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The Audi RS 6 is a high-performance variant of the Audi A6 range, produced by the high-performance subsidiary company Audi Sport GmbH, for Audi AG, a division of the Volkswagen Group. The first and second versions of the RS 6 were offered in both Avant and saloon forms. The third and fourth generations are only offered as an Avant.

A test Driver said this about the Audi RS 6: After testing the Audi Rs 6 I realize that the carbon ceramics are a massive step up on the road, but disappointingly I had smoke pouring off them after three laps on track. I’d never track my own RS6 and I would prefer ceramics for the road, but I wouldn’t pay £8k. Then again, I wondered if I should’ve done when the standard discs warped after 2000 miles of gentle road driving.


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