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Safelite Group, Inc. is an American provider of vehicle glass repair, replacement, and calibration services and insurance claims management company, based in Columbus, Ohio.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Safelite has no loyalty to long time employees. They let a lot of long term employees 8+ years go right after COVID and are now looking to hire new people. This company does not care about you. You are just a number it’s all about money, honestly, it’s been going downhill for years now. They wonder why turnover rates are so high, we employees know exactly why. Don’t waste your time here the pay is mediocre and not worth it for how stressful this job is."


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"awful atmosphere. Supervisors treat their employees poorly."

Former Employee - Service Technician says

"Management tells you nothing, circle around questions, never return calls or answered the phones"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Training sucked, the job was stressful"

Former Employee - Associate says

"The coworkers were very angry and hostile and the training was awful."

Former Employee - Leadership says

"Easily the senior leadership. At first I thought it was me, or maybe just a few bad experiences. However after time it seems our leader didn’t live the values he asked us to live and his staff increasingly became like him. A culture of blaming and covering up instead of integrity and leadership. Ultimately what pushed me out the door was unequal opportunities, and wow was I rewarded when I moved on. I love my new company and am recognized for what I do. It sadly took a few months to get used to that feeling after working so long in that environment, but a good sign I made the right decision. Expect to pay more for less in medical coverage than a typical company in this area."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative II says

"Lack of communication, and management staff constantly lies to you about moving up in the company. Pay is awful!"

Current Employee - Claims Adjuster says

"Deficiencies lie in chain of command. Whether sending information up, or down to the masses, it is seldom accurately or efficiently relayed-especially as it relates to pay."

Current Employee - Call Center Customer Service Representative says

"Absolutely no caring about your mental and physical health from anyone in leadership positions Some management is embarrassingly inexperienced and ill suited for their positions When the current pandemic started, during the first few weeks they seemed to be sympathetic to what everyone was dealing with and now they do not care how things are negatively impacting our lives They do not enforce social distancing or mask wearing so those of us who are susceptible to Covid-19 are at risk everyday. Having a job during these times can be looked at as a positive, but the mental strain and potential health risks are not always worth it"

Current Employee - Auto Glass Technician says

"Whole process before becoming a tech here in NYC is a B.S. Could go months waiting to get bumped from $15 to $19 once you do become a technician and that will be the last time you will ever see a raise, if you lucky you could get a couple cents raise every year. They will find any reason not to give you your "weekly" bonus. winter months you may only work 4 days a week or they make you stay home for 2 months"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on and told that work from home was possible after training. I was told that all cdc precautions were being taken and that training sizes were small (between 3-8 people max). Once in training, masks were required, but the classroom had at least 15 people in it. We were then told that work from home was possible for employees that had been there for some time, and maybe possible for others but would 'just depend' after the 3 weeks of training. So, they leave you hanging and wondering on that. After viewing the call center floor, while employees were adequately spaced out, no one had a mask on in the large building. I understand it may be more difficult to understand people on the phone with a mask on, however, when you share desks with others from different shifts, and have multiple people in the room talking all day and possibly coughing/sneezing in a poorly ventilated room, it didn't feel safe. When a mask mandate is required, that should also mean in call centers, otherwise the employees should be able to work from home. Needless to say, I didn't even make it through the training because of the lack of masks on the floor. seems like a good company to work for if covid wasn't an issue, masks on the floor, more than 10 people in trainings, what you're told in the interview is different than in training"

Technition (Former Employee) says

"The management will take advantage of you every step of the way, they hold grudges if you’re sick, and they support who kisses up to them the most not who does the best work or who worked the hardestNoneThe entire job and management"

Experienced Install Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked for multiple stores in different markets ranging across the country. The nebraska market is terrible to say the least. Very shady individuals in management and everyone below is a replaceable number.Extremely two faced and definitely not lived by the company's "core values".Winter seasons are the worse times of employment. It's all a game of numbers and production with your livelihood on the line on a yearly basis. That is until hail falls in the spring time and then you wont have a life outside of installing glass. All around I would say horrible business to learn and get into. If you can learn how to install correctly and safely I would say starting your own glass business. This company has the glass economy cornered from giant contract with rental companys too insurance companys as well.Starting wage isnt terrible, you get a company van, It might barely be legal or even run thoughShady management, brown nosing common, your just a number"

