Shaw Broadcast Services

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Shaw Broadcast Services (French: Services de Radiodiffusion Shaw) is the division of Canadian telecommunications company Shaw Communications that is responsible for providing and managing the distribution of television channels to cable companies via satellite. Shaw Communications also operates Shaw Direct, a Canadian direct broadcast satellite service.

It was known as Canadian Satellite Communications (Cancom) prior to its acquisition by Shaw. On October 5, 2006, Shaw announced that CANCOM would be renamed Shaw Satellite Services, with CANCOM Broadcast becoming Shaw Broadcast Services, and CANCOM Tracking becoming Shaw Tracking, in 2007.

A former employee said "The salaries in Shaw Broadcast Services are way lower than the standard salaries for some positions. Being a Shaw owned company, the big decisions are only made by stakeholders outside of Star Choice so you never have a chance to say anything. Promotions are not always given to the best qualified candidate, everything is about being friends with the right people."