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Paysafe Group Limited (formerly known as Optimal Payments PLC) is a multinational online payments company. The group offers services both under the Paysafe brand and subsidiary brands that have become part of the group through several mergers and acquisitions, most notably Neteller, Skrill and paysafecard.


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Former Freelancer - Freelancer says

"I was posting bids for a month. After trying hard I managed to get a project. But you know what the client paid it to twago safepay wallet. But here is how they trick.I completed the work and given it to the client. Client paid the rest of the mile stone to twago. When I tried to withdraw to my account..They said they need an id of me. I gave them..But they deactivated my account..and I am ruined all my time for 2 weeks I worked for..I mailed the client,he says he paid already. I call the twago support number.Everyday they say ""you must call during office your" but I called them at 12pm Germany time. Seems they are just some hackers from germany trying to knob they money from the client.. Such a bad freelancer company... I learned a lesson:::Do not work with this bad company,work with or upwork."

Current Freelancer - Freelancer says

"There are couple outsourcing sites on web are nothing but scams, bloodsucker. This is good that most of the freelancer now aware of “GURU” who the best bloodsucker on the web. Last few years a new outsourcing site appear on web named TWAGO. They are not only bloodsucker but also insister, blackmailer. With my experience with them I can say, If you are a freelancer who works globally, TWAGO is the nightmare even during you awaken. If you read their terms and conditions, you’ll notice that they are just avoiding all responsibilities supporting freelancers. If you submit a bid and win that project, you’ve must to paid 10% invoice of the project price. This is not headache of TWAGO whether you have been paid by client or not. If your project client is non-responsive and you complain the matter to TWAGO admin, you’ll never get support from them which is in your favour. They’ll only insist you to pay the 10% project commission which they says “invoice”. But the fact is if you not be paid by your client, how can you pay project invoice payment to the site? TWAGO even will not listen your unfortunate condition that you faced by your non-responsible client. TWAGO will continue insisting massage you repeatedly. They’ll badly warn you with their self-made deadline time for paid the project invoice which you’ve not paid by your client at all. And the horrible matter is they will send you blackmailing massage within few days. The message body is : “IF YOU DO NOT PAY THE AMOUNT UNTIL THE EXPIRY OF THE DEADLINE SET, WE ARE OBLIGED TO CHARGE YOU AN INTEREST AT A RATE OF 8.27% P.A. IN ADDITION, ALL COSTS OF A THEN FOLLOWING JUDICIAL DUNNING PROCEDURE MUST BE BORNE BY YOU…” Although their given address is looking at Italy but I guess their address given is fake. They are earning million dollars of black money by insisting, blackmailing people on web. Italian government should ban TWAGO and arrest the management of TWAGO for blackmailing people online. If Italian government kindly ban TWAGO, it’ll be really helpful for million online freelancers."