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Royal Caribbean may refer to:

Royal Caribbean International (previously Royal Caribbean Cruise Line), a cruise line brand Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., a shipping company that owns Royal Caribbean International along with several other cruise lines.

According to an article posted on The Guardian Royal Caribbean owns The world's largest cruise ship and there is a supersized pollution problem: Here is part of the article:

The Harmony, owned by Royal Caribbean, has two four-storey high 16-cylinder Wärtsilä engines which would, at full power, each burn 1,377 US gallons of fuel an hour, or about 66,000 gallons a day of some of the most polluting diesel fuel in the world. In port, and close to US and some European coasts, the Harmony must burn low sulphur fuel or use abatement technologies. But, says Colin MacQueen, who lives around 400 yards from the docks and is a member of new environment group Southampton Clean Air, the fumes from cruise liners and bulk cargo ships are “definitely” contributing to Southampton’s highly polluted air.

“We can smell, see and taste it. These ships are like blocks of flats. Sometimes there are five or more in the docks at the same time. The wind blows their pollution directly into the city and as far we can tell, there is no monitoring of their pollution. We are pushing for them to use shore power but they have resisted.”

“The liners pollute, but the road traffic that they and the cargo ships generate is also huge,” he adds.

Royal Caribbean, the US owners of the Harmony of the Seas, said that the latest and most efficient pollution control systems were used and that the ship met all legal requirements.

Industry body Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) added that companies had “invested significantly over the last decade to develop new technologies to help reduce air emissions”.

But marine pollution analysts in Germany and Brussels said that such a large ship would probably burn at least 150 tonnes of fuel a day, and emit more sulphur than several million cars, more NO2 gas than all the traffic passing through a medium-sized town and more particulate emissions than thousands of London buses.

According to leading independent German pollution analyst Axel Friedrich, a single large cruise ship will emit over five tonnes of NOX emissions, and 450kg of ultra fine particles a day.

Bill Hemmings, marine expert at Brussels-based Transport and Environment group said: “These ships burn as much fuel as whole towns. They use a lot more power than container ships and even when they burn low sulphur fuel, it’s 100 times worse than road diesel.”

“Air pollution from international shipping accounts for around 50,000 premature deaths per year in Europe alone, at an annual cost to society of more than €58bn [ $65bn],” says the group on its website.

Daniel Rieger, a transport officer at German environment group Nabu, said: “Cruise companies create a picture of being a bright, clean and environmentally friendly tourism sector. But the opposite is true. One cruise ship emits as many air pollutants as five million cars going the same distance because these ships use heavy fuel that on land would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.”


Nabu has measured pollution in large German ports and found high concentrations of pollutants. “Heavy fuel oil can contain 3,500 times more sulphur than diesel that is used for land traffic vehicles. Ships do not have exhaust abatement technologies like particulate filters that are standard on passenger cars and lorries,” says Rieger.

Southampton, which has Britain’s second largest container port and is Europe’s busiest cruise terminal, is one of nine UK cities cited by the World Health Organisation as breaching air quality guidelines even though it has little manufacturing.


“Up to five large liners a day can be berthed in the docks at the same time, all running engines 24/7, said Chris Hinds, vice chair of the Southampton docks watchdog group WDCF. “Pollution from the port is leading to asthma and chest diseases. We are now seeing more, bigger liners but also very large bulk cargo ships.”

According to CLIA, the cruise ship industry is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the mass tourism market, with 24 million passengers expected to sail in 2016, compared to 15 million in 2006 and just 1.4 million in 1980.

“The industry shows no signs of slowing down. It generated $119.9bn (£83bn) in total output worldwide in 2015, supporting 939,232 full-time equivalent jobs,” said a spokesman.

“The luxury sector is seeing the most amazing growth that it has ever seen in its history,” said Larry Pimentel, president of Azamara club cruises.


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Chef de Cuisine (Former Employee) says

"It was hard to stay committed to assigned period of time I had at this company, the employees are miserable and the management was worse. I can't recommend this job."

