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ServiceNow (Service-now in 2011) is an American software company based in Santa Clara, California that develops a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations, and was also recognized for innovation. Founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy, ServiceNow is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Russell 1000 Index and S&P 500 Index.


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Rob says

"SNOW sucks! The features that seem super awesome rarely work. Lets just take the description field for example. Once you enter the information and submit the information is supposed to automatically post in the notes but it rarely does this. So I have to take the extra step of copying that info and placing it in the notes. Not that this is a biggie but it does illustrate how something that is supposed to work a certain way to be more efficient is just a let down. It would be less of an issue if once the ticket is submitted the description field was unable to be modified but it can be deleted completely. Filtering seems to work when it wants to and I have to be honest, allowing user\'s to enter their own tickets gets messy quick. "

Hack says

"ServiceNow sucks! Our company introduced the software without adequate training and before the system was set up. Now that we\'ve had time to utilize the tool I like it even less. Can\'t find the tools I need to help me manage projects. Very difficult to navigate the program. Stay away."

Matt McLeary says

"Shocking, Servicenow spammed our inbox over a 4hr period, resulting in 6906 emails and caused our ticketing system to become flappy due to their spam attack. Terrible company offering nothing but spam."

MaybeSoMaybeNo says

"- Super Expensive. Average ramp-up to see value is 1-2 years, yearly licensing cost + plus implementation partner fees. - Licensing is a complete clusterfuck. As a customer you have no idea how to spec, price, and budget for additional functionality. You always have to get on a call with their account maanger. - OOB it has an ok functionality, the reality, however, is, very little organizations stay OOB. That opens up a lot of room for error via customizations, which later in the game renders your instance pretty much outdated due to customizations blocking subsequent product updates. If you hire partners, they will gladly customize your shit, and succssfully lock you into paying them for any future changes/fixes/refactors. If you made a fatal decision to purchase SN, may as well get a couple of SN in-house developers, which could support your initial implementations done by partners. - Be prepared to re-train your in-house developers to use the SN ecosystem. Nothing latest and the greatest they know will be of any use. May be general programming patterns and knowledge of JS. Basically, prepare them to take a time machine to about 9-15 years ago. SN uses proprietary & outdated development stacks, consisting of but not limited to a hodgepodge of: Rhino, Jelly, AngularJS, Bootstrap 3. Rhino barely supports ECMA5, so there are a lot of inefficient hacks and workarounds floating around in the userland and on their \'community\' forums. - your data modeling is limited to a UI wrapper around MariaDB - you will never manage your DN like normal DBAs do. May be for the best at that. No stored procedures/triggers/events. Instead you write Business Rules, that emulate those. - End-user frontend, which has a service catalog, knowledge base, social Q&A and other useless shit that people rarely us is called Self-Service Portal. It is a convoluted and overengineered steaming pile of hacks to fit AngularJS into their data layer/model, which is also proprietary active-record-like ORM, called Glide. With portal being so complex and limited, SN now is coming up with yet another proprietary product, called Now Experience, which is a \"framework\" for building custom UI controls to enhance the end-user experience. In reality it\'s an attempt to demonstrate that SN is capable of using cool toys into their ecosystem, like Node.js for example. However, it\'s yet another idiotic attempt to appease developers who start questioning as to \"WTF is going on with this old shit that we pay so much $$$ for\"? Hopefully it dies in its infancy before more organizations dump ungodly amounts of $$$ to implement flashy frontends. - Conventional Version Control? Forget it, no git, or even svn. - Mobile app is ok, developing new features is seemingly easy, but don\'t expect your entire SN set of implemented modules to be automatically added to it. They all have to be mirrored in your mobile app. - SN used to be sold as the industry-standard workflow solution. 10 years later, even with their new product Flow Designer, workflow engine is still the same and sucks about as bad as 11 years ago. For simple workflows it works fine, anything overly complex it falls flat on its face, requiring you to, basically hack the shit around its no-code/low-code limitations with a ton of server-side js code (Rhino, not Node.js as you may have hoped). - Analytics/Reporting - very basic, AI training is behind closed curtains, you have no idea wtf kind of algorithms are used to train your shit. So if you have any Data Scientists in your org - they won\'t be able to help you improve your confidence of optimize it all whatsosever. Performance Analystics - meh. More like Performance AnalLeakage. Stick with Tableau or PowerBi if you\'re dirt poor. The above barely covers all that is wrong with it, not to mention the founders of SN were involved in the Peregrine Systems fraud/scandal in the early 2000s. For the amount of keystrokes used for this review, SN can fuck right off."