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The Sex Movie is a 2006 film directed by Colton Lawrence. The plot is focused on co-workers on a porn shoot spending an evening unwinding in a loft. They include a promiscuous and gay man Rafe, the close-minded and straight J.D., super-tough lesbian Heidi and manipulative straight girl Kris. The evening slowly becomes a sexual cat and mouse game as their defenses are stripped away and the four are forced to face the clichéd roles they've been playing.

One reviewer wrote, "I'm sorry. I thought this [The Sex Movie] would be a really smart movie. And I was so, so, wrong. The beginning of the movie is very promising, though it doesn't really explain why the characters are where they are in the first place. There is no context. But you forgive them, because the writing seems really witty and fast-paced, even though none of the characters change and the story goes nowhere. And then goes somewhere--completely uncalled for. I don't even get where this movie idea came from. It's completely bizarre and delusional! If curiosity gets the best of you, then watch this movie. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble and read one of the spoilers, because you will keep waiting for a tie-in to the chaos and it will never happen.


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