Restaurant Attendant & Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"HR, Chief of Security, Supervisors, and Managers, including Medical staff, covered up their harassment and refused medical treatment of their work visa employees. Anyone on a work visa worked longer hours and had more work forced upon them. Threats were made by management to not report them to HR. In fact, many of us were sprayed by chemicals and ended up sick from it, once reported to HR, Security packed up my bags, Royal Caribbean canceled my contract, they called the cops, escorted me like a criminal to the airport, and deported me back to El Salvador."

Explorations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Fun ar first. The company had soul 5 years ago. Now its become a corporate circus. Pay and comission had been great. But we were getting "too much " pay said corporate so they did away with it and now over work you and expect you to smile."

Waiter (Former Employee) says

"La empresa es muy negrera y el trato hacia el personal es muy malo así como de los huéspedes que van de visita , nadie valora el trabajo y el sacrificio que hace cada uno de los crew members de todo el mundo, ya que dejamos a nuestras familias solas por ir a atender a otras que ni siquiera lo agradecen ."

commis 1 (Former Employee) says

"not good the salary if we compare with the working hours in the cruise ship"

mesera (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa la cual no se preocupa por sus empleados ya que los ven como un número más, no hay beneficios y mucho menos buenos tratos"

Sport staff (Former Employee) says

"Work place poor ."

Stage and production manager (Current Employee) says

"Salary not good company does not look out for employess, theres to much ship building to quickly and there are no good benifits sorry to say but all the rest company pays better"

Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"lots of room for advancement. Employer relies heavily on attendance. Be prepared for consequences if you have sick family or children and have to miss work, they do not understand at times."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"You are a number with this company and easily replaced. They want you to work way too many hours for what you are paid. I found myself reading self care books during a contract to get me through. Cons: amount you are required to work"

Middleware Engineer (Contractor) says

"No organization to process work accordingly and effectively, constant change of managers and employees. No one wants to help or share information trying to keep job security."

Liquor and cigar specialist (Former Employee) says

"oh canada our home and native land true patriot love in all thy sons command with lowing hearts we see thee rise the true north strong and free from far"

Certified Vacation Planner (Former Employee) says

"tons of service calls on sales line, worst training I have ever seen, dishonest with customers and lots of unhappy resentful coworkers, company lies to their guests and employees Cons: Micromanaged by people that know nothing"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The worst mangers and leadership. Every one is looking for another company to join. Only take the position to make money to look for another job. Keep your distance."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management in this place is a joke! Save yourself the headache! You have to be a yes person to get anywhere in the company. The management pass over real talent and promote the person that is willing to do anything. The company claims it cares about the employees but really they are just a number to them. The company is constantly hiring because of how poorly the management treats people. Cons: management"

Loyalty Agent (Former Employee) says

"No matter how good you are its not good enough. I was pushed beyond belief. They have over 25% turn over every year. They keep their employees in the dark"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"productive and fun workplace, the staff is fun and very understanding, they work well with their employee's and staff. love the work environment and staff, a very fun place to work but only offers part time jobs"

Trade Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It was ok until trade support became customer service without the actual title change. The consumer site was always broken and corporate kept making stupid changes leading to many departments being understaffed. Constantly threatened with mandatory overtime if you didn't sign up. Co workers were great, the managers did there best. The best part of the job was benefits. Although the Wichita call center isn't as good as the centers in Miami and I cant remember the city the other was in, those centers had more to offer. Example: Our holiday party was at a bar where you couldn't bring a plus 1 and if you waited too long to RSVP you couldn't attend because the venue wasn't large enough for all employees to go... Miami had a party at a hotel with food, drink, door prizes, raffles and live entertainment.... we found this out when an email meant for Miami was sent to all employees by mistake... Cons: low morale, over worked"

Vacation Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Wouldnt recommend working here. I may have been a top seller for a couple consecutive months, but its a rude location, smokers, felons, and vulgar managers. Who wants to be on the phone trying to sell a cruise package and then upgrade the package and next thing you know you have a 100 staples flying at your head and 30 paper clips flying towards you the manager hoping it lands down your shirt as a game. Its like Im trying to make you money throwing things at me while I'm on the phone isn't helping. Cons: Rude people"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Weren't organized for a up coming business. they cut hours the first week of you starting their job."

