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Sally Hansen (1908 – December 16, 1963) was an American businesswoman, inventor, dancer, actress, and writer. She was the eponymous founder of the Sally Hansen, Inc., a manufacturer of women's nail and beauty products.

A disappointed customer shared this review in a forum, "So I have probably 3 or 4 of these gel polishes. The other 3 I have absolutely no issues with. The color Flash-ionista on the other hand, is a complete nightmare. First off, the bottle claims with 2 coats you won't even need a base coat. I personally think it does because clear blueish gel with a tiny bit of glitter isn't exactly what I had in mind. It looks childish and unsophisticated. Secondly, THIS POLISH WILL NOT DRY! No joke, I waited 10-15 minutes and it was still wet gunk. No matter what I did it slid everywhere and made anything it touched a sticky, glittery mess. Lastly, it was so thick and sticky that I could barely wash it off on top of everything else. It took me a good 10 minutes minimum just to get it so it wasn't sticking to everything in site and I was absolutely coated in glitter. I would not recommend this color to anyone."


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lina be says

"This is box absoluty no good!!. Never see same this company. Me box its coming when i write angry and me account block when i no cant cancel this box!! No recomended !!!"

becca says

"Kingdom of Beauty is a Subscription Service That Claims To Bring You The Latest and Highest of Beauty / Skincare Brands Each Month The Website Shows you Branded Items including Big Names such as Dior,Boss,Nars,Elizabeth Arden At £12.95 The princess box I thought I was Getting a Real Saving Even if the items Came Deluxe Size But little did I know what I'd Receive was A pile of old Junk Pineapple Perfume - unsealed Sally Hansen Nail Solution - Unsealed Chinese Mask heavily Chemical odd bag Elizabeth Arden Cream Fake I Received Nothing Else in The box Just These Items you call That High end the company also make it impossible to claim back a Refund due to there small print Keep Away From This Company Avoid Avoid Avoid Social media is Dead no Reviews No nothing"

Karen morgan says

"Only my first box but not impressed Was never given any option to give colour, skin tone etc So the ck powder foundation isnt my colour it also looked like someone had swiped a finger in it did get a full sized bottle of fake tan which i cant use as its the wrong colour An eyeliner which is a bit dry Some horrible perfume which was only half a bottle Overall really disappointed will give one more month if its no better ill cancel my subscription"

naz kotwal says

"A NO GO! this box was way worser than Birchbox. I disliked everything in this box, it was your standard box that has everything you can get from your local beauty store. I will never ever again subscribe to this box. I feel in some ways its a scam, you see something and get something else (which is rubbish). For the price i pay i would recommend glossybox or lookfantastic as the better option"

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