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The Belmond Royal Scotsman is a Scottish overnight luxury train, started in 1985 by GS&WR (Great Scottish and Western Railway Co.), and run since 2005 by Belmond Ltd. Its itineraries include 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 night journeys around the Scottish Highlands, visiting castles, distilleries and historic sites. Once each year, it also makes a 7 night journey around the whole of Great Britain.

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Lows: The cabins. Yikes. So tiny. We expected small but this is miniature. What is disappointing is that these cabins are pretty tired. Furniture is scratched and beaten. Our locked drawer for valuables barely locked. Everything just looked like it needed refurbished. Beds are quite uncomfortable. We had twins and one was very short. On a luxury trip like this, one does not expect that. It could all do with a serious upgrade.

Lows: The lack of an adequate gathering space. There was an observation car but it was so tightly packed with people that it is hard to move around. Really should be two cars for this amount of passengers.

Lows: Lack of commentary. It would have been very helpful for our tour director to point out some of the interesting things that we were seeing. There is virtually no sense of the country and culture given except for those brief times when we were on a coach or at an attraction.

Lows: Too much time in a coach or bus. Somehow, we thought we'd be getting off the train and strolling in the town. Not so much. Instead, we were transported for sometimes long rides of almost an hour to get to an attraction. Then we maybe had to make 3 stops while people chose different activities. It amounted to too much time in a coach.

Lows: Too few activity choices. It would have been wonderful to have the opportunity to tour a distillery or to have an informal talk and tasting of scotch on the train. There were over 60 scotches available on the train. However, if you were a novice scotch drinker, you were clueless about what to order. Some more guided walks would have been nice. We had one option for a hike on one day but that was not enough--particularly with how much we were eating!

Evening entertainment: Pretty lame. Could have been much, much better.


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