Member Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Worst onboarding process- very disorganized, dishonest about salary and pay increase time frame. HR is under lock and key-not accessible. Benefits are confusing and stressful to understand and navigate. Not enough handicap parking. They claim to be people driven but they are only protecting the bottom line. I am disposable and I know it. They forced me to take a pay cut or resign when my department was eliminated.NothingPay cut required to stay employed"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They put on this facade of caring about you and valuing your opinion but the managers only care about keeping up their KPI's. Their WFM department is extremely incompetent, I always had to go up to multiple managers over the course of a few days to have errors in my hours worked fixed which takes minutes to do. Everyone is not held to the same standard, it's a favorites game here and it's toxic. They are not accommodating to people with disabilities like they say they are and there have been managers who belittle staff who have a disability or questioned the legitimacy of an employee experiencing symptoms that would hinder their ability to continue taking calls. Training was too focused on company history and values instead of how to maintain good call scores. No one is ever on the same page, this place is severely disorganized and there is a major lack of communication in regards to bonuses and commissions; they like to hide behind beurocracy to avoid paying people what they're owed. There are corrupt and saboteur leaders. This call center was not upholding and enforcing social distancing until a few weeks ago when the AZ governor began to enforce CDC guidelines. Also, despite being an essential business, that didn't stop them from laying off and furloughing employees when the pandemic hit hard. I tried my best here and strived to be optimistic but trying to make things work with this company was an exhausting uphill battle and I'm so relieved I don't have to see or work with a lot of these people anymore. Discount on windshields and wipers, you can foster new friendshipsLack of incentives, low wages, no job stability, toxic work environment"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They tell you what you can do to be better at the job but when you do what they tell you exactly how they tell you but it never helps your scores improve NoneManagement is terrible"

Glass Installer (Current Employee) says

"Management isn’t there for the technicians no matter how much they say. Management only cares about their bottom line. Corporate doesn’t care about how management treats the technicians and the techs are treated with a crazy work load and turn around time that’s unreasonable"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company has no loyalty to long time employees. They let a lot of long term employees 8+ years go right after COVID and are now looking to hire new people. This company does not care about you. You are just a number it’s all about money, honestly it’s been going downhill for years now. They wonder why turnover rates are so high, we employees know exactly why. Don’t waste your time here the pay is mediocre and not worth it for how stressful this job is"

Glass Installer (Former Employee) says

"They will use and abuse you and when you get fed up they will try and force you to quit as apposed to firing you so you can't claim unemployment. Management cares nothing about employees only profit and number of jobs done in a day. They will micromanage every aspect of your day."

Retention Specialist/Cust Svc/Purchasing/Inventory/Everything (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the company for nearly 10 years. I don't know why I stayed so long. It was the most disrespectful company I have ever worked for. Management is pathetic. Safelite also takes glass claims for most insurance companies and steer all work towards them unless you request a different company. Nearly a monopoly. Pricing is not the same for everyone who goes there. Prices are computer manipulated. We are often told to lie to our customers regarding service failures of any kind. Part broke, tech sick, vendor didn't deliver the part, what ever lie works is their motto. They don't care about their customers or their employees. Women are poorly valued in this company as well. Benefits are poor and if you are there long enough you will see all newer employees coming in with pay higher than yours. No appreciation for their employees. I am so grateful to no longer work for this corporation. Corrupt and flailing management. Oh yea, Very top heavy. Management squanders and gets paid beyond their performance."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for. Have people running around spying and telling like grade school. They are also the lowest paying call center in Az. During this pandemic they refuse to close their doors!If you stick it out for more than a yr. You may get a flexible schedule.Too many people trying to be bosses. Pay is low!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sucks don’t waste your time here , they don’t care about you or your life , hours suck, send you home earlier like 5min after you clock in they will send you home ."

Window Installer (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke . All it cares about it the bottom $ numbers and that’s it . They don’t have an ounce of care for their employees . Stay away if you want to your respect for your self."

picker operator (Former Employee) says

"Was involved in an accident which happen and than was asked to go take a drug test no problem. Passed the test but was still let go of with out any explanation, Wasn't sure why they tested me if they were going to let me go either way."