Former Employee - Social Media Account Executive says

"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group full-time Cons: Lack of training, toxic environment, management leads with intimidation"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Employees are not being treated fairly"

Current Employee - Guest Services Officer says

"I have been working at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Way too expensive internet (even though we are away from our loved ones) No appreciation Management doesn’t even know your name Hard guests Cheap on everything, they will never drop a penny for a hard working crew"


"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group Cons: Toxic environments in certain departments. Dependent on your leaders. HR will always cover for upper management. Regular employees are dispensable to them."

Former Employee - Event Coordinator says

"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Worked there for almost 9 years no pay raises, horrible supervisors and management, had applied for other jobs supervisor deleted applications and the funny thing is she is now still working there everything is who you know so I felt like o was in high school again with all the little clicks"

Former Employee - Consumer Outreach/CGR/Sales/Casino says

"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for more than a year Cons: BIG BROTHER is A Bahamian Company working in the USA. What happens in international Waters, stays in international Waters including promised pay that was never received. HIGH ANXIETY. STRESS."

Current Employee - Lounge Technician says

"I have been working at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Pretty sexist and racist company"

Former Employee - Inside Sales says

"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for less than a year Cons: The proliferation of unqualified management would make a circus seem like a well run corporation. It is run by negativity, fear, and the work environment is so barren as to make you feel as if you are the last person on earth...even though someone is next to you. Different departments don't communicate, or communicate negatively, and everything they do is set up to make you fail. Managers, Upper Management, and staff are awful to one another and treat people as if they are worthless."

Former Employee - Sales Coach says

"I worked at Royal Caribbean Group full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Management at the Springfield location has created a culture of bullying over the past few years. The VP often makes rude comments about people with disabilities, accents, other sexual preferences, he makes it well known that he's a Republican and holds less than diverse viewpoints. If it weren't for this one VP, Royal Caribbean would be a much better place to work!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Royal Caribbean Group full-time Cons: Myself personally and several female coworkers have experienced gender-based verbal discrimination and noticeable discrepancies between how well women and men are treated in terms of shift selection, promotion opportunities, and general tolerance by the company of known issues with regards to gender discrimination. Practices designed to limit bathroom time and constantly monitor adherence to extremely rigid practices destroy morale for myself and the other 300 odd people in my department"

Sherri Jo Caudill says

"So we booked a transatlantic cruise for April 16, 2020. They stopped cruising April 1, due to covid. Ok. We chose to take a credit in leu of a refund. That’s where we made our first mistake. We decided to use the credit for a cruise to Mexico, as family trip. BUT we couldn’t use the credit for the family cruise, we could only use the credit for another cruise for us. The credit was non transferable. So we gave them MORE MONEY and used part of our credit for the family cruise. And when I say family I mean us, all six kids, the grand parents and the grandchild! But now, they have canceled the 2nd cruise, that was scheduled for February, and now they are supposed to reopen in March. So we tried to transfer our family cruise to March 18. Same cruise, same itinerary, jus a month later. THEY TRIPLED THE PRICE!! and they won’t transfer the reservation! They want more money! OVER MY DEAD BODY! So now we will not be going to Mexico with Royal Caribbean, and we will not be going on a Scandinavian cruise in October to St Petersburg,to Denmark, Germany, and to Stockholm. Instead I will take my 7k and I will give it to somebody else that actually wants my money, and gives a crap about customer service! and I hope that Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt. Because they don’t know anything about customer service, they don’t seem to care about customer service and I know damn good and well that they don’t give a crap about their employees! ROYAL CARIBBEAN SUCKS! PS-because my husband has changed bank accounts they’re not going to return our money until 45 days. Because they have to try to put it into the old bank account that doesn’t exist first, even though we’ve told them that it doesn’t exist! Buyer beware!"

