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Seyfarth Shaw LLP is an international AmLaw 100 law firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in Chicago in 1945 by Henry Seyfarth, Lee Shaw, and Owen Fairweather, Seyfarth Shaw originally focused on the area of labor and employment law.

A former employee noted, "I watched an Associate at Sefrath Shaw blame his secretary because he failed to timely serve discovery. He told HR that his secretary "threw papers" at him and "refused to file the discovery". That is not a typo or a reflection of my intelligence but rather, his. As this is EXACTLY what he told HR and her immediate supervisors. I never met a secretary or an attorney that did not know you don't file discovery, interrogatories, RFP, etc. until this. To add insult, the secretary did not throw paper, however, the attorney did and he did this when she brought to his attention that they did not need to "file" the discovery."


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Legal Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Hysterical. What a cast of characters. Feel bad for the people that have to work there. Very oppressive, a lot of quid pro quo, and a lot of very very eccentric people. First job in 30 years I couldn't take it for at least a year, it was that bad."

Records Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible H.R. management. The H.R. department could be a lot better in terms of moral. They just don't care about their employees. If they cared just a little..maybe it will get better."

Staff Attorney- IST group (Former Employee) says

"IST group poorly managed and grossly under-paid. They exploit female attorneys who are trying to juggle family and work life. They give little to no training and expect new employees to seek out work for themselves. There is absolutely no human interaction in the firm outside email. Would strongly discourage anyone from working here. Cons: to many to list"

Staff (Former Employee) says

"Unreasonable expectations and extremely poor treatment of lower level attorneys and non-attorney professional staff."

Records Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Support staff isn't valued in the Atlanta office of Seyfarth. The firm it self is a great operation. The Atlanta office poorly run mainly due the the hiring of under qualified management (Mostly friends of the Managing parnter or the Office administrator). The office administrator can be very cold toward any employee she doesn't care for! Also if you're looking to grow and advance, well keep looking you'll never advance here!!! They will promise yout he world, but when you ask them to make good on them they pretend the conversation never took place! Not to mentiont he 2% annual increase they give every year witht he same reasons!! However the inner circle receives increases of 5% or better. I guess if my friends were employed by me I'd give them the same. Also, be aware of the differnent rules for different folks policy that the offic administrator uses when she feels your not doing what she feels you should be doing even if there is no written policy or rules against is. She'll make 1 up just for you! I ONLY GAVE A RATING OF 1 BECAUSE ZERO ISN'T AN OPTION!! Cons: Management"

Ebilling Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not a good environment. The Accounting Department is not organize and Management does not appreciate providing your opinion. You are overworked and not appreciated. You are not motivated to grow, it is very political there."

Slave (Former Employee) says

"If you receive a call to work in the immigration department-- RUN! Do not quit a job to work here! There isn't one happy employee in this department and stress levels are high. The turnover in this department is the worst I've ever seen. It's car dealership salesman turnover. The average person lasts about one year and a half. It's a papermill and management doesn't seem to care about its employees. In their eyes, everyone is replaceable. If you like to be overworked, worried, micromanaged, degraded, and hazed... this may be the job for you. Colleagues were awesome, which is the only reason I was able to sustain for so long. Beware! Not certain how the company functions overall but the immigration department in Atlanta is a big no no. Run for the hills! Run, Forest, run!!! Cons: Poor leadership, high turnover, low morale."

Staff (Former Employee) says

"Staff is not view as a valued asset. I was always told if you do not have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Cons: no work life balance"

Legal Secretary (Former Employee) says

"I will be fair and say when I worked there 2001-2006 it went from good to bad and it was all due to the administrator. The admin that everyone feared or disliked was truly the best and she retired and the job was filled by an under qualified secretary with no goals other than to clean house of those employees whom she thought were not people of her liking - or color. Since she too has left I still have not heard anything good about the admin and it’s pretty sad. It could be a good place to work if they would just give the right person the admin role and play nice. Cons: Admin (back then), managing partners, hours and salary."

Case Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It’s a zombie like atmosphere. No one talks to each other, they answer emails and instant message each other. The training is very incomplete and the remote attorneys are less than concise. If they offer you a position, weigh the pros and cons carefully. It seems like a great place but they have a high turnover...for a reason."

Client Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The managers are disconnected to staff. They have several meetings weekly amongst themselves but never speak to staff. You feel completely on your own working there. Never felt supported by management. Cons: Lack of communication."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"This is a typical large firm with the politics and favoritism. Compensation is average, work/life balance is average, everything is average. If you want an average experience, this is your place."

Accounts Payable Clerk (Current Employee) says

"The work to salary ratio is very very off balance. When you have a feeling of accomplishment and that your work is valued the salary isn't as great a deal. But when you are left with a feeling that you can never get enough done and nothing is appreciated then your salary is all you have to look forward to. Cons: Work overload, management having no backbone."