Tech Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I worked at safelite for 4 months when I finally had enough. I started as a tech trainee thinking that training would be fast and simple to advance to regular however I found that they don't train you. You start training class making much less than a technician and you stay for 6 weeks where they give you a brief overview of the job and processes. training is never in depth and the instructors don't have time to give one on one instructions because classes are overfilled. After training you are put into a shop with other technicians who are supposed to help you complete the rest of your training. However the technicians don't have time to train you because the company puts so many jobs on their plate technicians are supposed to be given 4 jobs a day a typical job takes 2 hours but most techs do 5 or more. Technicians and morale in the company is generally dreary and most people do not want to be there because the company is run so badly and they feel they arnt well compensated for there work. nobody ever makes bonus and it is almost impossible to because its not based on the number of warranties to successful replacements its based on good surveys to bad surveys on the jobs you completed these surveys are done by the customer and are not compulsory so I saw that techs could have no warranties but because there customers did not fill out a survey and one bad job did they did not get bonus .To compensate techs all have "shortcuts" or bad practices the company doesn't approve but they need to use to complete their work. Most techs will not train you and even if they do you stilfree glass replacements on your vehiclesshort breaks, company doesn't respect workers, not full time, bad compensation to responsibility ratio"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The job wasn't a challenge it was easy and didn't take much effort to do. But overall the company didn't care about the employees and that didn't sit well with me. So after working there for awhile I gave up and found a company that showed more care about the employees and the customers."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Predators roam the facility looking for young women to prey on. When it's brought up to human resources they dont care. They continue to let it happen. If you tell them what's going on they don't keep your name confidential. That gives the predator the ability to retaliate against you. Even though retaliation is illegal in the workplace.. it's definitely tolerated here"

Verification Team Member and Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They really do not offer full time work.and this causes them to have alarge turnover rate. As a result many workers really do not make enough and we have to work a 2nd job.NoneNot offereing full time work"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"They promise you a lot, tell you they hire anyone and will train anyone. They put you in group interviews and if you don't act like a kid in class and raise your hand to talk to them they won't give you the job. Don't waste your time."

CSR (Former Employee) says

"I was their top CSR and got replaced by someone they can pay less money too! This place is a prison/joke management picks favorites and if you don’t follow their cult exactly they will fire u!"

Shannon Woodford Jones says

I set an appointment with this company on a Thurs. The appointment was set for the following Tues. I was told that they would arrive between 12:00 - 5:00. I took the day off to handle the windshield repair. I called at 2:00 pm and spoke to the technician who said he would be at my house at 4:15 -4:30. Got a call at 4:30 stating that he would not be coming to do the repair today. Complete waste of my time! I’ll never use them in the future and I will be happy to tell everyone who I encounter that need glass work about my DISRESPECTFUL EXPERIENCE!!!!

Jason says

"Horrible experience. Huge wait only for them to send the wrong windshield. Then they can not even help at all. Glass America saved the day. Skip the hassle"

Camilla says

"Appalling service - booked replacement rear window for Subaru and replacement date 2 weeks later"

Stephen marshall says

"Bad experience, there website asks you to pre-pay. To start with they could not come to house to replace my windshield as they advertise. I had to go to a hole in the wall shop in a industrial park. My windshield just had a small crack in in it but when they pulled out my windshield they completely cracked it making my car unusable. They then did not have the windshield in stock and could not repair it. The manager was completely unprofessional and could not care less about the problem and acted like it was my fault and he has so much business he could care less what I think. He then told me he would refound my credit card and then he charged it again the New charge was $ 16.00 more than the agreed amount. And he charged it with out my permission. I then shopped around and I found a company that would come out to my house and replace my windshield for$269.00 there price with a $35.00 off coupon was $331.68. was a very bad experience. There attitude was yes we have a mistake and it is your fault and we don't need your business and really don't care about you or your car at all. By get out."

