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ScanSafe was a privately held company backed by investors Benchmark Capital and Scale Venture Partners, until its 2009 acquisition by Cisco Systems. The company provided Web-based "Software as a service" (SaaS) to organizations.

Safescan has poor communication as an employer, there are unethical practices, poor benefits, and no real leadership or management, an ex-employee claims at

"Poor communication. Unethical issues make you feel dirty. Super crap benefits. No real leadership or management. Expect every decision you make to be ignored or overruled by a founder who "knows better" than you do."


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Stephen Carney says

"Bought a battery from them along with money counter. Battery never worked right and they won't respond to emails. Avoid this company"

Mas says

"I tried booking a return via email, Jack Ovenden demanded i setup a account and then book a returns he will not process a returns via email. I know its easy to book a returns via paypal when shops do not co operate, Jack Ovenden Sales & Support Specialist UK & Ireland of Safescan said he will process legal proceeding if i open a dispute, I would love to see that happen Jack, now on to the next review site ;)"

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