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Kaplan Schweser is student-focused, results-driven, and fully committed to helping individuals and organizations worldwide obtain financial certifications and designations that enable them to advance and succeed in their careers. For the convenience of our students, Kaplan Schweser can deliver content in every imaginable format: from traditional books and flashcards to online courses, Internet applications, and mobile device technologies. Simply put, there are no better materials available on the market and no one who can deliver them with more diversity, convenience, or ease than Kaplan Schweser!

You can read some of the cons of using this learning program on, "The flip side of being precise is inadequacy. For some readers, Schweser tends to gloss over vital details. This is especially so in the toughest readings, which leave out certain important points that are otherwise well covered in the curriculum."


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Former Employee - Software Quality Analyst says

"Average-at-best salary ranges, rushed products and projects"

Not provided says

"Learning platform is very unstable and technical supports are not often available. Platform is often shut down with no warning and especially during holidays and weekends when students need to study. It is very unfortunate IT service is very poor overall. Even you got connected with IT, they often could not provide much supports."

Иван Петров says

"I've bought a package for CFA preparation on 1st of November. Since then they didn't provide me electronic access to the materials nor printed copies (given 180 usd delivery cost!). Online support don't respond on emails. Summing up I guess that the quality of product is highly overrated."

Tony says


Noura says

"I have paid for the Premium package for CFA Dec exam level 1 and the reason for me to choose this package is to benefit from the Lecture videos. but unfortunately once the exam date is over, which I have skipped for personal reasons, I could not access the lectures again.
I hope if I could access to the lecture again which it might give me a second motive to subscribe to Schweser's in the future."

MH says

"Poor support and guidance. The course did not allow me to pass and I would have to pay a second time to take the course again.."

CA Sagar D Shah says

"Horrible author!
For May 2020, its Feb end, yet they have not launched books. When I asked the reason, they replied as if reading FRM part 1 is a cakewalk! They cool-ly said it will come in March!
Heights of irresponsibility honestly. You expect students to study all 4 subjects in just 1½ months...sheer bad!"

Christopher says

"Deleted my Data!"

phd mathematics says

"I have a PhD in mathematics and have been lecturing at Ivy League colleges. I really feel sorry for all people reading the quantitative part of the Kaplan Schweser notes. It only Highschool probability and statistics but it is written in such a way that only from these notes it is completely incomprehensible. Hope the other parts of the notes that I do not know are better."

Marc says

"I used the notes for all the CFA Levels. For Level 3, it was clear that the trainers did not understand the exam at all, especially the section on Equities and Ethics (includes books and video lectures). What a mess. I scored 85% in the Schweser Notes and got a shock when I scored 50% when I started doing the CFA Institute databank. I really had to up my game using alternative material to pass, which I did. Avoid Schweser for CFA Level 3. Too much money for insufficient training."

Nope says

"Constant emails trying to up-sell beyond irritating.. feels like you are dealing with a slick, used car salesmen"

CFA Level 1 student UK says

"Quality of material is good. I didnt like at all that I paid £60 for the mock exam and the solutions to those questions are only available online in a non-downloadable format!!
The answers in the video were really good, but they were only available for 6 weeks after the mock exam... well you might want to review it later, or go back to some questions to revise... I feel like I didnt get the full value for the money. I would choose other provider for the mock exam. The quality of questions seemed good though."

Ahmed Hassouna says

"Not too focused and not spent a proper time prep candidates during the virtual class. He is too concerned about his time not to cross 2:45 HRS. The instructor Not even spent anytime during the weekdays to have extra recordings. Really too bad Kaplan"

Gur says

"Over rated, over priced and limited explanation provided in videos."

Mark says

"I didn’t pass and because I used the books rather than enter my answers online I am not entitled to pass guarantee. So I’m supposed to pay half the price just to have my online access restored. Which clearly I won’t do since I still have the books."

Sanjay says

"I did not pass. Mediocre compared to difficulty of the test"

Chris says

"Average; the material is quite long-winded including the online videos. Would be nice to have more relatable examples real life application."

Level1 says

"I took the live mock exam by Kaplan for the dec 19 level i. And it was way harder than the actual one and put me really down. Kaplan needs to tone the difficulty down. Other than that qs were ok."

Hugo says

"Too much reading. Kaplan should explore more videos, interactive activities etc to improve learning"

Donald says

"The Schweser notes are great and the QBank questions are great for study. The new online portal is nice as well, except for one major change. Why was the study calendar tool removed from the portal? For Level I, I stuck to the study calendar very closely. Being able to schedule out what needed to be accomplished each day leading up to the exam was a great way to break up studying and plan for trips/breaks weeks in advance. The new function that only lists tasks by week is difficult to break up into what needs to be accomplished each day. It is significantly more difficult to manage study time without the calendar view. I don’t know why it was removed, but I would seriously consider using another study provider if the study calendar tool is not brought back. Also, I am curious why my Secret Sauce book was shipped separately from the rest of my books. I have still not received it."

Valued Customer says

"The instruction was not bad as I kept hearing CFA Level III was different, but the instruction seemed the same as prior levels.

Also, it would be nice if you were to include the volume of practice questions if you attended Windsor Week."

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