Concerned Customer says

"Very horrible experience just had my windshield replaced tech was on phone whole time broken cowl and missing parts exposed metal broke A pillar and didn't notify just glued back on urethane visible inside cab several scratches threw top molding in bed of truck left broken glass and debris on glass several technician in my truck and nobody had mask office personnel no mask horrible service I want my vehicle fixed"

S. Thornburg says

"This review came from Sacramento ca.I live in Yuba City ca.Im a manager at Lowes Home Improvement. I called and set up an appointment to repair a rear glass on an f150 ford.The rep on the line gave me a quote of 315 dollars.Its the back slider. I asked her?? Are you sure it's the whole slider? She said yes.Anyway,the Safelite driver text me and told me ,I will be there at work.Lowes Home Improvement. It's now 1230....nothing....The guy shows up at 1245....He takes a small glass fixed slider piece out and says! Oh! We dont do whole back sliders!..I said ok..what do we do?? The worker/driver gets on phone and tells him that it's not the right part .As I'm standing there,the dispatch or boss tells the driver that I'm an idiot and I can hear it over the phone! Total disaster...The awesome Safelite commercials are not correct.These people were incompetent, rude and cocky.The home associate called me an idiot. I just wanted my windshield fixed..just like the commercials! Right!..I will never use them..ever!"

Mary Elizabeth says

"I have used Safelite in the past with good results, but just had an incredibly bad experience. I scheduled an appointment on line and had the tech come to my house. The next thing I know I have a text from Safelite telling me my appointment has been scheduled for three days from now. I was a bit baffled. At this point the Safelite tech called me and inform me that he could not replace my windshield because I didn't tell them I had rain sensing wipers. I explained to him that I do not have rain sensing wipers, I have them in other cars, but not this one. He insisted that I do and that he could not replace the glass with the windshield he had with him. I again explained that I do not have rain sensors. I retrieved my keys and called the toll free number Safelite put in their text. The woman cancelled my appointment for me, but provided no apologize for the tech's error or the inconvenience and delay their error was causing. I told her that I did not appreciate the lack of an apology, and she hung up on me. Shocked, I called the customer support number Safelite listed on their webpage. The customer service line was an unmanned voicemail message stating that because of COVID they were not taking phone calls (a bit baffling), and to send an e-mail. At that point, I decided I'd rather write some reviews than try to give them direct feedback."

Randi Howard says

"I had the wrong time for my appointment so I called to let them know I was running late. The lady on the phone stated "I was fine just have it here by 11 a.m." I arrived there by 10 a.m. and they stated that I would have to reschedule. I run a daycare and had to shutdown today and will have to shutdown tuesday. I also now have to cancel a field trip next week. I am losing a total of 3 days pay due to them telling me one thing and doing another not to mention they were rude about all of it. The lady behind the counter said it was an understandable mistake due to the lady on the phone thinking that I was only getting one window replaced. I did exactly what they told me and now i have to lose 3 days pay and so do the parents of my daycare munchkins over there mistake...Pathetic!!"

Becky Fritsch says

"I had my windshield replaced by Safelite not sure why they sent me way down in the city when there was one closer. However, now my Honda, which has sensors in the windshield, takes control of the wheel if it thinks I am even close to a line on the freeway. And when I come to a turn and there are multiple lines in the road it stalls momentarily, or tells me that I need to steer the car or when I am sent through a detour going over the lines it takes control of the wheel. Honda informed me that they have had other complaints like this and it is because they didn’t install a Honda windshield. Would love to get this fixed but NO ONE at Safelite is answering their phones. I have emailed and still no response. This is a safety issue and no response!!!"

Guido says

"These idjits need to re-enroll in Junior High School.
You know what they say, "A Junior High School education is a terrible thing to waste!"
Ordered a replacement windshield for my wife's Acura as a birthday gift. Paid for driveway replacement, "they come to you to do the work." Gave them vehicle's VIN# prior to a quote. They put in the glass, then informed my wife she would "have to bring it to the shop for extra sensor alignment."
That obviously sucked, but then as soon as they had her MDX in the shop they informed her it "would cost an extra $260. She's a mechanical Engineer, not a buffoon like the Safelight staff, she told them they should have known up-front, since they had the VIN#. They told her the equipment they needed to realign was not included in the VIN, which I know is total excrement. Dropped the illegal add-on to $196, which she paid since they were holding her car hostage.
I'm trying to convince her to ask her credit card provider to cancel the charge.
This entire repair job was a case of bozos leading clowns. They truly need some adult supervision, and to send the morons working there back to the lube rack or Burger King or wherever they migrated from."


