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Sescoi is a developer of industrial software for computer-aided manufacturing, enterprise resource planning, and extended enterprise productivity. As of 2011, Sescoi had more than 5000 customers and 11000 licenses sold worldwide. Sescoi and its products were acquired by Vero Software in January 2013.

Sescoi has many IT management issues such as poor communication, unprofessionalism, and a chaotic infrastructure , their skills are ineffective, and policies are not well defined, according to a former IT Support Engineer at

"IT Management had a tendency to not communicate effectively. IT Management was rude, unapproachable and did not provide the correct information on many occasions. The IT infrastructure itself was a mess, no clearly defined policies, with a history of ill-practice. IT Management was ineffective in their IT skills, simply did not know that much about Windows systems and the infrastructure."

An anonymous former Sescoi employee writes a negative review on the company's "Glassdoor" website on March 22, 2016: "Pros: very few generally, none financially. Cons: A family enterprise, no means of career development. Change your mentality"


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"family enterprise, no means of career development"