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Own Saviour is a global fashion company launched in early 2017 by a fashion stylist with a penchant for cocktails and a sales maverick who only tried hummus when in his late twenties. Expanding our team (more misfits), we became internationally known having sold to 30+ countries around the world.

Ruxandra shares her disappointing experience on, "Own Saviour a horrible customer service to deal with. My order was lost in November or October 2019, and it took them a month to admit it. I contacted them via Instagram, e-mail and Facebook and finally, I was offered a refund. It's July 2020 and I haven't received my refund yet. Stay away from this store. Plus you can get anything on there on other websites, the trouble isn't worth it. I will update this review if they have the courtesy to send me my refund."


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