"Please DO NOT waste your money here , I have proof of the before and after pictures and basically they just applied glue to my windshield , I paid $180 for crazy glue over my windshield ."

Rita Singhal says

"I got repair done about 10 days ago (Oct 2020) for a very small rock chip repair- Within 6 days of repair a 2 feet long crack appeared on my windshield starting from the repair point. Safelite does not take any responsibility- Please DO NOT go safelite- they do a poor job and can cost you a new windshield."

Beachcove says

"My husband took his brand new Acura MDX to Safelite Autoglass in Georgetown, DE to repair a small crack in his windshield that happened when a stone from a dump truck hit his window. They fixed the crack (so we thought) when it failed and the small crack reappeared. All our paperwork said the fix was a lifetime warranty but when we called to make an appointment the lifetime warranty did not cover the failed repair. They said we would need to replace the windshield and that is not covered under the warranty. What a scam, won’t go back there!"

Matt P says

"SCAM! I feel horribly betrayed by their lack of transparency. Safelite will pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining, but they’ll do it with a smile!

Here is their guarantee as provided on their website and receipt documentation:

“we can guarantee that upon completion of a successful repair, the chip or crack will not crack further and that the repair will pass any state vehicle inspection, or we will credit the cost of the repair toward a replacement.”

This is terribly misleading! This is not a guarantee at all!! If you say you guarantee the repair will not crack further then stand by that. If it does then give me my money back and let me decide where I want to get my new windshield from. Giving me a credit that can only be spent at safelite is not a guarantee. It is only a means for Safelite to strong arm people into an unexpected up-charge.

The guarantee should be changed to:

“We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with our repair, you will have to spend more money with us to be satisfied.”

And here comes Safelite to pee on my leg again with their canned response:

“The repair process is only an attempt to save the integrity of the glass, at times the repair may still be visible depending on the size (width and depth) of the chip. If at any time the repair spreads and or you are unhappy with the repair; that amount will be credited toward the full replacement of your windshield.”

Ya, I get it Safelite, it’s raining, hahaha!

Can’t wait to tell as many people about them as possible. Please, everyone wronged by this company, get the word out on all social media platforms."

Norman Frederick says

"Very poor service. Safe lite canceled my appointment to repair a bullseye on a Friday in late fall. Windshield cracked over weekend. Safelite refused to work with me saying it is my fault for not rescheduling"

Leslie says

"I felt scammed by Safelite. I had a chip repair & paid nothing. & I had pictures of the chip before it was “repaired” it was smaller than a dime in size. However, after the “repair”, the crack was now a foot long. & they gave me an option to pay $500 for the entire windshield. I said no. & I can see the replies from Safelite in other comments that “it saves the integrity of the glass etc” & the replies are all the same auto reply. I searched for nearby businesses & found one who can replace my windshield for a lot less, has a lifetime warranty, family-owned & has a 4.9/5 star rating on Yelp & other websites. & I’m not gonna do any business with Safelite ever again even if they credit it towards a replacement.DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY!"

Angel Marie Cryer says

"I have had my appointment rescheduled 3 times so far and they can’t seen to get the right windshield for my vehicle. 2020 Chevrolet 2500
With driver assist and heads up display.
After all this I don’t feel comfortable they will install the correct part."

Monica Brown says

"My windshield hasn't even been repaired yet so I can't speak on that, but customer service was very rude. If I am polite and simply looking for answers, there is no need to be smart and disrespectful to your customers, do better."

Ally says

"-replacement window wasn't ready when I brought in my car at my scheduled time
-had to take time off work to bring car in again 5 days later
- They said they would give a $50 refund for the inconvenience. Never got a refund, went into store and talked to someone who said I would be refunded within 2-3 business days, still never got refunded.
-Also had an emailed receipt saying i'd have a $27 refund-never got refunded that either, called and emailed twice with promise they would get back to me. Has been 2 weeks now with no response."

Dmytro Orlyk says

"Have paid 500 bucks for the glass because it had small crack in the driver's view. Got installed the new glass with the crack in the driver's view. I have not saw it from the beginning but saw it lately. Why have I paid 500 bucks? I don't know. Just frustrating."