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Nuance is an American multinational computer software technology corporation, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, on the outskirts of Boston, that provides speech recognition, and artificial intelligence.

A former employee mentioned, "The company is growing rapidly so things are changing regularly. This can be hard to manage. Nuance USED to be a great place to work until a few new people came in to "restructure" and everything hit the fan. Overworked and underpaid with no sense of direction and lots of broken promises."


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"My job was threated everyday things was changing once we learned it then it changed again the supervisor was hard find when help is needed complicatedThe pay was goodSupervisor and managers was not hard to work for"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Erc the only thing that was good at ERC was the pay but overall the company will only look out fot themselves and not only the they will opt to to fire you over the simplest little thing will not work there again"

Collection Agent (Former Employee) says

"OMG OMG WOSRT COMPANY TO WORK FOR!!! They don’t care about you they care about MAKING MONEY!! You are just an option for them easy to be replaced!! Sad excuse for a business"

Student Loan Collector (Former Employee) says

"Please run fast don’t work here unless you have no other options and you have to pay bills Look for other jobs when you do work here I feel sorry for people that has to work here Low pay Lies about bonuses and supervisors are horrible"

Customer Service Representative/Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Not only did they fire everybody right before Christmas they also never work with their employees there is miscommunication everywhere and it is impossible to reach the goals to even get bonuses or extra pay they overwork their employees and completely disregard any problems. They also changed my schedule without any notification or even asking us if it was"

Professional Telephone Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone to work for this company. This company is not organized at all. The management team is horrible. They do not offer any real benefits to their employees and the pay sucks.Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We try to make the pay as fair as possible, but it can vary depending on performance. Our management teams are under constant evaluation, and we do our best to cultivate an environment that is open, supportive, and fun for all employees."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the company for almost 2 years. They closed 2 years after opening. The upper management was not good at supervising the young managers. The company that sub-contracted did not care about the staff answering calls or their customers. Constantly raising cable bills and nor providing directions or ways to help ease the burdens of higher bill or resolving issues for their customers. I strongly recommend find out what company you will be answering calls for before starting a job here."

Data Collection Representative (Former Employee) says

"expectations are so high and the pay is very little, the company treats employees poorly and is constantly hiring new employees, you are replaceable to the company"

Plombier (Current Employee) says

"Aucune reconnaissance,rien pour travailler,il faut se débrouiller par soi même.A éviter"

Client Service Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This was an unhealthy environment to work in. It was full of drama. Bosses were on helpful and mean.I would not recommend this place if you need to come home to a family afterwardsHealthcareSalary, management, work environmentWe're sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your time with us. We do our best to create an environment that's fun, open, and uplifting for our employees, and that includes making sure that our management team is helpful and supportive."

Corporate QA Manager (Former Employee) says

"After months of setting up a department to be taken away by someones friend or pal cause he was supposed to be knowledgable in Quality Assurance than I. It was more bubby buddy processing than anything, so if you were not part of the group your stay was only limited. Or you were bumped to another branch or department. Would not recommend employment for this company.had an okay product to sell for the oilfieldThe company cheated the cusotmers out of true quality productsWe consistently challenge ourselves to find the most qualified individuals to continue to push ERC towards success. One of the best sources of qualified talent is through current employee’s relationships they have establish during their careers. We maintain confidentially throughout our screening process and although we cannot disclose why someone else was selected for a role, we can offer feedback as to why you were not. We encourage all employees to reach out to a member of our Talent Management team for that feedback."

Telecommunications specialist (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy working for TMone. It was an overall bad experience. Nobody really knew what they were doing and management was horrible. Pay was decent for what the job was."

Control Room Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The typical day at ERC; clock in, get logged on to computer. I read a lot of email from upper managers; cc my supervisor on what to do, what to share with staff and complaints on what needs to be address from prior work, etc. I have learned to not manage staff until directed to. Hardest part was keeping up with continued change to work task and process of work flow. The most enjoyable part was leaving for the day without incident or injuries."

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"This company has their favorites. They let a lot slide depending on who the employee is. If everything was fair and the same for everyone work would be great."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"fast and competitive call center environment. can be stressful if you don't work up to the expectations. Not very organized. Everyday Rules Change, which leaves a lot of confusion if the message if not relayed parties and eventsMany supervisors are unprofessionalThank you for your feedback. We know this can be a stressful job, therefore we try to make the environment uplifting, as you well described in the "Pros" section. We do however understand this environment can be distracting for others and we will look for other ways to accomplish this."

Casting, forging & Sheet metal Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Typical bureaucratic culture. Good scope to learn. Not so dynamic specifically in different HR policies."

Collections Representative (Former Employee) says

"The environment wasnt very friendly. Supervisors and management were rude. They weren't helpful, training was hard due to lack of resources. Overall not the best back then."

Team supervisor (Former Employee) says

"ERC under pays employees. It is a good place to advance in a business if you don’t mind being over worked and under paid. One days you will take the skill set learned there somewhere else that will compensate you fairly for your hard work and time."

Collections Specialist (Former Employee) says

"ERC has a strong need to train their managers, most of the managers deal with agents with personal ethics, most don't have education to obtain the position they hold, most of them take their personal affairs out on their subordinates.It is unfortunate to hear that your did not have a favorable experience while working at ERC. Please contact the Employee Resource Group to discuss your specific concerns. We value our professional working environment and would like to opportunity to investigate your concerns."

Phone Operator/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Phone communications Customer service Billing Technical support Great on resume and experience Seems like ERC in Waycross is all Collections now."