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Sanex is a brand of personal care products owned by Colgate-Palmolive. It is sold in European countries (including United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Norway and Croatia) and South Africa. In 2011, the brand was acquired from Unilever for £580 million.

Ehmel mentioned, "Not a big fan of Sanex Zero Percent Shower. Found it dried my skin out a little leaving it looking dull. Also not a huge fan of products with SLS In the won't be purchasing this again"


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Zhou says

"I ordered some products on your website, but the package I received was missing some items. My order number is: DNL01113347 I bought 6 * 6 * 110ml Alcohol 70%, but I only received 6 * 110ml, lacked 30 bottles of 110ml alcohol. Please send it back to me as soon as possible, or return the amount of 30 bottles of alcohol to my account. When I call the service,they told me that information in the website is not correct,it's not my fout,I receive 6*110ml bottle with a fucture share it was 6*6*110ml,I have been send email to talk about how to solve the problem,or reture these goods,but no reply.I am very disappoint with this company."

Joanna says

"Terrible service, cancellation of an partial order without consultation with the client. Refund of money not even in a month time. Please do not use them, as when you start complaining by email they will block your address and you will not be able to reach anyone. It is not wort the time and your money."

JustAnotherCustomer says

"I never received my order and they only replied to my emails after I complained through ThuisWinkel. The excuse they came up with was so lame I could not believe it…at least I got my money back but it took ages for them to refund!"


"I placed an order on 21/3 and at the "beginning" of covid 19 situation. My order is still not delivered they don't have customer service anymore which is unacceptable and annoying. They should give the option to return my money back because is not my fault that is taking so long is the fact that they didn't have actual stock or basic business logic. Is not the fact that is late is the fact that they don't give you the option to cancel because their reason of delay is on the company."

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