Anne says

"I was due to go on Cruise on 16 May this year with Royal Caribbean and obviously due to Covid this was cancelled. We originally took a cruise credit but with the ongoing virus decided on 24th September to get a refund.I have now been waiting 84 days. As we booked through a travel agent we had to get them to liaise with Royal Caribbean as they would not speak to me. My travel agent has on numerous occasions contacted them and the last correspondence from them was received on 17th November stating they were extremely busy dealing with refunds and it will take 60 days MINIMUM .?????to deal with. My agent EMailed them again on 10th December and as of now has not even had a confirmation of receipt never mind a reply. They are going to send another e mail today and have asked me to contact them again on Monday or Tuesday of next week. This is totally unacceptable for a company of their size given that I am inundated with requests to book again with them. This is causing unnecessary stress to me for a situation which should have been resolved by now. Hopefully this can be resolved without having to take legal action."

Douglas Graham says

"Royal Carribbean did not honor their quoted cruise credit and added an additional $480 to the cost."

Barbara Roque says

"Reservation#100930 If I could give this company a "0", I would! I booked a cruise with Royal for my first time for my Honeymoon. At the time of booking, the COVID cases were declining so I felt a little more comfortable about this. Well, COVID cases are on the rise and I am very afraid of getting COVID while taking this cruise. I reached out to Customer Relations for assistance but they have been VERY nasty and rude and will not refund my money. They could care less about the customers at this point and are willing to put them at risk for a few bucks. This has left my honeymoon at risk now with no other money to do something else. I explained the whole situation but Tiffany Gomez from Guest Relations gave me a blanket statement and said any of my other emails will not be responded to. I booked this cruise because everyone raves of how good of a customer service this company has but this is NOT good customer service or pro-customer. Would never ever use or book with this cruise line again. Best Regards, Barbara Roque"

Tes Donkersley says

"Terrible experience with the booking process. Money taken out of my bank account when the cruise credit should have been used against the deposit. No information online stating that you must do this by telephone. No information about this on the terms and conditions. RCL failing to be open and honest about what customers need to do so they can extract more money from customers. Last time I will be going on a cruise with them as it has left a sour taste in my mouth before I have even been on the cruise. Customer service is seriously lacking, staff have obviously been primed not to let anyone have their money back at any cost."

Kathleen Schaeffer Holliday says

"In January we booked a cruise. In February the cruise ship had several people with the virus and stayed docked for several weeks with everyone in their room. We canceled and they would only give us a partial refund. In the end the cruise never sailed and they would not issue us a full refund. We are out 522.00/"

Ann Ellis says


Ian Wienburg says

"Royal Caribbean only got one star from me as this was the minimum to get onto the site. Pointless relating my experience as the previous writers have summed it up. Anyone that books with the entire group (Celebrity, Tui and a few others) are in for a terrible surprise. No ethics, only care about money, Karma will get them eventually. Advice; go for the smaller companies who will only be as bad as them in a few year’s time."

Jeff Shelton says

"Don't book on Royal Caribbean. We made reservations in December 2019 before COVID was happening. Now I don't feel safe being on a cruise ship. Our cruise is scheduled for May 2021, but I have no confidence things will be better by then. Royal Caribbean intends to start sailing again and force customers to wear masks on board and social distance. How is this even possible. I did not sign up for the experience of masks and social distancing on a ship that is already crowded in many areas by nature. They are not able to fulfill what they signed up for, so why are they not willing to refund our deposit? They have offered their lift and shift as well as cruise with confidence programs. These are both incredibly restrictive and are no good if I don't feel comfortable getting on a cruise anytime in the next couple years. Until COVID is not a thing, I don't feel good about being on a cruise ship. None of their protocols make me feel any safer. They will only add tremendous inconvenience and make for an unpleasant experience."

