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Sempra Energy is a North American energy infrastructure company based in San Diego, California. Sempra Energy's focus is on electric and natural gas infrastructure. Its operating companies include: Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in Southern California; Oncor Electric Delivery Company (Oncor) in Texas; Sempra LNG; and IEnova, based in Mexico. For 2018, Sempra Energy reported more than $11.6 billion in revenue and 20,000 employees, serving more than 40 million customers worldwide.

An employee shared thier sad experience in a review, "100% of my co workers were terrified and have panic attacks getting into the office! The management and work environment were toxic to say the least. HR obviously works for managers and not employees! Stay away, I do not recommend this place."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sempra tries to scam the review system by having multiple glass-door listings for different divisions. Even more scummy, they ask brand new employees on their first week to put good ratings. That is the reason you see so many high marks. Those people reviewing haven't even really worked at the place. Sempra is completely incompetent, reorgs pull the rug out from under everyone and assign new bosses who are afraid of their own employees and will do anything to sandbag them as to not look bad. They ignore the suggestions given to them or present them as their own. They play favorites. They don't reward hard work, dedication, and performance. They protect incompetent folk who don't do their own job. When you try to cover for the team, you aren't recognized. When you go to HR they are not there to protect you, the employee. They are there to enable managers to do anything no matter how scummy, as long as it doesn't break the law. Do not think HR is your friend or there to protect you. They absolutely are not. They put reps there that couldn't give a flying about the things being done to you. Do yourself a favor, find another company to work for. In my tenure there: 1. I was physically assaulted multiple times in front of other employees and nobody said anything or backed me up to HR. 2. I was verbally threatened by a team member, who got promoted. I did not initiate any of these encounters. I was afraid to report the above because I felt it would affect my employment status. I am not sure of the statute of limitations but this company deserves to be sued. They had me working many hours past regular shift, and manager was not careful to spread the load to prevent burnout and allow workers to have work/life balance. When manager was informed by vacation takers they wouldn't be available, lazy manager left it up to the employees to work it out. Someone always got stiffed working long hours because manager wouldn't do their job. Manager completely brain dead and lacked basic logic skills. When presented with information that indicated a situation, manager backed up people who weren't involved or didn't know the whole picture. When presented with further information, manager doubled down on stupid and still rejected. Only after a 3rd attempt at providing even MORE information, which by now was overwhelming, did manager realize the initial case was true all along. Manager never acknowledged all the hard work done. They have some smart people in the senior management (executives) but some are just god-awful, and completely abusive to employees."

Sr. Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"100% of my co workers were terrified and have panic attacks getting into the office! The management and work environment were toxic to say the least. HR obviously works for managers and not employees!"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Non-regulated part of the business is run by the people who came from the regulated part, hence, they have no clue about competitiveness, risk taking or decision making but still pretend to be serious players. Red tape, stone age managerial style, zero motivation or leadership"

Business Objects Developer (Current Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Poor management. They hired but did not have enough work. They treat consultants terribly. Would not recommend this company. They are not an environmentally good company to work for."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Very slow pace. It takes forever to get promoted. Directors are cut throat and most have zero integrity. Sr. Leaders don’t have any idea what is actually going on in the day to day. Because the directors paint a rosy picture and basically lie. Directors will throw you under the bus without even batting an eyelash. There is a lot of politics! If you don’t like playing politics, then don’t apply to this company. Directors play favorites and will tell you that they treat you differently because they expect more from you. That really makes sense. The lack of integrity at this company is sad. There are so many employees that sit around and do nothing every day. They always say “somebody has to do this” and don’t even care that it is his job! It doesn’t matter though because these people are protected. They are in with the shady directors so they can sit and stare at the monitor all day and blame others without consequence."

Miscellaneous/Extensive leadership roles (Former Employee) says

"Bad culture. Hardly any opportunities for promotion from within. Bureaucratic, slow to embrace chance, and not accepting of new ideas. It’s all about who you know here and not what you know..."

Current Employee - Journeyman Lineman says

"A long history of racism against African American employee's. HR policies haven't been revised since the early 90's. Very top heavy in District Management. Not a bright future on the electric side of the company. The Electric side (SDG&E) could be sold or contracted out and the company will still do fine, because Natural Gas is about to take off nation wide."

Sales Manager - Northeast Commodity Sales (Former Employee) says

"High stress, high pressure work environment. With significant micro-managing. Cut-throat culture, where favorites are treated well at the expense of others.Many Product OfferingsSales Management"

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