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"Save Your Sorrow (For Tomorrow)" is a popular song first published in 1925 written by Tin Pan Alley tunesmiths, Al Sherman and B.G.DeSylva. The publisher was Shapiro, Bernstein & Company, based in New York City. Songwriter, Al Sherman's son, Robert (a future Academy Award winning songwriter) was just born and Al did not have the money to pay the hospital bill. Upon arriving home from the ho...


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Former Contractor - Insurance Sales Agent says

"I worked at AION Insurance Marketing for less than a year Cons: I didn't like the fact that you have to pay $400-$500 or whatever they are charging now just for the privilege to cold call business owners. I certainly would not have joined had I known upfront how their magic system works. Anyone can buy business owners data, get a dialer and do the same thing. In addition sometimes the dialer that your paying a monthly fee for would stall or glitch."

Hayden says

"Altogether bad experience, can’t keep track of your money as some bit go straight in others take a week+, it takes a long time for customer service to reply and you just get one message, then that’s about it. Withdrawal took nearly 2 weeks, I saved for times when I needed the money and then time it got to me I was getting paid."

Ivo Sūna says

"Super annoying spam mails coming till this day have unsubscribed every single time I receive the mail, but not getting removed off the list. Not happy!!"

customer says

"Lots of delays with getting money into investments. Much slower than competitors. Also slower to withdraw than competitors. Dates of transactions have been changed and cancelled without notice after being debited meaning that money can potentially go missing!"

Courtney Leigh Pedersen says

"They take money and you can’t get it back"

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