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The Charles Schwab Corporation is an American multinational financial services company founded and based in San Francisco, California. Headquartered in the SOMA District, San Francisco, Charles Schwab is the 14th largest banking institution in the United States with over US$3.3 trillion in client assets (as of 2019). Charles Schwab offers commercial banking, stock brokerage, and wealth management advisory services to both retail and institutional clients. Despite their online presence, the company also has a large network of physical branches mostly in metropolitan financial centers.

A dissatisfied customer says, "I opened a brokerage account wit Schwab and started day trading. I have no complaint with fees or the platform. Few weeks into trading I decided to open a checking account and I did. The next day with no warnings my account was suspended and I was instructed to call customer service. Since I’m overseas I spend $$ to stay on the phone to figure out why my brokerage account was blocked while I have shares I bought is going downhill and I can do a damn thing about it. I’m still locked and waiting for them to give me access to money I saved up and invested being taken away with the bear market. Very disappointed with the brokerage and don’t recommend it for anybody."


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