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Rowohlt Verlag is a German publishing house based in Hamburg, with offices in Reinbek and Berlin. It has been part of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Group since 1982. The company was created in 1908 in Leipzig by Ernst Rowohlt.

A former employee said this in a review: "I worked at Rowohlt Verlag for 14 years and it all came down to how much money they can make or save. I was the highest paid and got let go for a b.s. reason. just so they didn't have to pay my salary."


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Craig Thomas says

"Took my money and canceled the concert. Would not give a refund. Scam!"

customer says

"Took my money and provided no tickets. Never use this company. Deny any knowledge of the transaction despite proof of purchase and email solicitations noting my previous purchases. Pursuing a tv report with our NBC affiliate."

Author says

"I tried to download the tickets to resale.I could not attend the event, so I was forced to re sale my tickets since it is no refund policy, but I could not download the tickets so that I could upload them, to a re sale site. I reported this many, times to seller.  Thank God I didnt travel 2 hours to attend the event as the tickets werent there accessible for download. I had purchased the tickets 3 months before, but never thought of checkin it. Since this purchase was made through a third party site, my bank denied the reversal.. Pay pal also denied my claim. *I was still denied my refund.  *I did not receive this product. *I will report this to the BBB and the FTC,. I will give horrible reviews on the platforms.. This is not right to do this to customers, in bad ethics. Take their money and not return it, when the issue could not be resolved on the sellers' end, fraud. Payment sent to Ticket Fulfillment Services LP March 3, 2019 at 12:23:41 AM PST ID: 2BT52921KM9575356 -$166.80"

Lori KAU says

"I can't believe this. It's the day before the Miranda Lambert concert and we STILL have not received our electronic tickets. This is so ridiculous, would never use this site again. We were told the email was sent to receive the tickets, never received anything. Contact Onlinecitytickets and were told we would be sent the tickets again. 1 day and another 3 hours later, nothing!!!! So mad!"