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Sadia S.A. is a major Brazilian food producer that has been a subsidiary of BRF S.A. since 2009. It is among the world's leading producers of frozen foods, and is Brazil's main exporter of meat-based products.

A customer they lost talks about "The directors at Sadia were the worst, you have to attend many managers and there is an expectation that you are available to support managers that move to another country with no support system, or areas such as the HR. So there’s no time limit on your journey if you are to complete all tasks. Also there was never any extra hours payment. The company is bad organized. Don't work here".


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Shree SiddhiVinayak Merchandise says

"Your sales team is not active ; how ill sue that your service team is working good. Your any phone is non contactable, no one to pick calls on your contact numbers..... vikas 9795801000"

Nitin says

"Messages are not going between 9PM and 9AM. Messages on DND numbers are not delivered."

Customer says

"No use this service"

Customer says

"Not able to share SMS to DND no's as other service providers pushing it to DND number and I personally checked it by sending from their platform mentioning a DND Number and it pushed successfully."

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