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Russell Hobbs is a British manufacturer of household appliances. Formed in 1952 by William Russell and Peter Hobbs, in the 1960s it became the primary kettle maker in the United Kingdom marketplace. Subjected to many corporate acquisitions through its history, its head office is currently sited in Failsworth, England, but it no longer manufactures its products in the U.K., having moved its manufacturing operation to East Asia.

An angry buyer said this in a review "No customer service whatsoever at Russell Hobbs. Sold a pair of grinders but only one was in the box when opened. No replacement. No refund. No offer to buy a replacement product on Amazon. No staff training. Appalling"


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Director (Former Employee) says

"Poor management from CEO down. Most good executives and people managers left or were forced out. Business strategy and ethics were constantly in question company-wide."

Cable Installer (Former Employee) says

"Unpleasant low pay unappreciated managers snappy and unwilling to assist with questions Would not recommend as a job to start career. Look else where for better pay and hours"

Material Handler and Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"It is a very stressful place, because you are harassed all the time, and the supervisors tidy up the employees like they were animals, and they never think that people have a life outside of work. it's a dirty place and bosses and HR offend employees"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The Job was amazing at first and I was a top performer even until the day I left but work to job life was terrible. they forced OT everyday off the year and poor management led to terrible days at work."

Labourer (Former Employee) says

"I'd rather not say anything due to they relocated to a different city, due to financial stresses and figured it was better for the company,Staff did not care about how they did things"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Do waste your life here it’s a dead end street no growth bad job culture company is overall very unorganized HR is there to protect company not to help employees"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"The managers are rude and come across as this is not a job for women! The managers did not follow up when information was given to them! It had potential to be an awesome job but they need different managers that will not set people up to fail! Cons: everything"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I hate working here. The amount of times this company has cheated me out of commission by changing the sales goals without notifying me and last minute is heartbreaking. I've worked here for 8 months and have only made 17,000 at this point when my last job I made 25,000 and made less hourly there. They steal from you constantly and they berate you for not meeting their impossible sales goals and I am the only one at my store. I have no backup and customers constantly threaten me while my supervisor sits comfortably in his office 50 miles away from me. I feel sick coming in every day and I absolutely regret taking this position and am desperately am trying to find a new job."

Senior National Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"What a horrible organization. Zero concerns for you as you are replaceable like the furniture. Even less concern for quality of their products & servicing their customers"

Production / Packing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Their warehouse is basically a giant storage container with no A/C or heat. People were collapsing from heat exhaustion & were docked attendence for it. The floors were just slabs of concrete and the rest of us got bad knees and backs from it. Managers sexually harassed all the women and set up employees that didn't kiss a** to fail. PPE and safety regulations were sub-par at best."

Direct Sales Rep (Current Employee) says

"I fell and twisted my knee I followed protocol and called my supervisor and his response was see if you can just work through it I don’t feel like coming out in the field it’s too hot but I’m out in it. Then proceeded to say it’s too much paperwork involved and then I’ll have to drug test you I said that’s fine I’ll pass it he said naw that’s ok cause then I’ll have to get a statement and send you to the clinic. So yeah all about sales not the employee whose out Slaving in the heat rain cold no matter what."

Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"Unafe work environment lack of advancement they will lie about advancing you and do the other they hire temporary workers with criminal backgrounds meth and crack heads begging you for lunch and to use your debt card for lunch and asking to help them with their day to day living very unsafe work environment and I'm talking about the spectrum brands on page and overland mo. In st.louis and very bad pay I do not recommend this company what so ever. Cons: Everthing"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Don’t apply. Most supervisors treat you like they own you. They have no problem cursing you out for anything. If you don’t hang out with them after hours then you have no chance in moving up in the company. It’s friends first for all positions. Cons: Treated very badly. Low pay."

Laborer/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Didn't know it was LEGAL to have an employee WORK HALF A SHIFT..then tell them they're fired because mgmt could care LESS about situations with life when you're a HARD WORKER in the FIRST PLACE! I PRAY KARMA brings down that WHOLE warehouse minus the good employee laborers! Cons: Everything but mostly lack of human decency!"

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"HR. is an overpaid , over sensitive , individual. Doesn't know how to conduct interviews. Complete liar, and he knows it. This is not California. This is Kansas . Cons: everything"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Super disorganized. No training. People did not follow safety procedures and management cared little. Equipment failed and employees were blamed for not meeting goals."

Specialist (Current Employee) says

"There is no employee retention and employees are not valued. Management receives high bonuses and merit increases while workers do not receive bonuses and merit increases do not cover cost of insurance increases."

Auditor/Cycle Counter (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. Went through employee's on a daily basis. Nothing at the job was really enjoyable. No heat or A/C. Only good thing i learned was operating forklifts, walkie-riders, and cherry pickers (man-up). Cons: Only a lunch break if you work 8 hours, and a 15 minute break if you work 10 hours"

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a career, this is not the place for you. You will be pigeon holed. Cons: You can't trust management"

HR (Former Employee) says

"Definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Management knows what the problems are, but instead of fixing them they point fingers. Cons: management, low pay, long hours"

P.Thorp says

"I sent an email to Russel Hobbs a couple of months ago asking why so many reviewers were complaining of thin and dented panels on their 66 litre countertop fridges. They never had the courtesy to reply and after looking at this review site I have to agree that their products and customer service are totally disgusting."

Louise Capell says

"I am never ever buying Russell Hobbs products again. I have a relatively new blender which not only cuts out after about 3 seconds and has to be coaxed back to life but has just deposited soup all over my worktop, floor and everywhere else because it came apart just above the blades. I am furious. I also spent about 10 minutes recently trying to get back a kettle filter after descaling - dreadful design."

Yeeha says

"No customer service whatsoever at #RussellHobbs. Sold a pair of grinders but only one was in the box when opened. No replacement. No refund. No offer to buy a replacement product on Amazon. No staff training. Appalling."

Mrs Rebecca Glew says

"Bought a Russell Hobbs integrated larder fridge 25 months ago. Literally 2 weeks after the two year warranty has expired it stopped working. Not cooling & really noisy. Messaged Russell Hobbs but didn't hear back straight away, so had to get someone round to fix it, a filter had blown so was replaced. 2 weeks later it's stopped working again, the compressor now we believe. It's just not good enough, something costing £600 odd quid should not last 2 years. Absolute rubbish. Obviously with it being summer we need a fridge so have had to order a new one online from Curry's (not this brand!) for next day delivery. Still waiting for a response from Russell Hobbs but pretty much given up. Won't be buying their products again."

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