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Sellapan Ramanathan DUT (First Class), usually referred to as S. R. Nathan, was a Singaporean politician who was the sixth President of Singapore and the commander-in-chief of the Singapore Armed Forces serving a twelve-year term from 1 September 1999 to 31 August 2011, having been elected in uncontested elections in the 1999 Singaporean presidential election and in the 2005 Singaporean presidential election when former president Ong Teng Cheong stepped down from the position. In 2009, he surpassed Benjamin Sheares to become Singapore's longest-serving President. He was reportedly considering re-election but announced on 2 July 2011 that he would not run for re-election.

S. R. Nathan wasn't loved by all because of his involvement with Japan in WW" as stated in the following article on The Independent, "Although some Singaporeans said they love S. R. Nathan, others may not necessarily have any kind words for him, especially those who have gone through terrible hardship under the Japanese Occupation in WW2 (1942–45). Many commented about his close affiliation and relationship with the Japanese during the war."


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