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From Everything.Sucks, inc. is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer relationship management service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. In 2020, Fortune magazine ranked Salesforce at number six on its 'List of Top 100 companies to work for', based on an employee survey of satisfaction.

A disappointed customer shared this in a review "Salesforce cost is terribly high for bad customer service. Moreover, it takes ages to learn all aspects of it, also, there were some glitches, like our production board wouldn't load or if your internet goes down, so does your program. Bad customer support is the cherry on the top".


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Inside Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Thing 5 was not my favorite place to work, 15 year old start up that couldn't get their ideas and vision together, management style was fear and intimidation"

Technical Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management was petty, condescending, arrogant, and childish. Insinuations were made regarding females and their role in the IT work place and quite frankly, I regret every second I spent there.NoneAll"

Tier 2 Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"I’ve been in Support for over 4 years. Very tough to get a promotion or internal transfer. Work culture is one of fear and aversion to innovation. Multiple people are leaving due to lack of career advancement opportunities in Support."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Young/liberal. The product is too big and complicated for the average business. It is really stupid how how they buy into their own B.S. Many companies are dropping their contract with Salesforce. Cut-throat.sounds coolNot cool when you look behind the curtain"

Senior manager (Current Employee) says

"Infrastucture was great the facilities provided in the office were good Good environment for recreation and other facilities in office were also great and were helpful for employees"

Technical Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"When I got the opportunity in, I am very excited. But with such a poor management team, I don't know what is the future of the employees. Job security is very low in Salesforce, you never know when you get pink slip and you don't know why they are giving it.good product and growth.poor management, low job security, very poor hr department."

Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for several years kept new management or stand in every few quarters. Very frustrating and difficult to maintain a career progression. Wasted a a few years hoping it would change.Benefits similar to most tech companiesNo work life balance"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"all sales mgmt cares about is getting the next deal customer success is not important non stop pressure no loyalty at all to sales people quotas are not attainable"

Service Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Challenging Job is an everyday Job, Its could be the hardest Job I have done but totally keeps me on my feet. Importantly keep communication with your clients."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Management in Finance Burlington Ma is horrible. Very clique. Different sets of rules for different people. Set you up to fail. No on the job training. Not much room for advancement."

Finance Principal - Product & Infrastructure (Former Employee) says

"The culture/company is definitely overhyped. For finance folks, nothing to learn as more people have very limited formal finance experience/education. Very nepotism prone environment."

Data Center Engineer (Current Employee) says

"-Lack of strong high level leadership -Data centers are isolated offices, and do not follow Salesforce's advertised ethics and standards -Fear-based management style is encouraged -Abuse, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation commonly occur behind closed doors -Low turnover is only due to very high pay scale -Management enjoys playing jokes on their employees, such as firing them, just for their amusement My recommendation is to steer well clear of any Salesforce Data Center roles. If you are a healthy, positive, ambitious human, you will more than likely not thrive here.Free office junk foodAbusive"

Business Development Representative (Former Employee) says

"Awful. Felt like high school. Cut throat environment, manager would belittle peers in front of you, so you know they did the same about you when you weren't around. You're only allowed to log 40 hours a week but work closer to 60. Volunteer opportunities are "voluntary" but you get criticized if you don't do food"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Basically good ideas for a workplace... unfortunately filled with quite immature people who form little cliques and bully others even on their own team."

Success Agent (Current Employee) says

"Once they began implementing mandatory "unconscious bias training" was when I knew that Salesforce was no longer the company I signed up for. There have been many outright bans on items in the office. It is now a completely corporate atmosphere instead of the "bro culture" I once loved."

IT Provisioning Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Salesforce is one of the best place to work. Good working environment, good people and excellent management structure. It is a great privilege to work in such a company.NonNon"

Senior Sales Executive, The Marketing Cloud (Current Employee) says

"Great name to have on your resume if you can stick out the lack of work life balance aspect of the organization. You work 12-14 hours days over and over again, they are a very top heavy and micro manage everything you do.I cannot really list any positives of this organization, other than the name on my resume.good snacks onsite, but you eat at your desk everyday so their should beno life work balance"

Recruiting Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I do not choose to comment on my employment at this time. Salesforce is my current employer and I am currently open to new opportunities in the bay area."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, toxic culture in CSG, no advancement. Good teams to work with for the most part, but don't expect management to support your advancement goals. Only concerned about themselves.Management"

Category Manager (Former Employee) says

"Current Procurement is a train wreck and mgmt has outdated style. Most of them are not even seasoned practitioners of the trade and everyone I worked with left fior the same reasons I did. Mgmt needs to change. No work life balance. They have wfh policy but when you use it it’s frowned upon. If you tell mgmt you are drowning they just tell you swim faster. It’s a popularity contest all the time and those are the ones who get promot"

Valerie Pearson says

"Do not use this company! We signed a 12 month contract, but we couldn't get it to integrate with our system. We were told it would cost about $15,000.00, which we as a small company could not afford. They don't care and will not cancel the contract and keep taking money even though it does not work. Bate and switch. Very unethical company. What a rip off."

Fed up Customer says

"This company sends me spam emails almost daily despite me asking them to stop. They are being reported to the UK authorities now for breach of GDPR."

giora says

"a sales force agent came to our office promising us the world (everything was a "no problem")...... took money he signed the contracts for us (for the commission :-) )....... 4 month after and an integrator of sales force and thousands of dollars and most things that where promised in the first "date" simply "we can not do" or "we need more money to deveop" :-) warning you from working with this company...... there are much better solutions that invest in their product and not in sales ...... stay away from this fraud waste of time - if someone wants to sue them just pass me a message - we will be happy to make justice so no more other innocent businesses will fall to their bulshit giora"

Fed up Customer says

"Spamming me every day! I am sick of them. Reported to authorities now."

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