only wrote one review! I simply am writing a review because I trusted these reviews, which I have no doubt most of them are false (I was also offered free makeup if I wrote an amazon review)! On to the review. Delivery was fine, arrived nice. I got the small makeup set with brushes. Other than the kabuki brush (which was "ok" at best), the brushes were hard and unusable. One of them scratched my skin when I attempted to use it. The foundation did not show at all, no matter how many layers I placed on (I prepped the skin before use and tried without prepping the skin too!). The blush was okay, but had a weird smell and was a very strange colour. The bronzer was terribly dark and clumped on your skin. The only part of the set that was fine was the concealer/correcter, which actually did their job (albeit with a bit of clumping unless you patted it down for ages). I am not an expert in makeup at all, I generally use drug store brands and other cheap stuff, so don't think that I'm used to the best. This was absolutely terrible and unusable, and I wish I had just spent a little more for an actual good set. Please, save yourself the hassle of wasting £14 for me (my first ever "big" investment into makeup) and just buy a decent brand."

Emma says

"I have still not received my order which was placed 12 days ago. Very disappointed as it does state that this company use royal mail First Class delivery! I will update my review IF I receive the goods :)"

Emily says

"Pretty decent"

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