James Wilson says

"Cruise cancelled, NO REFUND for our honeymoon"

Consumer says

"If I could give them less than one star, I would. They have provided the WORST customer service during this pandemic. We cancelled our cruise a few weeks before the cruise was cancelled because of COVID-19. We were issued a Future Cruise Credit. I told them that we didn't want a the credit because no one knows when it will be safe to travel, but they continued to refuse to give us our money back. Now, follow me closely. . . we contracted with Royal Caribbean to take a cruise at a particular time. The cruise was cancelled, they could not provide the service, BUT they get to keep our money?? And, even if we accept the cruise credit and they cancel the cruise, we still can't get our money back?? I have reached out to Royal Caribbean seven times via e-mail and phone. The last e-mail they sent me was basically, "we have no more to say on the matter." Wow!! They have lost a customer for life, and I will share my terrible experience with all of my family members and friends and encourage them to take Carnival instead -- they refunded their customers immediately. I guess they are more concerned with treating their customers fairly than leaving them high and dry. Shame on you Royal Caribbean!"

christy childs says

"They cancelled our cruise. So we wanted to help the industry so said we would re-book. However when you go on the website the price they advertise is not the price you will be charged. Such a con. Didn't want any extras. Just wanted the room price advertised, but it wasn't available."

Ryan Reynolds says

"Don't like company's who dump hundreds of tons of sewage into the ocean damaging already struggling ecosystems the damage your ships do to our planet are not worth the profit you make. very irresponsible!"

Mr and Mrs . Bannister says

"They should rename the Company’Pirates of the Caribbean’ ... 140 days later and still no refund. Will never cruise with them again ..."

Debbie Rolf says

"Worst customer service ever! We were forced to take a future cruise credit with RC. We tried to book a cruise for 2022 but they came back saying our certificates were no good! So we’re out our money and our cruise. Someone needs to hold them accountable they are robbing people blind! I would never take another cruise with RC ever! I honestly hope they go out of business at this point it would serve them right they suck!"

callum says

"They insisted that we pay the balance of cruises that were likely to be cancelled so that we wouldn't loose our holiday. Then upon payment they cancelled and it has now been months and we've had no refunds. The only time I got my money back was when I asked the bank to intervene. They are crooks and liars who have ruined a very good opinion I held of them before. The ships are brilliant but the business is rotten."

R.F. says

"We qualified for a refund on our cruise deposit due to Covid cancellation. Got an email confirmation May 23 stating we will receive a refund in 30-45 days. It is now September 14, over 100 days later and no refund, filed a complaint with the BBB and Royal came back saying they we are not entited to a refund but a future credit instead. Below is an excerpt of their original email. ----------- Your request has been received for Booking ID:xxxxxx. No additional action is needed on your part! We will go ahead and inactivate your 125% Future Cruise Certificates and provide a refund instead. If your sailing did not qualify for the 125% FCC offer, no actions will be taken. You can expect to see your refund to the original form of payment on file within 30-45 days from your request date. ------------ Am I missing something? This is absolutely absurd and criminal!"

mary says

"disgusting how they treat their customers...i have cruised with them 2 times before ..will not give a credit although they let me request online..3 hrs on the phone. worst possible service !!! saying i had previously had cancelled which I hadn’t.... so I’m told I’m getting no refund whatsoever!!!!! DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM"

Jason Davies says

"I bought a drinks package for 2 costing £654.48 ready for July sailing, cancelled the package in May, Had a email confirmation confirming full refund, after a several phone calls asking for a refund, I then had a part refund of £446.48! After a several more phone calls to get the remaining £208, same old story And still not had it, it’s now august! Same goes to my cruise refund is now over 90 days! And still waiting after several separate calls! I have always sailed with P&O in the pass, thought to try royal Caribbean, looks I not bother RC again"

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