Attorney (Current Employee) says

"It is really hard to advance if you are hired into the Professional Services Group, and that's where most attorney hiring has been over the last few years."

billing coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I was a contractor who went in-house, and am regretting my decision. The onboarding process was embarrassingly inept, the training was amateurish and poorly executed, and the turnover in the accounting department is jaw-dropping. The billing department has been without a manager - oops! make that "National Billing Director" (they are big on grandiose titles here) - since the first week in April (she was abruptly fired with no explanation), with no one in sight as a replacement. People randomly leave without notice weekly; the remaining billing department personnel are aggressively unfriendly and cliqueish. Poorly conceived processes; for a firm that prides itself on being tech-savvy, the billing here is stll done almost exactly the way it was done 20 years ago, with hard copy paper drafts being submitted to the attorneys for review and revision by hand. NO ONE DOES THAT ANYMORE, SEYFARTH. They do pay reasonably well, and the benefits are OK, but you are on your own in procuring most of them - no one is there to provide information. Cons: unrealistic workloads, due to attrition; extremely excessive department turnover/unstable department management, going back at least 4 years"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The firm is very cheap - don’t expect fair bonuses or salary to keep up with biglaw. The reason for that? They just don’t have the amount of work that most biglaw firms have. But the partner compensation is quite competitive (if you make it to equity). You’ll be begging for work, won’t make hours, and they’ll use that to further deflate your compensation."

Administrative Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Great firm with good benefits but low moral- management does not take the time to remedy the virus within as a result will continue to loose dedicated employees. Deception is prevalent with manipulation. Blacklisted for highlighting concerns. No opportunity for advancement. Cons: No room for advancement"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Ok atmosphere. Not the work-life balance atmosphere that they prompt. Severely unpaid in comparison to other similarly situated law firms. Better off at another firm."

Business Immigration Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They have a good system going IF and only if you are trained properly. Otherwise you are set up for failure. Good benefits but too many personal politics. Cons: Poor management in certain areas of law"

Helpdesk/Desktop/Applications Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to contribute to department policies and procedures. Pros would include employee benefits, a great chance to cross-train (Networking, Applications, Hardware) due to no separation of IT department. Cons: limited opportunity for advancement."

Current Employee - Attorney says

"I have been working at Seyfarth Shaw full-time for more than a year Cons: Aside from typical "Big-Law" politics and norms . . . this is a place to gain experience to put on a resume but don't invest your time here. Make contacts, build relationships with clients on your on accord, build a portfolio, then leave; taking your clients with you."

Former Employee - Billing Coordinator says

"I worked at Seyfarth Shaw full-time Cons: You will be asked to do things outside of your job description, often rising above and beyond what the job calls for; no reward for that. Management is perpetually in a state of “let’s just survive this month.” Except it’s every month. Management has 0 ebilling experience; compensated by an ebilling team; an average biller will have more applicable experience than them in today’s modern requirements. They have a high turnover rate and it’s 100% due to toxic and invasive management infringements. They violated HIPPA when asking for medical documentation on why you’re out."

Former Employee - Paralegal says

"I worked at Seyfarth Shaw full-time Cons: Poorly managed and no personal experience"

Former Employee - Sewing says

"I worked at Seyfarth Shaw full-time for less than a year Cons: confusing hard. to learn flexible"

Former Employee - Case Assistant says

"I worked at Seyfarth Shaw full-time for less than a year Cons: There are a great many cons. It is a zombie like atmosphere in which NOONE utters a word. You literally instant message the coworker behind you. The raises are comical and the bonuses are just sad at best. I worked with 100% remote attorneys that would often leave obscure emails with very little direction and then be virtually impossible to find. There is no room for growth. I wish I had read the reviews online before accepting. They have a high turnover rate for a reason."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"I have been working at Seyfarth Shaw full-time Cons: Very toxic culture with extremely poor oversight at a higher level. Work/Life balance does not exist here unless you are lucky enough to work with a partner able to protect and ensure good management. Advertising about progressive technology and innovative approaches such as "LEAN" are a total fiction created for the sole purpose of selling the same old work to clients."


"I have been working at Seyfarth Shaw Cons: Pervasive harassment and unprofessional staff. Upper management refuses to penalize employees for even the most egregious sexual harassment, provided it is directed towards LGBTQIA+ members of the staff."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at Seyfarth Shaw full-time for less than a year Cons: They made it very clear that being an Administrative Assistant was a bottom of the barrel type of role through their interactions and behaviors. Office management and HR use the role as a scapegoat to hide individual deficiencies and flaws while finding someone to place blame on when things go wrong. There is no way to properly train someone for this role. Even those who feel they can handle the role generally leave within a few months or apply for another job in the firm as soon as they can to avoid having office management and HR as a direct boss. The women in the office management/HR positions are very toxic and working with them will both drain your energy and cause you to develop feelings of anxiety and overall anguish. Also, there are speculations of discriminatory behaviors at this office which should be a red flag."

Former Employee - Business Immigration Analyst says

"I worked at Seyfarth Shaw full-time for more than a year Cons: Incredibly toxic, unhealthy work environment. The only metric used to measure performance is about of hours sitting and staring at your computer screen -- they do not care about efficiency at all. You'll get massacred for leaving at 6 even if you're doing twice the amount of work in a day than someone staying until 9 or 10. It is a weird, let's stay here as long as we can no matter what and have no life type culture. People legit brag about how often they eat dinner at their desk. Gross. Upper management is pretty awful. They don't care about paralegals, so they try to squeeze as much out of them as they can before the paralegal breaks and leaves. Your boss will regularly speak negatively about you (they do this to virtually everyone aside from a select few) to your coworkers, which creates a toxic, gossipy, high school like environment. Their feedback has been unhelpful or hostile (could qualify as bullying in my opinion) and is sometimes done in a public situation, where boss will call you out for a perceived mistake in front of several colleagues."

Current Employee - Paralegal says

"I have been working at Seyfarth Shaw full-time for more than a year Cons: - Condescending and sexist managers - Negative work environment (lots of gossip) - Does not listen to employees opinions and/or concerns - Managers do not appreciate employee work - Constant stress due to condescending behaviour coming from managers."