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Rubino is a branded shoes company for women, men & kids in Montreal, QC.

Maria D. from Montreal, QC shares her experience visiting Chaussures Rubino Shoe Stores: Terrible experience. The employees are very condescending. They knowingly sell defected products. Once bought a pair of rain-boots that ended up being defected. Tried to return them, was told I could not get a refund, and had to exchange for another pair. They gave me another pair that ended up being defected, again. Had to exchange those, for a 3rd pair, which was YET AGAIN defected. After going through 3 defected pairs, they had the audacity to give me the INITIAL defected pair that I originally bought, hoping I wouldn't notice. When I complained to the manager, she told me "it's just $115" and to "calm down." She also went on to complain about how she had to bring her fancy-ass car to the garage and that I shouldn't be complaining about boots. ALSO, as I was leaving I saw an employee put back all the DEFECTED boots on the shelf for someone else to buy. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL... and probably illegal.


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Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"They are very laid back and family oriented. A typical day at work involves working on multiple cases and helping clients. All of the staff and attorneys are very nice."