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Saint-Laurent (French pronunciation: ​[sɛ̃ lo.ʁɑ̃]) is a church in the 10th arrondissement of Paris (119, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, 68, boulevard de Strasbourg or 68, boulevard de Magenta). It is built on Paris's north-south axis, linking Senlis and Orléans, as laid out by the Romans in the course of the mid 1st century BC, now marked by the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, rue Saint-Martin, rue Sa


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Chief Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Set up the company when it was formed in 2013. Independently handled the entire accounts. Handling full accounts of the company. Handled project accounting also."

Reece Newnham says

"Shipping was quick but this company has a terrible return policy, charging to return international and making you wait untill you get a refund then have to buy again. It’s 20202 wish these companies had some more SSENSE."

M. Carlson says

"Beware, SSense sells merchandise with zero authenticity tags or cards, they’ll send whatever you purchase stuffed in sandwich bags. And when they send you the wrong size, they won’t return your money, they’ll lie to you, tell you that it didn’t come back in the same condition. Don’t buy from them, their stuff comes from third party distributors, you can’t trust the merchandise is authentic. Also, your purchase will take over 6 weeks to get to you, so they lie about their delivery times too..not worth the trouble. Don’t buy from them, buy direct from the designer."

Nguyen Nguyen says

"I ordered wrong size and they couldn't modify the order so it was cancelled. It's been 4 weeks and I haven't received the refund. I talk to many agents and they gave refund id and basically blamed klarna, but klarna said they actually hasn't processed the refund yet. They even advised me to dispute a chargeback. Now I don't even know where is my refund"

Lala says

"I am an understanding person... I will *never* order from this company again. I ordered shoes size 6 but they were huge on me. I left the city at the beginning of the pandemic and moved out of state where I brought the shoes to the post office to return as instructed. I put tape on the shoe box and put that box in a postage box. When the shoes arrived they let me know I would not receive a refund due to the box having tape on it and now this product was no good so they were sending the product back to me. I told them to please not as I had moved out of state and won't be able to get it. They said too bad already sent it. I answered the email late because I am busy with work and the pandemic and being evacuated because of fires. I called a ton of times, went back and forth with customer service saying I moved away from the original location, and all they would do is copy and paste their return policy saying the box must be in perfect shape and say "thank you for understanding." Needless to say I've tried for months to get this money back or the shoes shipped to a different address which I'd pay for. Nick in customer service is AWFUL. $70 dollars might not mean much to this company but it is to someone else. Apparently they throw the shoes away too since the box was messed up. I would have been happier if I knew they at least donated them to someone who needs them. Thank you for understanding my bad review Nick and the Ssense team. I hope you find a place to work that you can have an actual impact and help people."

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