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The Save the Children Fund, commonly known as Save the Children was established in the United Kingdom in 1919 to improve the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts. After passing a century, it is now a global movement made up of 29 national member organisations which work


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worker bee (Former Employee) says

"they only care about the money, not the beneficiaries. junior staff treated poorly. senior staff only caring about fund raising. harrassment issues throughout."

Teacher Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The company is not for a beginner in the educational field.The company needs to be more organized so that it can help prevent workers from doing more than they responsible for."

Community Manager (Former Employee) says

"Fake promises, no structure and no security. Senior management have no level of understanding of what goes in the shops. It can shred any confidence you may have in two. Any plans or anything slightly commercial isnt allowed. Told it will be no good and ridiculous. Then to only find out the regional manager will take it as their own idea and implement in other shops. Work life"


"Antichi e non pronti a sviluppare nuove metodologie"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"- Organization suffers from constant turnover. Cons: Bad management."

HEAD START TEACHER (Current Employee) says

"This company is too diverse in the work that they do and are not always able to take care of all programs equally. The US Programs seem to be at the bottom of their priority list."

Early Head Start Teacher (Current Employee) says

"I have not enjoyed working for this company. We experienced many payroll problems. Upper management was out of touch with local management. Policies and procedures were unnecessarily complicated."

Manager, Corporate Partnerships (Former Employee) says

"Save HQ in Fairfield, CT is a terrible place to work. Their “continuous work policy” requires you to work if you are awake, including working weekends. Pay is terrible and there’s absolutely no work/life balance. Management is downright cruel. We had a “crying room” stocked with tissues. It took me a few months to work up to being able to wait until I got home to cry. There’s no training and the expectations to perform from day 1 are unrealistic. I stayed for 6 months until I could find a better job! The company is basically full of ignorant bright-eyed 20-something millennials who have no families and are willing to work 14 plus hour days for very low pay. Most Managers only have BA degrees. I have a MA degree with over a decade of Director level experience but was offered an entry Manager position with the promise to move up quickly, but it didn’t take long to see that there’s little chance to move up. Cons: Awful management, overly corporate environment"

Captadora de socios (Former Employee) says

"No es seria la empresa. Te prometen el contrato en una semana y pasan las semanas y nada. Cons: Todo"

Promotora de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Una pesima situacion laboral con un contrato mercantil y ganando poquisimo dinero"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The experience with the children was the best part of my job. I enjoyed working with my parents. There is a lack of togetherness within the program. Cons: Work place gossip and favoritism were major issues."

Director of service (Former Employee) says

"Aggressive and competitive - it was all about winning, bringing the money in and beating rival aid agencies rather than helping children. Was patriarchal and had a bullying nasty culture."

promotor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"En mi experiencia al principio era cómodo, después cuando ya quisieron cambiar el pago de comisiones no estuve de acuerdo y me despidieron, no me pagaron la quincena ultima que trabaje ni mi liquidación, trabaje un año ahí y no tuvieron ni consideración, ahi casi nadie aguanta el trabajo, duran en promedio 3 meses. Cons: Estas en el sol, siempre parado"

Aide (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work in an environment of hate groups, racists, vicious gossips, unhappy bitter FSC's who will make your life a living misery which is there favorite part of their job, age discrimination, absolutely no team work, a director who allows this to go on, upper management that does not even wonder why entire team quits at the end of the year."

Psychologist (Former Employee) says

"المكان يبدوا جميلا من الخارج لكن الحقيقة غير ذلك، قد يكون حلم لاخرين لكنني اري فية خبرة تعلمت منها الا نقق في الاسماء البراقة Cons: سؤ الادارة والاختيارات وفق المعارف بالإضافة الي سيطرة فصيل سياسي ذو طابع ديني خفي علي اغلب الوظائف"

Coordinadora Salud, Nutrición y Saneamiento Básico (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo diario lo hace uno en terreno, con esas comunidades vulnerables, en esa niñez desfavorecida y ubicada en zonas como Tumaco (Nariño) y El Tambo y Guapi (Cauca). Cons: No son una oficina libre de humo"

WASH officer (Current Employee) says

"Day to day follow up all WASH activities implementation(procurements, transportation, meeting, report and staff management) Cons: 8 to 9 houres"

Community Shop Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was a Shop Manager based in the Westbourne shop. The Save The Children model is to empower the volunteers to ultimately run the shop. However in reality it was difficult to find people who were willing to take on that level of responsibility. If they did cover it was through pity so I could have a day off or a holiday. There was no Assistant Manager which meant that it was a free for all when I was not there and either nothing got done or they would take it upon themselves to do the wrong things. There was no support for my Retail Manager who would not dream of covering my shop and would rather see it closed as it 'wasn't her job to cover'. The culture is all wrong and surrounded by contraversy in the media. Why would any retailer want to see a shop shut and not cover it themselves. I don't understand. Higher Management give you too many objectives to achieve on your own and also run your shop alone if the volunteers can't make it in. I had 5 such action plans presented to me on one meeting. Really over the top and not in touch with reality. The contracts are only temporary and if you dont meant the objectives you are out, I saw this happen to a collegue just before Christmas! I left for a much better job with a local charity who really appreciate my efforts. I would steer clear of Save The Children completely unless you want a hard time! Cons: Lone working, difficult to get cover and no support."

VOLUNTEER PLACEMENTS (Current Employee) says

"As a volunteer I agree do to:"

Promotor Comunitario (Former Employee) says

"falta de comunicación y no sé toman en serio a los profesionales"

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