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Sfera is a fashion brand that is committed to quality, design and variety in its collections, always with constant renewal and the best customer service . Founded in 2009 in Portugal. This international brand with a presence in 20 countries and more than 500 points of sale offers products with the latest trends for the whole family (women, men and children)

One returning customer shared this in a review, "I shopped in Sfera when I was in Spain. The clothes collection wasn't as spectacular as I had expected. Does anyone know whether they have an online store and whether it ships internationally. I went to their website but all i saw was photos of their clothes. I know they sell in el corte ingles as well. Unfortunately i couldn't really get around the el corte ingles website to work out whether it ships internationally as it was all in spanish."


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Former Freelancer - Translator says

"I worked at Sfera Studios for more than 5 years Cons: After the merger, things started to go down hills. So many changes and chaos. There are too many translators with super high competitions. The QA systems suck. Too much markings in every details. Subtitles had to be like word by word, otherwise, you are doing a bad job. There were always rush projects days and nights which deteriorated the quality of the translation. No time to breathe. No good peer system but fierceful competition. QAer has to find every minor things and made comments. Unfortunately, they are the only groups to be trusted. The platform seems nice but not perfect and needs a lot of improvement for certain language, obviously."

Current Employee - Interpreter/Translator says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios part-time for more than 8 years Cons: I did several translations and QAs for them in the past, pay wasn't great, but tolerable, communications with assigning staff (back then) acceptable: they usually responded within 1 hour. After the merger, it's become impossible to work for them. I received a QA last night in a weird format, with microscopic fonts uneven in size throughout the project and within minutes contacted the person who assigned it me. I also sent him a screenshot of what I was seeing and asked to make it more legible. There was no response for hours so I contacted the technical support, who issued a ticket and promised to fix the issue. Hours later I received an email informing me that the file had been removed from my portal and assigned to another translator. That's an interesting way of fixing issues. The assigning person asked me to explain what happened. Wasn't it explained in several emails sent to him to which he never responded?? The worst thing is that they have multiple people handling projects, they are constantly changing, there isn't a go-to person to contact if an urgent issue comes up."

Current Contractor - Translator says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios for more than a year Cons: After passing my exam and set up the translator portal, couple months later I finally got one job, but after I delivered my service they are not paying me. I sent several emails to the payment department and I received emails from different person and all emails are saying that my payment issue is being forwarded to the person who is "supposedly" in charge. 3 weeks later still nothing. Don't work for this company, it's scam!"

Former Freelancer - Freelance Translator and QA - Subtitles says

"I worked at Sfera Studios for more than a year Cons: - Ridiculously low payment. Only 2.3 USD per minute of video on my language pair for translation and $0.35/minute for QA. THIS IS A JOKE. If you have to pay taxes and insurance you are left with nothing. Their competitor offered me more than twice as much right of the bat, working for the same client. - Horrible translation project management located in India. I was often assigned to translate one episode of series I've never heard off in the middle of season, which resulted in hours spend on research, watching previous episodes to maintain consistency etc. Obviously I was not paid for the extra time. - Unpredictable workload. Sometimes after having weeks with no work or news from management I was suddenly asked to perform QA check with deadline as short as 5 hours . (True story) Basicaly they are openly treating you like a cheap, "crowd" worforce, and they are taking pride in that. I can hardly think of any Pros. I'd highly recommed anyone who values their time and skills to stay away from Sfera. Better work for other translation service providers, who would respect you and your time."

Current Freelancer - Translator says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios for less than a year Cons: They put you through a huge process to get qualified to work on the platform. You then sit and wait for months and never get any work to do. Then, to add insult to injury, they send you an email out of the blue at the beginning of the next year and expect you to complete yet more mandatory assessments to ensure you stay qualified just in case they decide to actually give you any work to do within the next year."

Current Freelancer - Freelance Translator says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios Cons: No work! I’ve been with Sfera 2 years and havn’t had a project assigned to me yet. You will be flooded with emails. Most are about hopelessly keeping up daily with an endlessly changing platform and work tools. The rest are for urgent last-minute jobs with impossible deadlines. They asked me once to translate an entire movie (Home Alone 3) overnight. When I asked if there were higher rates compensating for urgent requests... they didn’t even bother to answer back. I only ever recieved 3-4 emails personally adressed to me. You must be available 24/7 to accept at impossible hours. I get most job requests around 4 am. Time zones are your problem, not theirs. Jobs may very well be assigned to someone else within minutes. The pay depends on your language pair : mine is 2.50 USD per minute of subtitling (English-French Canadian). They asked me to train for transcription as soon as I completed the translation training but I didn’t have the courage to waste any more unpaid hours before actually getting work assigned. Quality control is burdened upon the translator as much as possible. The tools to do so are numerous and also ever changing. Sfera does not give enough work to refuse actual jobs from other sources. No freelancer should be monopolized by a single client like this unless the client is excellent : reliable, decent work flow, reasonable deadlines and pay. None of this applies to Sfera. I’m only staying on to build my resume. Do not count on Sfera to pay the bills, not even for pocket money. Sfera is only a learning experience. If you do take a job and choose to machine translate, like so many others, your work ethic would only meet their poor job standards. If you are serious about translating, learn what you are worth and learn to say no."

Current Freelancer - Freelance Translator says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios for more than 3 years Cons: It's been 4 years I work for Sfera and everything was great, I used to get a decent amount of jobs and the rate is fair for my language pair. After the merge with Deluxe, the things went from bad to worse. Some project coordinators have no training or lack basic english skills, sometimes is super hard to communicate with them; we don't know how the projects are assigned, sometimes you don't get a single review task for weeks and you know they have many ongoing projects because, well, translators talk with each other. I've always received good feedback from my peers and from PC's so I really don't understand why many of us, good and experienced translatos, don't get a single job anymore. The quality's been dropping like never seen before. They usually lie to us and don't let us know how the assigning process works and the criteria used to assign the projects and we're left in dark with no answers. We usually find ourselves begging for work on Skype and it feels very humiliating."

Current Freelancer - Anonymous Freelancer says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios for more than 5 years Cons: -Pathetic feedback system. -Almost never receive clarification on their feedback. -They have a mysterious scoring system for editors. There is no transparency on how you're scored. -You can never rebutt their scores. -You will only get a feedback on the files that contain errors and this forms the basis of your performance score. -Be ready to be removed from their resource pool without any prior notice/warning. -No point of contact beyond project coordinators and trainers so forget about getting your grievances addressed."

Current Freelancer - Anonymous Freelancer says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios Cons: I have applied to them. After a test, they accepted me and I started waiting. It's been 4 months but they didn't assign me even a single job. And It is not just me. I know that they won't give jobs to their translator. Maybe because number of jobs they get is not enough to share with their entire translator pool, but then they shouldn't keep accepting people."

Current Freelancer - Translator says

"I have been working at Sfera Studios for more than 3 years Cons: They ask you to do free work ("it's only two subtitles", "it only takes a minute" etc.), and when you demand to be paid, they laugh at you and offer a dollar or two. This did not happen before the merger."

Pquse says

"I like the experience offered by this site, i haven't purchased yet."

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